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“We didn’t expect this. We had no notice. I would have liked a few days to pack properly, but they are just carrying everything out, nothing is packed. They are taking everything out and putting it outside the gate. We have no plan. We don’t know where we are going.” Grobler’s eviction comes soon after the Zimbabwe government promised to pay 3.5-billion dollars in compensation to white farmers whose land was taken to resettle black families in the early 2000s.

Govt investigating the Ruwa drama farm seizureMbare Times


Vir wie was die Polisiemag so bang – slegs vir twee bejaarde boere, wat al hul besittings binne ‘n dag moet verwyder, dis summier na buite gedra deur die “nuwe eienaar”?

Martin Grobler's Protea Farm in Ruwa invaded - The Zimbabwean

Zimbabwean farmer Martin Grobler was on Friday evicted from his Protea Farm in Ruwa and his property thrown out by an official from the agriculture ministry, Ivy Rupindi.

Privilege Musvanhiri shared pictures from the farm showing Grobler’s property strew all over the place. The pictures are captioned with the words:

Fresh farm eviction at Protea Farm in Ruwa outside Harare. Farmer Martin Grobler being evicted to make way for Ministry of lands official Ivy Rupindi. This happening after government announced it will compensate farmers who lost land during the 2000 land reform.

Siphosami Malunga on Twitter: "This is untrue. It's actually an invasion of  a highly productive farm. Is the govt still conducting or condoning farm  invasions? Who wants to seize the Grobler's farm?



That farmer in Ruwa, Martin Grobler shld vacate that farm as he shld hv done 17yrs ago when it was gazetted. Moving around with a camera neither intimidate anyone, nor stops a lawful eviction. It’s not a farm invasion. Grobler is a squatter. The courts ruled!


… Evicted Zimbabwe farmer Martin Grobler now pondering what to do with his property left outside his home and where to move his 250 head of cattle. The claimant Ivy Rupindi says she is the rightful owner and gave Grobler 24hrs to leave the farm.

Opinion - Is Zanu Pf Compensating White Farmers or Taking Farms From Farmers  ? - Opera News


The eviction of a Zimbabwe tobacco farmer, from his Protea Valley farm, has sent out fresh fears among his neighbours. Martin Grobler was evicted by officials armed with a court order.


Eviction of the Groblers of Zimbabwe


White Farmer Inversion zimbabwe 2020. Martin Grobler Removed from Farm


Hulle huisraad en al hul besittings moet binne 24 uur verwyder word, meubels staan buite die huis.

PICTURES: Evicted Farmer Martin Grobler's Property Thrown Out ⋆ Pindula News

A commercial farmer has been evicted from his land in Zimbabwe six weeks after the government announced a “historic” deal with dispossessed whites to compensate them for previous confiscation of their land.

Martin Grobler, 63, and his wife Debbie were given hours to vacate their home by the new owner, an official from the lands ministry, who arrived with a sheriff, a court order and a lorry full of police. The fate of the couple’s 120 employees, planted fields and 250 head of cattle were thrown into doubt by the eviction which came as a “total shock”, Mr Grobler said.

He had felt “more secure” since President Mnangagwa hailed a dollars 3.5 billion compensation package signed with farmers’ leaders in late July as “a symbol of our commitment to constitutionalism, the respect of the rule of law and property rights”.

The new owner of Protea Valley Farm has been named as Ivy Rupindi, an official at the lands ministry, who was given an “offer letter” for the property some years ago. Dewa Mavhinga, from Human Rights Watch, said local reports suggested Ms Rupindi was connected to the president “and has claimed she is his daughter”. Certainly, the deployment of large numbers of police and a sheriff “suggested she is very well connected”.

Mr Grobler, the third generation of his family to work Zimbabwe’s land, told The Times that he and his wife “are now pretty much at the mercy of everybody’s favours. We are most concerned about our staff who have been left in shock and fear.” They were planning to plant 120 acres of maize and transplant 120 acres of tobacco seedlings this week, he added.

They had rented the farm, 25 miles from Harare, since they were among 4,500 white farmers evicted under Robert Mugabe’s chaotic land redistribution policy, which began in 2000. Shortly after ousting Mr Mugabe in late 2017, Mr Mnangagwa said he wanted white farmers to return to their land, which has mostly been left fallow.

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The government said it was “aware” of the eviction, but was “trying to establish the facts behind the matter”. Tendai Biti, a senior opposition MP, said it was “a typical tactic” of Mr Mnangagwa’s government to distance itself from actions that associate it with the Mugabe-style lawlessness it had vowed to end.

Since the country’s coffers are empty, the cash needed for the compensation deal would be raised in 30-year bonds on the international market, the compensation agreement said. Half the sum would be distributed within a year, the rest paid out in the next four.

Andy Pascoe, head of the Commercial Farmers Union, said: “Similar cases have been brought to our attention and we have been able to resolve them before eviction orders were enforced.”



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