George Soros – Hungary – migrants

In the past months an interrogation was presented by MEP Mauro Borghezio. «I understand that an organisation called Humanity Ventures has been established, in partnership between George Soros and MasterCard.


Those “unlimited cards” given by Soros –  is to provide USD 500 million for migrants in Europe and, as stated on the MasterCard website, the project aims to ‘catalyse and accelerate the economic and social development of vulnerable communities around the world, in particular refugees and migrants’ –  wrote on 2018 November 7 the Italian representative of the Lega-ENF group in Brussels – Croatian police sources state that prepaid MasterCards are being distributed to migrants passing through the Balkans illegally; these cards do not bear a name but are marked with the acronyms of the UNHCR and the EU, together with a stamped number.

It is also worth noting the partnership between MasterCard and Mercy Corps, another major American philanthropic organisation that distributes pre-paid cards to refugees throughout Greece and Serbia, using a non-cash payment system for those seeking refuge in Europe».

So MEP Borghezio moved on to the tight questions: “Who reloads these cards for illegal immigrants: MasterCard, Soros or the UN refugee agency? From which accounts and ATMs is the money withdrawn, what is the upper budget limit and what is the registration of bank transactions maintained? What is the role of the EU? ”



The response came three months later, on February 12:

«The European Commission funds its humanitarian partners to implement cash assistance programmes in several countries including Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Greece, with the majority of beneficiaries being displaced due to the civil war in Syria. In Greece, humanitarian cash assistance is provided in the form of pre-paid cash cards to eligible asylum applicants and beneficiaries of international protection, in principle for a maximum period of six months, as set out by the Greek Ministry for Migration Policy, which centrally coordinates the programme.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) implements the programme in cooperation with two other international humanitarian organisations (Catholic Relief Service and the International Federation of the Red Cross).

In line with EC law, the programme ensures that asylum applicants are provided with material reception conditions to meet their basic needs in a dignified, legal and efficient way – we can read on the website of the European Parliament – Over 90 000 beneficiaries have received cash assistance in the framework of this programme, receiving a pre-defined limit per month, set in accordance with the composition of each family and aligned with Greece’s social solidarity income.

Cards can only be loaded directly by UNHCR and their implementing partners. Throughout the 2016-2018 programme period, the Commission has allocated around EUR 122 million to multi-purpose cash assistance for beneficiaries in Greece. The cards include a number that refers to the identity of the beneficiary enrolled in the programme. The identity of the card-holder is verified monthly by a physical check. Cards are cancelled if any abuse or wrong identity is detected. Cards can only be used in Greece».


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