Swart rassisme : Jeug / Racism

‘n Regeringsprogram of inisiatief was onlangs geloods vir werkloosheid onder die jeug, maar dit sluit spesifiek BLANKES hierby uit.   Afrikaners en Boere is nie by enige regeringsplanne ingesluit nie, weens die kleur van hul vel.    ‘n Rassistiese plan net soos al die ander wetgewings wat deur Parlement hardloop en wat nie gou genoeg ge-implementeer kan word nie.    Unemployment and B-BBEE walk hand in hand together – “only a certain group of certain races are privileged – blacks, because whites are excluded.  Read the legislatioins about b-BBEE.   They focus on the youth and included unemployed of the BRICS countries.

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When you’re privileged, you enjoy some special right or advantage that most people don’t have. You could be privileged to live in a lighthouse and have a spectacular view of the bay. People can be privileged in many different ways, but it always means that they’re getting some unusual deal that others probably envy.  In South Africa there are different legislations to promote only Black economic empowerment.

Whites are excluded from the economy and that is racism, discrimination and hate against us, especially our youth people.    It is also violations of our whites’ human rights.

The special committee that was task to write B-BBEE legislations was driven by the president, Ramaphosa as chair person.  Interesting what was said on Hansard about B-BBEE.



Racism and discrimination – B-BBEE legislation – Ramaphosa

B-BBEE – Shanduka black umprellas

B-BBEE – Funding of black industrialists

Black empowerment, unemployment and crime is not demoracy


Government – parliament,  implemented a Youth Employment Portal during March to tackle the massive Youth Unemployment epidemic in South Africa. What the government didn’t tell you is that you can’t register if you are white…  who are the privileged?


Die swart jeugdiges in Suid-Afrika verkry die boustene om voort te gaan om swart bemagtigers te wees met rassisme en diskriminasie teenoor blankes in Suid-Afrika.  Interessant dat die inisiatiewe die BRICS lande se werkloses hierby insluit, maar blankes in Suid-Afrika totaal en al uitsluit (weens B-BBEE).

READ ALSO HERE:  (2008) –  The Pretoria High Court  granted a landmark ruling that Chinese South Africans are to be included in the definition of “black people” in legislation designed to benefit previously disadvantaged groups.
Chinese and B-BBEE


BUT it is ALSO to include BRICS countries

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 …

Brics countries included (but NO WHITES)

Arts and Culture Minister Mthethwa has called for the establishment of an innovative educational program to help young designers from BRICS countries.

He said the programme must assist young designers to understand the fashion industry, promote the creation of market access and the consumption of fashion amongst BRICS countries.   It also represented by film, fashion, animation, crafts and music are arguably the greatest assets culture has.


Ramaphosa – Youth agreement (no whites)

Ramaphosa said by working as social partners and representing all sectors of society and developing solutions in which we share ownership and pride, is to overcome “unemployment.    The summit aims to create 275 000 direct jobs per year and tackle the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality.  The agreement was signed on the first day of the summit to address the staggering unemployment which sits at 27.2%.

National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) constituencies signed the historic framework agreement, which includes practical actions such as:

· Investment of R100bn (over five years) in black enterprises and firms in the industrial sector;

· Bizniz in a Box Youth Empowerment Programme to equip young people with entrepreneurial skills and actual business opportunities;

· Commitments at the sectoral and company level to support local procurement of goods and services to boost employment and job retention;

· Finfind youth employment and SMME funding to provide training for unemployed youth;

· R1.5 billion for a new Smallholder Support Fund and R1.5 billion for the Township Enterprise Fund;

· Various interventions to create career pathways for the youth through programmes at TVET Colleges, the Installation Repair and Maintenance Initiative, and in the fields of health and, travel and tourism;

· Expansion of a Hub Model and incubators for SMME development;

· Harambee, working with all social partners, will strengthen its pathway management system to ensure that 1.5-million young people are part of an active network of work seekers and, that 500000 young work-seekers are able to enter first jobs or on pathways to generating an income to sustain themselves;

· Up-scaling the implementation of the 30% set aside of government spend for SMMEs and co-operatives;

· Strong focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD), including the KYB Enterprise Incubator, to support women-owned ECD centres;

· Building of 48 catalytic human settlement projects which will provide 635 0000 housing opportunities by 2019;

· Workplace equity and representation on company boards;

· The Framework Agreement sets up a mechanism to address regulatory constraints to investment;

· Reporting by business on executive pay ratios in annual reports;

· Measures to address customs fraud and illegal imports;

· Extension of the Employment Tax Incentive for a further 10 years;

· Establishment of nine Agri-parks to promote agriculture and agro-processing and value chain;

· Acceleration of productive land reform;

· Community-based and owned approaches to fast track rural water access;

· Increasing recycling tonnage to 2.7-million tonnes over five years;

· Establishing a Presidential Climate Change Co-ordinating Commission; and

· Commitment to support the anti-corruption strategy and implementing a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

Support for small business

With small businesses noted as the key to unlocking jobs at the summit, President Ramaphosa said government is at work to create fertile ground for small business to prosper.

Proposals emerging from the summit

Panels also proposed the establishment of more early childhood development centres in townships as they have potential to provide skills and employment in the townships.

Investment conference

Ramaphosa called on local and international investors to come forward and lend a hand.

“We have committed to raising R1.3 trillion in five years and we want to get a clear demonstration that there is a commitment by the investment community that they are ready to invest,” said the President.



Black youth media: France

Black youth media company – Diprente – has won big at the Annecy International Animation Festival 2018 in France.   The company has made the country proud at a time that Youth Month is being commemorated by clinching the global TV series and specials MIFA Pitches at the festival that was created in 1960. The MIFA Pitches showcase the best in original animation projects in their first phase of development.

“The other company is South African company Triggerfish Animation Studios, which over the last two years has won the top prize for TV production at Annecy, and is in competition for the same prize this year with their work on the BBC1 Christmas special, Highway Rat,” said Davies on Monday.     Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy, abbreviated as AIAFF) takes place at the beginning of June in the town of Annecy. It became an annual event in 1998. This year’s festival ran from 11 to 16 June (Youth Day).    Davies said the commitment of Diprente to skills development and local recruitment further supported and motivated other emerging black owned production companies and producers active within the sector.

Diprente, which has been active since 2009, has produced numerous feature films, television series and branded content campaigns — some of which were supported by the dti film incentives.

– SAnews.gov.za




Government youth unemployment

The South African Government was mandated in 2004 to halve poverty and
unemployment by 2014. These objectives are feasible – indeed we would hope to surpass
them – because of steady improvement in the economy’s performance and job-creating

Two have been identified for special priority attention: business  process outsourcing (BPO) and tourism. A third sector, biofuels, is being finalised. What these industries have in common is that they are labour-intensive, rapidly growing sectors worldwide, suited to South African circumstances, and open to opportunities for Broad-Based Black Economic empowerment (BBBEE) and small business development.

BPO refers to the trend of business worldwide, especially in countries where labour is costly, to locate back-office activities such as accounts or claims processing or front office activities like call centres in cheaper centres. South Africa has attracted about 5 000 of such jobs from the rest of the world so far.

Government and business have a joint project, supported by the Business Trust, led by the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Chair of Standard Bank to remove obstacles and refine incentives to achieve this goal.

What is the NYDA JOBS Programme?

JOBS is an online database for unemployed youth seeking employment opportunities. It is a product managed through the Skills Development and Transfer unit of the NYDA, and seeks to contribute to the Government’s ASGISA programme and the JIPSA initiative by helping to facilitate the link of unemployed youth to employment and other skills development related opportunities.

So how do you access the JOBS Programme?

  • You can register on our website (www.nyda.gov.za), by creating a registration login via the Self Service Portal link on the home page.
  • You can visit anyone of our branches and they will assist you in registering
  • Or, you can fax your CV to 086 773 7421
  • E mail your CV to jobsservice@nyda.gov.za
  • Or call us on 0800 52 52 52 and we’ll register you!

So register on JOBS today- and Make It Happen!


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