Kogh Brothers – Soros – Afghanistan War

A US military helicopter flies near the site of a massive explosion the night before near the Green Village in Kabul on September 3, 2019. * SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 On 18 September 2019, an organization backed by billionaire Charles Koch calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan.    Americans for Prosperity and Concerned Veterans… Continue reading Kogh Brothers – Soros – Afghanistan War

Cato Institute and Koch Brothers (Muckety)

  The Koch Brothers aren't the only funders of Cato Institute.   As the back-and-forth between the Koch brothers and the Cato Institute continues, with fellows and political philosophers weighing in, it helps to look at some hard financial facts.  Many individuals and family foundations have also contributed. One could certainly argue that these donors also… Continue reading Cato Institute and Koch Brothers (Muckety)

Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft – Soros and Koch

A "new anti-interventionist liberal think tank".  Both were involved in the Cato Institute as well.   And as usual, there are mostly "liberal reasons" behind all of those "funded" organisations and it is "growing" like a snow ball. The new outfit, launched yesterday, is called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, and it’s funded by liberal… Continue reading Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft – Soros and Koch

George Soros & Ramaphosa

Read more about the involvement of George Soros (Open Society Foundation SA) and Cato Institute (America)  in South Africa and also with their leaders - SA is part of Brics countries too.     There are  more than 8840 traditional leaders (brown/coloured / black) involved in separate CPA's or trustland for each of them, with mostly… Continue reading George Soros & Ramaphosa