Ramaphosa – Extraordinary Summit (AU)


Each country has their own border control, even African countries – try and go into EU or any other country without legal papers, like working permits, visas and passports.  President Cyril Ramaphosa’s unprecedented decision to dispatch a high-profile delegation of envoys to at least seven African countries to explain the recent xenophobic violence has solicited mixed reactions from political analysts.

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Ramaphosa the advisor of Soros – OSF.SA
Ramaphela – Trustee
Zille – Black sash since … and since 1993 at OSF.SA


Why on earth wait for a funeral – or was it more convenient to give feedback on such an occasion on the radical and bloody revolution in South Africa that took place on a daily basis?   The more people arrived from Africa, the better for the crime incomes from the north? 

Just a matter of concern, what is there to explain – crime is crime, to RAPE  and kill is murders and drug lords are here to sell their goods, mostly for 25 years, with the support of government,  other communist leaders, with their supporters on open society and all the white liberals and classical liberals that also supported the bloody revolution after 1994.

Why don’t the leaders and liberals not take all the people that is unemployed in South Africa and illegal foreigners on their own farms and properties and give them work, there are lots of land they already have expropriated.

Why is there landgrabs all over Africa – to take control of the minerals – who will be blamed for that?



Ramaphosa issued a thinly veiled apology while addressing mourners at the funeral of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, Khusela Diko, said the special envoys – Jeff Radebe, Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo and Dr Khulu Mbatha – would deliver a message from Ramaphosa regarding the recent violence which had manifested in attacks on foreign nationals and destruction of property.

“The envoys are tasked with reassuring fellow African countries that SA is committed to the ideals of Pan-African unity and solidarity. The envoys will also reaffirm South Africa’s commitment to the rule of law.”

Diko said they would brief the governments in the identified African countries about the steps that the SA government was taking to stop the attacks and hold the perpetrators to account. The African Diaspora Forum Vusumuzi Sibanda described the deployment of envoys as “interesting” and wondered why Ramaphosa did not approach the local victims themselves.

“By sending his envoys to these countries, he is acknowledging there is xenophobia in South Africa. The message is a mix-up,” Sibanda said. “This is a PR exercise so that there is no retribution or backlash from those countries. The president is concerned because those countries might retaliate, but he has not said anything about us who are victims in SA.”

But political analyst Zamikhaya Maseti said the purpose of the visit was wrong if it was for SA to apologise for the attacks on foreign nationals.

“What is the apology for? If the intention is to apologise, Cyril doesn’t know what he is doing. We owe nobody an apology. But if the visit is about conveying a certain message, he is on the right track,” Maseti said.

He said for South Africa to go to the other African countries to beg for mercy was nonstrategic because South African citizens were not xenophobic, as such, but had reacted to acts of criminality by some foreigners.

Due to lack of government controls and policies, some foreigners were offered jobs by the private sector and others illegally occupied government RDP houses. All that caused envy among South Africans who were unemployed or had been on government subsidised housing lists for long.

The political analyst, who specialises in policy and governance matters, was adamant many of the foreigners were illegally in the country and some were involved in criminal activities.

Their countries should take responsibility for their activities and apologise to South Africa. Maseti asked that if these envoys went to apologise, would they be apologising for Timothy Omotoso in Nigeria and Shepherd Bushiri in Malawi?

He was referring to the two faith healers who faced criminal charges after allegations of sexual assault and fraud they allegedly committed in South Africa.

However, South Africans should embrace immigrants who came through proper channels, with correct documentation, and who had skills that could contribute to the country’s economic growth, Maseti said.

He dismissed the justification often made by some in the ANC that foreigners must be allowed to stay because the ANC members who went to exile were never ill-treated in the host countries.

“It should not be blown out of proportion, because the ANC exiles were controlled by the laws of the host countries and international rules governing political refugees. They were not all over those countries like now in SA,” Maseti said.

But analyst Ralph Mathekga commended Ramaphosa for the envoy deployment.

“It’s a good effort to communicate our responses to neighbouring countries. Reaching out is a good initiative,” Mathekga said. “It shows SA leaders are taking ownership. I hope it is met with constructive engagements across the continent.”



It is not only the foreign nationals that feel scared in this violent country they call South Africa but also citizens that live here for hundreds of years.   It is, the ANC made the rules for 25 years and open the borders (George Soros: OSF.SA).
Ramaphosa says foreign nationals need to abide by the rules and laws of South Africa. He was speaking at a meeting with ANC Johannesburg region branches on Sunday


Verantwoordelikheid teenoor misdaad en moorde.

Wat is daar om te verduidelik aan ander Afrika lande as ander lande se onwettige immigrante vir 25 jaar die land binnesypel om nie net skade aan te rig aan ons burgers nie maar alles oor te neem?     Dwelmhandelaars en agente moes eerstens nooit toegelaat gewees het nie – wie het vir hierdie regering gestem om grense totaal en al oop te maak (M Zuma het voor sy AU toe is).

Misdaad bly misdaad en die regering en al hul agente maak ekstra inkomste daaruit.   Vir elke aanval of marteling/verkragting, en daar word mediese sorg verleen, kry die regering 15% VAT inkomste.   Vir ‘n boer /blanke wat vermoor word, en daar is versekerings by betrokke (huis inhoud of voertuie wat gekaap word), kry die regering en hul agente 15% VAT ekstra in die bank.  Hoekom gee die regering nie om nie, want geld is belangriker want daar word baie inkomte uit misdaad ingevorder.

Daar word vir almal vertel dat 600 immigrante die land verlaat het.   Wat van al die ander 60 miljoen wat steeds hier is, waarvan meer as driekwart onwettige immigrante is.    Daar word gewys van ‘n vliegtuig wat immigrante kom oplaai, wat was binne die vliegtuie en afgelaai, weet iemand wat word moontlik ingebring, dalk nog meer gaste uit Afrika of iets anders.   Burgers, let maar op jul veiligheid en fokus om jouself op te hef, ander gaan dit nie doen nie.

Waar kom al die hordes kapings vandaan, trokke wat gekaap word of trokke wat eers geplunder en dan uitbrand? banke waar geld eenvoudig verdwyn en net nooit gevind word nie en al die 50-60 moorde per dag.      (Indien dit ooit waar is, want daar is min protesaksies of self ondersoeke van SAPS en hofsake wat dit opvolg) – waar is al die grafte van geliefdes en name wat vermoor is, as iemand vermoor is, word al wat ‘n dorp is aan die brand gesteek.   Dit rym net mooi niks met die terroriste wat alles so afbrand.  Hulle kla daagliks oor alles van die sogenaamde “apartheid” (wat deur hulself onderhou word in trustgebiede en cpa gebiede), en steek dit dan aan die brand.   Net om in beheer te wees van hul patetiese brandsugtige en terroristiese lewensomstandighede wat hulle nooit sal verander nie nes mandela nooit geweld afgesweer het nie.  Hoeveel van die misdaad is daar versekerings betrokke en 15% inkomste vir regering en hul agente.



When De Klerk gave the power to them,  – mandela, mbeki, zuma, ramaphosa follow and implement the revolution of open society of George Soros.
Even Helen Zille and Ramaphela are part of the OSF.SA.  Ramaphosa is advisor to Soros.
Waar De Klerk opgehou het, het Ramaphosa eenvoudig in felheid voortgegaan.  Hy het tot sy eie kommissie bevorder om swart bemagtiging teen ons blanke volk te vestig in Parlement.  Nie net beheer en finansier Soros die parlement nie, maar ook die sogenaamde “demokratiese” kommunistiese grondwet.  Die “grondwet” se SA is vir elkeen wat hier woon.
George Soros & Ramaphosa

Radical revolution is their lifestyle …. die vuurhoutjie is hul nasionale wapen, vlag en lewensverwagtinge – rooi radikale rewolusie gee elkeen ‘n goeie bordjie kos vir die dag
Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others


His open society foundation is part and parcel of Kodesa,  played a role in the Constitution and Parliament of South Africa, which included political parties, Black Sash and even those who worked for Open Society Foundation SA since 1993.  He (Soros) must not be underestimated. He is a powerful billionaire of enormous determination who, when it comes to his interests, respects neither God nor man.”

Soros and world economies


Dis bekend dat heelwat van die huidige leiers sowel vorige leiers van die liberale en terreubeweging, hul opleiding in Rusland gekry het.  Rusland was op ons grens ook en ook nie die enigste groot moontheid nie.  Neem kennis waarmee en watter tipe wapens word meeste van ons mense vermoor !
“International Lenin School”


Nicolae Ceausescu was the leader of Communist Romania for more than two decades until his execution in 1989.
Romanian communism – Nicolae Ceausescu


Ramaphosa was and still is the driver of the liberal movements since 1982 (Broederbond) and also the Dakar meetings.  He was appointed in the South African parliament,  as MP and financed by George Soros and other liberals.   A commission was created and he chaired that commission, to investigate and then implement B-BBEE legislations that promotes social poverty and destroys businesses, especially white Afrikaner and Boer businesses.
Racism and discrimination – B-BBEE legislation – Ramaphosa

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