Land reform / Grondhervorming

Tax money has been used since 1994 to buy land for the ANC’s reform and expropriation plans.   Even better,  large amounts of compensation was paid out to the claimants who preferred money over the land.      The restitution process amounts to R21,6 billion and the redistribution process to R17,6 billion. With regard to restitution, a total amount of R13,5 billion was paid out to the claimants who preferred money over the land.   Government of SA bought more than 5000 farms since 1994 with tax money.     Tax payers are the owners of those 5000+ farms and not the ANC as they told the people in parliament.   Is this all Nationalization of land/properties/businesses?

Parliament South Africa


More than 5000 farms bought
Belastinggeld word en is sedert 1994 aangewend om grond aan te koop vir die ANC se hervormingsplanne – heelwat vergoeding is aan eisers uitbetaal wat dit verkies het bo die van plaasgrond.   Die restitusieproses het R21,6 biljoen beloop en die herverdelingsproses R17,6 biljion. Wat restitusie aanbetref, is ʼn bedrag van R13,5 biljoen aan eisers betaal wat geld bo die grond verkies het.   Daar is gedurende 2018 bekend gemaak dat die   regering reeds oor die 5000 plase sedert 1994 opgekoop het.


Therefore, those farms are not state property, as they claimed as the owners of those farms, but the Tax payers.   So why is it that the Title deed of those more than 5000 farms are still with the current government?  Those are unproductive farms and it was fully productive.

Is the ANC, DA and EFF ++ government then busy to nationalize all properties and businesses?  That is why they implemented the B-BBEE to kill the businesses and employment, especially from whites?

They also have all the SOE properties, those have nothing to do with any white person as well as mining areas, the government are giving permits to the mining directors.  More than 8000 mines are not rehabilitated.   Eskom by itself do have various properties and power stations.

Most of the old homelands were also tranferred to the current government during 1994.


5000 plase – farms of the ANC  (Hansard)
Grond eienaars: ANC regeringsplase




Distribution of land – Questions and answers in SA Parliament



(1)  How much land in hectares has the State obtained since 1 January 1994 for the purpose of (a) land restitution and (b) land redistribution;

(2) what has been the cost since 1 January 1994 for the land acquired in hectares regarding (a) land restitution and (b) land redistribution;

(3) what amount has been paid to those beneficiaries who wanted to receive not land but rather compensation in respect of restitution since 1 January 1994;

(4) whether she will make a statement on the matter?NW3043E]


(1) (a) 3.3 million hectares.

(b) 4.9 million hectares.

(2) (a) R 21.6 billion.

(b) R 17.6 billion.

(3) R 13.5 billion.

(4) No.



ANC government has restituted/redistributed 8,2m ha of land – Pieter Groenewald of VFplus

FF Plus parliamentary questions expose ANC’s lies about land

Since 1994, the government has obtained a total of 8,2 million hectares of land by means of the land reform processes of restitution and redistribution. Thus far, these processes have cost the country R39,2 billion. On top of that, in 93% of all successful land claims, claimants opted for financial compensation and not the land.

This statistic, which came to light through parliamentary questions that were addressed to the Minister of Rural development and Land reform, reveals the truth about land in South Africa.

And yet the ANC and President Cyril Ramaphosa keep telling the world that it is necessary to expropriate land without compensation so as to rectify the “injustices” of the past and because “the masses are land hungry”.

This statistic, however, makes it clear that “the masses” are not pining for land, but for money, and that so far the process was basically seen as an easily way to make money.

In addition, the government admits that it is in possession of nearly all the land that was bought with tax payers’ money over the last 24 years.

Thus, the millions of hectares of land that was bought and paid for over the last 24 years can be redistributed over the next 24 years without it costing one more cent and without having to expropriate or buy a single hectare from anyone. The government admits that it owns approximately 17 million hectares of land.

In an answer to the FF Plus’s latest questions, it came to light that more than 3,3 million hectares were obtained since 1994 by means of the restitution process and 4,9 million hectares by means of the redistribution process. That adds up to a total of 8,2 million hectares.

The restitution process amounts to R21,6 billion and the redistribution process to R17,6 billion. With regard to restitution, a total amount of R13,5 billion was paid out to the claimants who preferred money over the land.

The abovementioned also serves as proof of the fact that the ANC is deliberately misleading the public by pretending that farmers are one of the main reasons for why the land reform process is dragging on and why land prices are inflated.

Seeing as 93% of the claimants opted for the money and not the land, the government was in most cases forced to first pay the farmer and then pay the claimants for the same piece of land and that is the real reason for why the price of a single piece of land is so very high. In some cases, the price was thus inflated with up to 63%.

According to the parliamentary answer, this amount adds up to R13,5 billion. The seller has nothing to do with this. The government has also admitted that it is presently in possession of 4000 farms that can be used for redistribution.

The government also admits that 90% if the previous redistribution programmes failed. Those farms are also in the government’s possession.

The ANC government is busy misleading the country and the rest of the world concerning the reality of land reform in South Africa. The party is willing to hold a flame over a gunpowder-barrel, to scare off investors and to jeopardise food security all in an attempt to cover up its failure as government and to attract voters to the poll.

The party is misleading the public by saying that expropriation without compensation is the only way to speed up the redistribution of land.

Text of reply:





Dit vind reeds sedert 1994 plaas.   Hoe maklik is dit om besighede tot niet te laat gaan met B-BBEE en EE of selfs onteiening?   Met swart bemagtiging verkry die swartes veral die meerderheidsaandeel in besighede, en as daar opgelet word wie die direkteure of Trustees is, spreek dit boekdele – let op na al die webtuistes of jaarverslae waarin meeste feite voorkom.

Hierdie tendens het voor 1994 begin by die vorige regering, wat veral Broederbond beheer is (wetgewing), wat sekere van die gebiede, soos Tuislande, oorgedra het aan die 1994 meerderheidsregering.    Dit was ook die Broederbond wat eerstens met die SAKP begin onderhandel het in 1982 buite ons landsgrense.  Dakar is deur liberale blankes en broederbondlede beheer om buite ons land met kommuniste Soros en Slovo te onderhandel.

Daar was nie weggestap van aparte gebiede nie, omdat ons blankes steeds die skuld moet kry vir dit wat plaasvind.    Daar was pryse uitgedeel, maar dis net woorde en wetgewing wat verander het.   Apartheid het onder Britse beheer begin in 1854, met die Shepstone beleid – toe is daar reservate en kroongebiede gevorm, nie die Verwoerd regering nie.     Grondeise vind onder die “nuwe” CPA wetgewing plaas.     Verdere feite is dat swart en bruin etniese volke CPA of Trustgebiede bly, nadat “grondeise” verkry is, word dit as CPA registreer, maar slegs met kommunale regte en geen titelakte.   Die groot vingerwysing word dan kwansuis aan blankes gewys as die sondebokke wat die meeste grond besit, terwyl dit nie so is nie.  Rassisme en Diskriminasie volg en rasse onlus vind plaas, waar besighede totaal en al afgebrand word.   Dis hoekom daar soveel aanvalle en moorde plaasvind, waar blankes gemartel en verkrag word, tot hul dood is.



It has been happening since 1994. How easy is it to disrupt businesses with B-BBEE and EE legislations or even expropriation?   With black empowerment, blacks especially gain the majority share of businesses, and if a person is aware of who the directors or trustees are – pay attention to all the websites or annual reports in which most facts appear, information is in it.

This trend began before 1994 with the previous government, which was especially controlled by the Broederbond (and their legislation), which transferred some of the areas, such as Homelands, to the 1994 majority government. It was also the Broederbond that first started negotiating with the SACP in 1982 outside our borders.   Dakar was controlled by liberal whites to negotiate with communists Soros and Slovo outside our country.  Why outside in different places?

The 1994 government did not step away from separate areas, because our whites still have to be blamed for what is happening.   Mandela-deKlerk Prizes were handed out, but only words and legislation changed.

Apartheid began under British rule and control in 1854, with the Shepstone policy – then reserves and crown areas were formed, not by the Verwoerd government.  It was changed from reserves to homelands.

Land claims since 1994 took place under the “new” CPA legislation.   Facts are that black and colored ethnic peoples remain on old “homelands” as CPA or Trust territories, after “land claims” are obtained, their lands are registered as CPA, but only  communal rights and no title deed.

The big finger-pointing is then shown to whites as the scapegoats who own the most land, while it is not the case.   Most of those 30+ millions are not landless.    Racism and Discrimination follow and riots take place, where businesses are totally burnt down. That is why there are so many attacks and murders, where whites are tortured and raped until their deaths.

Millions of immigrants from the North, also live here in South Africa and on land that is free of charge, some get (illegally) houses, electricity, with free schooling and medical aid, even sassa grants.   They are living on land, not in the air.


Grondhervorming en restitusie

Grondverdeling – Restitution

Sedert 1994 het die staat altesame 8,2 miljoen hektaar grond bekom in die grondhervormingsproses van restitusie en herverdeling van grond. Hierdie proses kos die land tot op hede R39,2 miljard. Hiervan het eisers in 93% van alle geslaagde grondeise verkies om geld te neem en nie grond nie.    Dié statistiek, wat van die regering self bekom is aan die hand van parlementêre vrae aan die minister van landelike ontwikkeling en grondhervorming, is die naakte waarheid oor grond in Suid-Afrika.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald van VF Plus sê tog vertel die ANC en Cyril Ramaphosa aan die wêreld dit is nou nodig om grond sonder vergoeding te onteien om die “onregte” van die verlede reg te stel en omdat “die massas grondhonger is”.    “Die statistiek vertel egter in die eerste plek dat die ‘massas’ oënskynlik nie werklik ʼn versugting na grond het nie, maar eerder na geld, en dat die proses tot op hede eerder gesien kan word as ʼn manier om maklik geld te bekom.    “Daarbenewens erken die staat hy is in besit van feitlik al die grond wat oor 24 jaar met belastingbetalers se geld aangekoop is.

“Miljoene hektaar grond wat dus oor 24 jaar aangekoop en betaal is, kan oor die volgende 24 jaar uitgedeel word sonder dat dit ʼn sent sal kos, en sonder dat ʼn enkele hektaar van enige persoon afgeneem of gekoop hoef te word.

Die staat erken hy besit sowat 17 miljoen hektaar grond,” sê dr. Groenewald.    In antwoord op die VF Plus se laaste vrae is die antwoord onder meer dat 3,3 miljoen hektaar sedert 1994 deur die restitusieproses bekom is en 4,9 miljoen hektaar deur herverdeling. Dit is ʼn totaal van 8,2 miljoen hektaar.

Die restitusieproses het R21,6 biljoen beloop en die herverdelingsproses R17,6 biljoen. Wat restitusie aanbetref, is ʼn bedrag van R13,5 biljoen aan eisers betaal wat geld bo die grond verkies het.

“Bogenoemde dien ook as bewys dat die ANC die publiek doelbewus bedrieg deur voor te gee boere is ʼn groot rede waarom die grondhervormingsproses sloer en omdat pryse opgeblase is.   “Aangesien 93% van eisers eerder geld as grond verkies het, beteken dit die staat moes in feitlik alle gevalle die boer en daarna ook die eiser vir dieselfde grond betaal wat die prys vir een stuk grond dus aansienlik duurder gemaak het. In sommige gevalle tot 63%.   “Hierdie bedrag beloop R13,5 biljoen volgens die parlementêre antwoord. Die verkoper het hiermee niks te make nie. Die regering het ook reeds erken hy besit tans vierduisend plase wat vir herverdeling gebruik kan word.   “Die regering erken ook dat 90% van vorige herverdelingsprogramme misluk het. Hierdie plase is ook in die staat se besit.”

Dr. Groenewald beskuldig die ANC-regering dat hy besig is om die land en die wêreld te bedrieg oor die ware situasie rondom grondhervorming in Suid-Afrika. Hy is bereid is om sodoende ʼn vlam voor ʼn kruitvat te hou, beleggers te verdryf en voedselsekerheid te bedreig net om sy eie mislukking as regering te verberg en kiesers na die stembus te lok.   “Hy mislei veral die publiek deur te sê onteiening sonder vergoeding is die enigste manier om die verdeling van grond te bespoedig.”


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  1. […] Tax money has been used since 1994 to buy land for the ANC’s reform plans – large amounts of compensation was paid out to the claimants who preferred money over the land.     The restitution process amounts to R21,6 billion and the redistribution process to R17,6 billion. With regard to restitution, a total amount of R13,5 billion was paid out to the claimants who preferred money over the land.   Government of SA bought more than 5000 farms since 1994 with tax money. Land reform / Grondhervorming […]


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