Nepal – George Soros – Open Society Foundations

Note Nepal:  "Federalism" "land issues" "land reform" - Funded "human rights". According to authoritative sources, the “identity federalism” is being vigorously promoted by Soros funded ‘Framework Team’ of the United Nations. Yes, the same billionaire Hungarian George Soros, former Nazi minion, member of the Bilderberg group of the European Elite, who now floats humanitarian aid groups and… Continue reading Nepal – George Soros – Open Society Foundations


Nepal – Federalism

  “The historic Jana-Aandolan II culminated into the declaration of the republic in Nepal on May 28, 2008, after the constituent assembly polls. 560 of CA members voted in favor of the republic, ending 240 years of monarchy. However, the question remaining in many Nepalese minds even after several years down the lane is how… Continue reading Nepal – Federalism

Nepal – Failed federalism

  Note the situation in Nepal is more or less the same as in South Africa...   There are two characteristics of a failed state. The first is that the government cannot project authority over the people and the territory. The second is that it is unable to protect its boundaries. In other words, the government… Continue reading Nepal – Failed federalism

Open borders – free AK 47 smuggling into SA

A Mozambican national has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in the Komatipoort Regional Court for smuggling seven AK47’s into SA. He was arrested in 2017 crossing the Lebombo border gate.   There are various overseas countries that are involved in the smuggling of arms to kill people.   Here in our country and it is… Continue reading Open borders – free AK 47 smuggling into SA

Kodesa – “liberale en kommunistiese grondwet skrywers”

Diegene wat die land oorhandig het is deel van die foto's, daar is heelwat ander ook.   Dis hulle wat die land in chaos en rewolusie laat verval het.   Die aanvoorwerk is in Dakar en in Amerika begin deur die Broederbond lede in 1982 sowel 1986-1992.   Elke liberaal kon nie wag om op die vliegtuig te… Continue reading Kodesa – “liberale en kommunistiese grondwet skrywers”

Ooreenkomste – Agreements

  Die kommunistiese grondwet (wat onder die vals vaandel van "demokrasie" leef)  in Suid-Afrika laat enigiets toe as en wanneer dit hul pas.  Dis ook so geskryf - meestal is dit liberale blankes wat nie deel van ons volk is nie en ook hulle wat dit steun.  Die grondwet laat toe dat ons volk se… Continue reading Ooreenkomste – Agreements

Soros and world economies

His open society foundation is part and parcel of Kodesa,  played a role in the Constitution and Parliament of South Africa, which included political parties, Black Sash and even those who worked for Open Society Foundation SA since 1993.  He (Soros) must not be underestimated. He is a powerful billionaire of enormous determination who, when… Continue reading Soros and world economies