Corsham tunnels in the UK

*In the 1950s, as the threat of nuclear war loomed large, the Tunnels became an underground facility for the potential relocation of Government in time of crisis. This role was retained until 2004 when, the Cold War having ended, the site was declassified, though still remaining part of the Ministry of Defence estate. Much of… Continue reading Corsham tunnels in the UK

Netherlands farmers protests

  A visual story by Vincent Jannink and Sem van der Wal  ......... Dutch farmers used tractors to block highways in The Netherlands protesting against issues affecting the agricultural sector.   Farmers block the A28 Highway with their tractors between Hoogeveen and Meppel in The Netherlands, 01 October 2019. EFE/EPA/Vincent Jannink   As die Nederlandse Boere besluit hulle… Continue reading Netherlands farmers protests

Bunkers – The Netherlands (German)

In the years 1940 - 1945, the Germans built bunkers in the dune area, first as part of coastal surveillance ("Küstebeoabachtung") later converted into coastal defense ("Küsteverteidigung"). But not only the coast had to be guarded, also the air strikes had to be caught. *** The Stelling Biber The Stelling Biber was fully established in 1943… Continue reading Bunkers – The Netherlands (German)