Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation

If the ANC change their liberal communist constitution, they can do what they want, without compensation – not only land, ALL properties, as well as shares, everything.
March 2019 – Farmers union TLU SA has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of implying farmers are land thieves and demanded that he provide proof.   Ramaphosa’s governing African National Congress is pressing on with plans to amend the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation as part of reforms to redress the past when land was forcibly taken from blacks by white settlers.


Listen to the video-clips.

What really happened before 1961 and after 1961. 

Episode S0132, Recorded on March 13, 1974
Guest: B. J. (Balthazar Johannes) Vorster

Our previous government received those areas as it was in “reserves” and it was discussed various times on this blogs as well.  Some “reserves” were mentioned into old Union documents as well also as British Crown lands.  It was not Dr Verwoerd that created the so-called segregation and homelands, it was already there as “reserves” – that was already established in 1854 with the Shepstone policy between the British empire and black / coloured chiefs of that time.

Another important thing is, during Codesa black leaders wanted to keep their old homelands, but all those lands were renamed to Trustlands and others to “registered CPA” under certain chiefs or traditional leaders –  only for them to benefit, not anybody else.

In the meantime, ANC, DA, EFF, VF+, ACDP and others like  De Klerk and Broederbond aka Afrikanerbond told the world there is no apartheid anymore – it is a false platform and failed government.

What are this Trustlands and CPA’s then, as well as B-BBEE – that is also racism and discrimination against the whites in South Africa.

None of the old homelands disappeared after 1994.   After 1994 the ANC and the traditional leaders created also “landclaims” and CPA legislation.  That is why there are 8840 traditional leaders today (Hansard  December 2018).   The reserves and crown lands that were created were much smaller than it is today.

Homelands changed in names to Trustlands and CPA – segregation is still there only for themselves.   Read the White paper as well.
Front National – Vorster 1974 – Tuislande


During a land restitution ceremony at the weekend, Ramaphosa said his own family had gone through the pain of “being forcibly removed, our land stolen and taken away on two occasions”.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa has of late … repeatedly made allegations in public concerning land theft. With these allegations he insinuates that commercial farmers have stolen their land,” TLU SA president Louis Meintjies said in a statement.   “According to South African law the onus rests on the person making the statement to prove it. Since the president of the country is not above the law, he should now also give evidence for his claims or be prepared to expect further action from our side. ”

TLU SA is not part of the president’s president’s advisory panel on land reform and says it is not representative of land and property owners in South Africa.   “We will not be bound or governed by any of the suggestions in the report,” Meintjies said.  TLU SA says its own proposals on land reforms in 2005 would have seen all targets reached within eight years of the normal economic process and no existing landowner’s property rights would have been in jeopardy.



10 May 2017

TLU’s Executive Committee has decided that it is quite tired of accusations that farmers have stolen the land and that is why there are more calls for land expropriation without compensation.    Mr. Louis Meintjes, President of TLU SA, said that there should for once and for all be clarity about the matter. “There are a lot of vague accusations made in this regard, but nobody could come up with any concrete evidence of land theft.”

“Therefore, TLU SA has decided to offer a reward of R100 000 to anyone who can reasonably prove that any commercial farmer or member of TAU SA has unlawfully acquired its land, which could constitute theft,” said Mr. Meintjes.    Mr. Meintjes added that property rights are providing stability and the basis for economic growth. “Without sound ownership, all other rights will also expire. Yet, our property rights are threatened with a lie of ‘theft,’ while there is no evidence that any land has been stolen. Everyone who believes in economic growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation must actually stand together and resist the serious threat of widespread lies. Do not let the lies continue to determine the direction.”



Property rights are a human right
Eiendomsreg – property rights

Violation of our human rights
International crimes: Violation of human rights of Afrikaner and Boers (whites)

Expropriation of land, included all other properties
Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

Thusfar – over 5000 productive farms were bought by the ANC government and nothing happened with that productive farms.
Grond eienaars: ANC regeringsplase


There are already 7.6 million blacks with title deeds.   Are those 7.6 million immigrants or are they all South African citizens since 1960?
Die 7.6 miljoen swart titelakte houers

There are thousands of landclaims already given to thousands of people and the old Homelands still belong to the blacks and coloureds today – they have lands only for themselves – all separate from each other.   No white Afrikaner or Boer forced them, and the very same happened in  1854 with the Shepstone Policy of the British empire.

The White Paper on Traditional Leadership and Governance, July 2003
Agreements and Traditional leaderships

At the Codesa negotiations they agreed to stay on in their own tribal lands (homelands) but will call it TRUSTLANDS and add the CPA’s (landclaims).


Legislation for blacks and coloureds
Legislation only for black and khoisan

Richtersveld is one of 6 huge CPA landclaim, only for their own people.
Richtersveld – KHOISAN AND CPA

One of thousands of landclaims – and CORRUPTION as well
Matsafeni grondeis Witrivier

Zulu People
Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland

The different people still live separate in their own Trustlands or registered CPAs.
Ooreenkomste – Agreements

There are 8840 black and coloured traditional leaders – December 2018.
Traditional leaders South Africa: 8840

Leaders before 1994 – Vorster, Botha, Treurnicht, Jaap Marais en ET

23 gedagtes oor “Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation”

  1. Hulle sal eers die wapen wet verander. Met ons wapen in ons hande vat hulle nie ons grond nie


  2. Die stelery van grond/DUISENDE MOORDE sou nie plaasgevind het voor 1994 nie🤔
    Apartheid was darem sleg!
    Wat kan ons DIE tyd onder die kommuniste noem? LEKKER MAN LEKKER ?u


  3. If people had even the slightest notion of not just what has happened in South Africa but in the world then they would realize that change was imminent, it is part of the global structure, for world population and growth. The Afrikaner as well as the majority of coulered people who were born out of the colinization of South Africa are literally two new born cultures barely 400 years old, and were born on the soil of the land. Tjhat makes them just as indigenous as the next indigenous person. The black people just like the European people came from different lands and migrated down to south africa, who also truly wiped out the true indigenous people, really have just as little say as any other foreingn person claimimg land for them selves. If they want to discuss racism, then the whole of history needs to be taken into consideration. And if done in this manner, looking at two thousand years of development, who can then point fingers at any one. Just as the Europeans came and took part of the land, that no man can really lay claim too as the world belongs to all, then the Blacks are just as much to be blamed for their intrution over time. Not to mention the historical evedince since the birth of south africa, and the migration of the now new races on the planet the Afrikaner and the colored. It seems like the cellular memory of the Blacks who migrated from the noth who murdered first the original people from the land, and then the inability to share with the colinization of the European and these new races/civilizations has never changed, in fact before there were any Afrikaner, it was largely the British who were the ruling Monarch of the time who were responsible for many of the wars fought in the country. So who are the real racist then if people want to talk racism. How could you then blame the Afrikaner who were barely a people at that time. In Truth if people want to blame some one then blame the conditions of the world at that time, a world set on war and land domination for wealth and resources, blame the times and the seasons of the development of mankind. No one can be made responsible for the times of the day, it is what it is and this happened world wide, are the red indian going to blame the European for colonizing America, are the what about Australia, what about the whole world for that matter 6000 years if i may add. The world belongs to us all, we can not blame the past for what took place, if it was not for the Afrikaner and the coloured poeple at that time South Africa would have been colinized by the British. So if one had to take a larger overview then it really leaves a person with one thought, who are realy the racial discriminators here? Its time the world wakes up and realizes the facts and not the filth being projected by modern mainstream media who loves to turn and twist the truth. Wake up South Afrika, if we come together and stand together we will be the most powerful country in the world. The most technological advance continent ever. WE HAVE IT ALL. Move on make peace, except the past, except that the change is in the now, and grow so we as a people, as a country can focus on the real issues that face us. CLIMATE CHANGE, POLLUTION, POVERTY, INEQUALITY. These are the things that need to change…


  4. […] If the ANC change their liberal communist constitution, they can do what they want, without compensation – not only land, ALL properties, as well as shares, everything. March 2019 – Farmers union TLU SA has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of implying farmers are land thieves and demanded that he provide proof. Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation […]


  5. […] “There are a lot of vague accusations made in this regard, but nobody could come up with any concrete evidence of land theft.”  This is hate speech, as well as discrimination against the minority group of people. Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation […]


  6. If the president call us Thieves….unfortunately a lot of the white thieves voted for him.
    Thank goodness I didn’t….


  7. Ding,is wat kan of gaan ons blankes doen,tot nou toe kon ons niks doen nie,moet ons aanvalle teen swart goed doen?plaas aanvalle gaan nie end onder die krimenele anc regering nie,en swartes is te dom om reg testem,hul sê mos as hul da stem sal hul terug gaan na apartheid,stupid, da kan nie,want hul het swart en wit in hul beleid,als wat die anc doen kom neer op diefstal,en hul loop toe oë deur die lewe🤔


  8. […] “There are a lot of vague accusations made in this regard, but nobody could come up with any concrete evidence of land theft.”  This is hate speech, as well as discrimination against the minority group of people.  There are more of expropriation…Ramaphosa : “Farmers/Whites are thieves” – accusations > expropriation […]


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