Ramaphosa and his Madiba magic

Die een wil swakker wees as die ander.   As dit nie swart bemagtiging is nie, is dit grondgrype.   Swart bemagtiging was deur “madiba” gesteun en wet is deur hom geteken – RASSISME, haat en DISKRIMINASIE.  Now Ramaphosa said he will pursue ‘Madiba magic’ style dialogue for a peaceful resolution to the land issue, but follow the same route as Zimbabwe style.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. (Photo by GIANLUIGI GUERCIA / AFP)

Moenie vir een oomblik dink grondgrype is net van ons blanke Afrikaners en Boere nie – daar word oral grond geneem en selfs TRUST gebiede, soos die Ingonyama Trust, waar slegs Zoeloes bly en werk, sal ook geneem word.   Die teendeel van realiteite skop in teen wat die ANC of hul leiers “opbring” in die media.   Hulle kots oor “Apartheid” terwyl Trustgebiede en kommunale gebiede, grondeise alles gegrond is op aparte gebiede, wat deur SWARTES en KHOIHOI verkies is na 1994.  Richtersveld het hul eie Trustgebied, nes wat Ingonyama Trust ook hul eie gebied het.  Daar is letterlik ‘n hele paar, selfs wat in die howe al gedraai het.

This is a “common jokes” and serious parliament of South Africa
Zuma and his seriousness

Zuma and his Nkandla


The government will not allow land reform to lead to the “degradation of the economy”, and is committed to finding a durable and sustainable solution for the problem, president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Thursday.
“There will be no land grabs,” Ramaphosa said in a divergence from his prepared speech at the Discovery Leadership Summit in Sandton.

Instead, he said, he wants to apply the same “Madiba magic” that led to the peaceful end of apartheid rule to solve the land crisis — by continuing discussions until an agreement can be reached that will “contribute to nation-building and social cohesion”.


“Land reform is not only about correcting a great historical injustice; it is also an absolute economic necessity,” Ramaphosa said. “In the end I want to reconcile the hunger for land that our people have, but also reconcile the fears and concerns of those who have land.”     More than 20 years after the first democratic election, SA remains a deeply unequal country where the black population, who were dispossessed of their land by colonial and apartheid rulers, remain disproportionately affected by poverty and unemployment. The EFF has used the land crisis, compounded by mismanagement of SA’s land reform programme, to win support.

In response, the ANC adopted a policy in December 2017 to change the constitution to explicitly allow for land expropriation without compensation. Seen as a threat to broader property rights with a potentially disastrous impact on the banking sector, which has about R1.6-trillion in property-backed loans, the decision has caused jitters among investors, who Ramaphosa has been trying to lure back to SA after nearly a decade of economic mismanagement and lacklustre growth.   The president said accelerated land reform, undertaken in line with the constitution and other laws in the country, “can be an effective catalyst for greater agricultural production, rural development, employment creation, and broader economic growth”.

He identified three priority areas: ensuring that those who “have lived on the land for generations” have the right and means to successfully work it; giving emerging black farmers land, security of tenure and the support they need to build businesses; and ensuring poor people in urban areas have access to affordable housing in areas near economic opportunities and social amenities.

Former US president Bill Clinton, who through the Clinton Foundation has been working to empower smallholder farmers, notably in Rwanda, said there is a need for more widely dispersed land ownership in SA. He warned, however, that forced expropriation “would not be helpful” to SA’s reputation as an investment destination.    “So let’s put that issue on the backburner, and let’s put the land that is available into the hands of people who have never had it,” Clinton said. “I’m all for picking the low-hanging fruit.”   Highlighting that SA is recovering from “some pretty damaging blows over the last few years”, Clinton warned that the government should not make promises about land reform if there is no commitment to follow through.    “People can tell when you say something and don’t believe it,” he said. “You can get hurt if you’re doing it wrong. People in rural areas will lose their faith.”


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