Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank

On 4 February 2020 it was stated that Microsoft is playing a pivotal role as technology partner for Commonwealth Bank’s newly minted X15 Ventures which has been established to help the bank stay at the leading edge of Australia’s financial services sector.   Over the next five years CBA plans to work with 25 start ups… Continue reading Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank

CBA’s start-up venture X15 partners with KPMG and Microsoft

    Commonwealth Bank (CBA), one of Australia’s major banks, is looking to tap into the burgeoning financial technology (FinTech) market across the country through the launch of a FinTech startup incubator X15 Ventures. Growth and technical expertise for the new venture is being sourced from KPMG and Microsoft. * X15 Ventures is an ambitious… Continue reading CBA’s start-up venture X15 partners with KPMG and Microsoft