Eskom and B-BBEE/EE

We as citizens, have to face Eskom’s music, capture and corruption.    All of them responsible for the appointment of board members, workers and “tender bribes” since 1994 must PAY BACK THE MONEY.    It is a fact:  Eskom has been failed and is still in the “capture” mode.   The “zuma capture mode – musical chairs”.   Nobody from the government or their agents today, has a desire for Eskom to work.   That means, it is a dictatorship in the making since 1980 – Communism – Bolshevism.

Especially if you bring in family members to be “part of the grid and capture” to manipulate the citizens – they also not control the immigrants and illegals for that matter to steal electricity.    Who gave whom Sanlam shares?

Soweto:   Soros

It is even too late for their own “supporters” because they are happy with a KFC box and a t-shirt.       No one of the board members or the ministers, president or other families involved will make it work but will bring it down to zero mode – that is what they did the last 25 years.

Unemployment is rising – what can anybody expect?

But the reasons are mostly because of  CORRUPTION, state capture, guptas, eskom captures, bribes and tenders, mismanagement and for sure B-BBEE and EE that only cater for the elites and millons or and in salaries and performance bonuses.

The ANC government, their financers (Soros, Renwick) , the agents and most of the immigrants, that broke down systems, like Eskom, Denel, etc and municipalities, can not control and rule, they do not have any experience because they want revolution like in #bolshevism.

That is why students and protestors are burning down universities, schools, trains and businesses.

Part of revolution, part of the African revolution is manipulation (to get tax from citizens), then corruption – capture – bribes – is all part of revolution – economic revolution – Soros

Terrorists understand the pivotal role that education plays in winning hearts and minds. That is why terrorist groups often attack schools and are increasingly turning to education as a way to spread their message. In response, foreign aid donors need to openly acknowledge that education is at the forefront of efforts to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism and — where appropriate — should design programs with this in mind.     Schools and children are easy targets for violent actors. But even more worrisome is that terrorist groups are now using education for their own purposes: radicalization, indoctrination, and control.



Soros Plan – Hongarye
Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft – Soros and Koch
OSF.SA (Open Society) (open borders)- George Soros
Deep state – George Soros – dr Evil



it is a JOKE – Eskom has denied telling municipalities that stage 8 load shedding is imminent, describing media articles claiming this to be “erroneous and incorrect”.

In a statement on Tuesday, the power utility said that while it has developed contingency plans for a severe supply constraints this does not mean that it is planning to implement stage 8 load shedding, which would see up to 8 000MW shed from the national grid.

“The likelihood of reaching Stage 8 is low,” it said.

The highest level of power cuts Eskom has yet implemented is stage 6.

“When Stage 6 load shedding was implemented in December, not all metros or municipalities had published their extended load shedding schedules,” said Eskom in a statement. “The Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities therefore engaged most of its members to confirm their compliance to the code – i.e. whether stages 5 to 8 had been published by those Metro’s that had not yet done so.”


Eskom currently falls within the portfolio of the department of public enterprises, under the leadership of Pravin Gordhan.   To apologise about Eskom that is not working, means nothing to the public.   Facts are not one of those in the management positions, are in a position to manage Eskom, SAL, and even state departments and municipalities.   Soweto and those kind of cities expect to get electricity for free.  How many cities are under administraton and who control that – “ministers”  get the audits.


Not even INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE WILL AND CAN ASSIST HERE WITH OUR PROBLEMS … AS TED spoke about it.    The government must find all  electrical engineers that were there before they get rid of them and leave it to them to manage.   Expertise have their own kind of businesses and it is not part of South Africa.     KEEP politics . ministers and their families, out of this Eskom, SAL, Denel, etc.
As Eskom tries to stabilise its generation capacity, after major power cuts in the Free State overnight, one energy expert believes the power utility’s new CEO is in over his head. André de Ruyter began his new job last week and Energy Expert Ted Blom says he might have to turn to international experts for help.


Eskom has denied that it’s planning stage 8 load shedding, despite the power system remaining constrained. This after some municipalities said they’d been advised to adjust their schedule up to stage 8, which means consumers will be without power for days. Political Analyst and Author of Ramaphosa’s Turn, Ralph Mathekga

Frogs and promises on Eskom
The governing party’s January 8 statement sets the tone for its activities and programmes for the year but what about South Africa’s ailing economy?

Hoe red mens iets wat totaal en al afgebreek is, behalwe as om dit van nuuts af op te bou en dit wat is tot ons eie voordeel aan te wend en nie die regering wat alles afbreek nie of afgebreek het nie.     Die huidige regering het geen behae om dit wat enigsins iets te doen het met die vorige regime te behou nie, behalwe al die finansies wat hulle daaruit maak.

Elke huishouding moet meer aandag aan hul eie beveiliging skenk en ook planne in aksie he om self elektrisiteit of een of ander energie te genereer – al kos dit dalk meer moet elkeen dit navolg en doen wat binne hul finansiele vermoens is.  Daar is geen ander alternatief as dit nie.  Leer om mensekennis op te doen en te fokus op diegene in ons volksgemeenskappe wat swaar kry en wat werklik wil werk as daar gewerk moet word.   Hoe meer ons bymekaar staan hoe beter, hoe meer steun kan daar verkry word vir kleiner besighede, bemark self en wees deel van jou volk.

Behalwe natuurlik volle soewereiniteit, onafhanklikheid en ons eie regering/ leiers waar ons onsself regeer – en nie saam in konfederasies of federasie met ander groepies wat weer ons ondergang wil bewerkstellig nie.   Leer maar hoe geslaagd was federasies of konfederasies.  ‘n Land wat vooruitgaan is iemand wat op hulself aangewese en nie in “konflik” met ander.   Sodra iemand as “vennoot” inkom, word idees gesteel.  Hou dit self toe en werk self, maak gebruik van betroubare volkslede.

Nog ‘n alternatief is, leer die gesin, familie om met omstandighede saam te leef.  Leef van dag tot dag en gaan slaap met ‘n kers of lamp soos in die ou dae.       Dis besparing aan die einde.

Daar is baie kragstasies wat in onbruik staan en verseker as dit herbedraad of hergebruik kan word,  aan die gang kan kom kan daar sekere areas weer beter kwaliteit elektrisiteit wees, sou die ergste hier gebeur met geen krag.

Eskom word al sedert 1994 onder erge ekonomiese rewolusie geplaas, nes al die ander staatsinstellings en selfs munisipaliteite.   Laat diegene wat so krag steel maar sien en kyk waar kry hulle krag as ons ons eie kragnetwerke kan instandhou dan kan niemand iets van ons steel nie.

Vergeet ‘n slag van die miljoene rande wat gespandeer is op niks en die kragstasies wat nooit sal werk nie, nes treine en vliegtuie.   Laat die wat ‘n trein wil uitbrand met die voete loop, hulle wil so graag.

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