Ramaphosa – Corruption – Zondo

Ministers op nasionale en provinsiale vlakke sowel plaaslike owerhede en tradisionele leiers, op vlak 3 regering, werk saam aan die ANC se planne om die land te laat ondergaan.   Hulle is die bestuurders, maak die wetgewings en beleid, gee en ken tenders toe, stel swart bemagtigers aan wat ook nie die werk kan doen nie, daarom moet daar nou weer eens van Kubaanse amptenare gebruik gemaak word – terwyl ons bekwame persone het om dit te beheer.   Wie doen al die aanstellings van swart bemagtiging?

WRAP | Ramaphosa concludes testimony at Zondo Commission, affirms  commitment and support | News24


As dit nie apartheid of kolonialisme is nie, is dit altyd iemand anders soos partylede, wat die skuld kry vir die regering se onbevoegdheid om die land te regeer, en dit sluit al die staatsentititeite, provinsies, munisipale dienste en ook tradisionele leiers hierby in, want al die gebeure val onder die kabinet wat Ramaphosa vir homself opgestel het.   

Ramaphosa stel as president sy eie kabinet aan, so het sy voorgangers dit ook gedoen.  Ook die kommissies van ondersoeke, val volgens ANC grondwet onder die president.   

Ramaphosa was deel van Zuma se kabinet en het 100% geweet wat daar aangaan. Hy woon vergaderings by en almal het internet of ontvang Hansards van parlement.   

Hulle behoort almal aangekla te word wat hulle gedoen het en die geld wat gesteel is, met rente en ook belasting daarop betaal as ekstra inkomste verkry. 

Waarom is daar Ministers op Nasionale en Provinsiale vlakke en Ouditeur-generaals wat al die jaarverslae voorberei en ontvang van elkeen.   Wie betaal hulle salarisse en byvoordele?    Nie om die land in die grond in te bestuur nie.   

Verder is Ramaphosa in beheer van die ANC self – dus kan hy nie die verantwoordelikheid aanstuur as daar wanbestuur, korrupsie en leuens voorkom nie.   

Onregeerbaar is die woord wat op baie se lippe is, daarom word geen radikale protesaksies ooit vasgevat nie, die polisie monitor van ‘n afstand… om alles tot niet te maak.  Daarom sing hulle om ons blankes uit te wis.  Daarom beheer Ramaphosa ook die kommissie oor swart bemagtiging.  Wie kry die meeste aandele uit al hierdie swart bemagtiging?   Nie die ondersteuners van die ANC nie.


Ministers at national and provincial levels as well as local authorities and traditional leaders, at level 3 government, are working together on the ANC’s plans to make the country ungovernable.   Those peoples are the managers, they make the legislations, rules and policies, they give and award tenders, they appoint black empowerers or affirmative actors, who can not do the job either, so Cuban or other officials must be used again – while we have competent people to do it. to control and make it works. Who does all the appointments of black empowerment?   Do not blame the previous government or political members of any party.

How many ministers are there in his parliament and other members of the ANC when corruption took place?

Quote parts of an article ….

“We all acknowledge that the organisation could and should have done more to prevent the abuse of power and the misappropriation of resources that defined the era of state capture.”     “For the ANC, this was compounded by its own subjective challenges,” including the erosion of its organisational integrity, the advancement of the material interests of certain members and associated private companies and individuals, weak and pliable branches, vote-buying and gate-keeping, factionalism and even open conflict. 

“This provided fertile ground for state capture and corruption,” Ramaphosa said, though he emphasised that while there were leaders and individuals in the ANC who were corrupt, the party was not. That corruption in the party contributed “to practices of patronage, factionalism and the manipulation of organisational processes within the ANC is a matter of record”.   

One of the earliest claims made within ANC structures of the possibility that members of the Gupta family may have had an improper role in the functioning of the executive was a statement by transport minister Fikile Mbalula at a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in 2011, but the matter was not taken further by the party. Over time these claims intensified and the subject increasingly came under discussion in the NEC and other ANC structures.

Ramaphosa referred to various ANC meetings and said ANC members who engaged in corruption must face the full legal consequences of their actions and could not rely on the ANC for support or protection, nor may they appeal to the principle of collective responsibility.

On cadre deployment, Ramaphosa said the ANC had emphasised professionalism and competence in the transformation of the public service. Cadre deployment is essential for democracy so the government fulfilled the mandate given to it by voters. The ANC also supported the principle that all public servants undertake their duties in a fair, balanced and non-partisan manner.





Verder – Ramaphosa pleit skuldig  en erken daar is onder al hierdie presidente geld weg, dit sluit ook die wapenskandaal by die staatskaping in.   Die feit dat hy nou skielik “wil getuig” is niks anders as ‘n heel uitgewerkte storie van hom en al sy kaders nie.   Die feite wat reeds aan die belastingbetalers bekend is, maak nie die korrupsie ongedaan nie en Zondo kommissie weet reeds alles.   Wat het Ramaphosa sedert hy president geword het, gedoen om alles te stop – niks.     Dit help nie hy of sy kaders of faksies erken dit voor ‘n kommisie wat deur Zuma en homself aangestel is nie.   

Sou ‘n lid van die publiek soveel steel en kaap, word hul vervolg.    Heelwat Boere is al in die tronk geplaas oor korrupsie en selfs onskuldig waar daar beweer word hulle het moord gepleeg.    Wat maak Ramaphosa beter as Zuma, Mbeki en Mandela – hy moet ook gaan nes voorgangers.    Die deler is net so goed soos die steler, albei hap van dieselfde korrupte koek en misbruik die land se belastings wat vir noodsaakliker dienste aangewend kon gewees het.   Waarom word net die spul bevoorregtes in hoë posisies altyd beskerm?   

Apartheid is deur hulself veroorsaak, hulle doen dit dan steeds met afsonderlike gebiede, Trust en CPA vir elke Swart en Khoi san volkere.   Dit staan selfs in hul grondwet om alles te “wettig” nes swart bemagtiging ook gewettig word wat haat, rassisme en diskriminasie is om ons blanke volk totaal uit te wis.   Ramaphosa is die leermeester in beheer van die kommissie van swart bemagtiging en die liberaal verligte blankes is maar alte gewillig om hom daarmee te help om ons volk uit te wis.


ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledges in testimony at the State Capture Inquiry that the ANC didn’t do enough to fight corruption and state capture.


He is abusing the power of state capture.
Refer to the appointment of judiciary officials – read the Constitution about this.

In his testimony at the State Capture Inquiry, President Cyril Ramaphosa admitted that the ruling party did not do enough to prevent the abuse of power that led to state capture. He also highlighted the fact that factionalism and vote-buying has made the ANC fertile ground for corruption. Ramaphosa says the party will not protect any leaders implicated in corruption. Political analyst Prince Mashele discusses this further.


DA leader John Steenhuisen said he’d like to see accountability from president Cyril Ramaphosa who made his first appearance at the state capture commission


Hier dra hy reeds kennis van die Guptas en staatskaping

Businesses in Russia – 2019 – Support and investments in Africa and South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has cautioned South Africans against worrying over the landing of two so-called Black Jack Russian long-range bomber jets in the country – saying they pose no threat as they are unarmed. The two nuclear-capable jets, which were dispatched by Russia, landed at the Waterkloof Air Force Base on Wednesday. They form part of a fleet of Russian Aerospace Forces and are being used in military exercises while in the country. Ramaphosa was speaking on the side-lines of an African Heads of State Summit in the southern Russian city of Sochi.



29 April 2021



29 April 2021


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