Voyages-Reise (Elemente-Elements)

  In early January 1488, as Dias’ two ships sailed off the coast of Southern Africa, storms blew them away from the coast. Dias is thought to have ordered a turn to the south of about 28 degrees, probably because he had prior knowledge of southeasterly winds that would take him around the tip of… Continue reading Voyages-Reise (Elemente-Elements)

Cederberg – the Ceder tree

The geology of the Cederberg comprises of the Cape Supergroup (Table Mountain Group, Bokkeveld Group and Witteberg Group) and the Karoo Supergroup (Dwyka Group, Ecca Group and Beaufort Group). The Cape Supergroup was formed about 700 – 600 Ma ago by a succession of sedimentation of sandstone (silt, mud and sand). The distinct reddish colour… Continue reading Cederberg – the Ceder tree