Gold and money – SA and … Goud en geld


Verseker is ons almal siek en sat, moeg vir die misdaad en diskriminerende wetgewings wat gebruik word om hulself te verryk.  Wie word almal gebruik in hierdie korrupsie sindikate, finansiers om ons land so te vernietig?    Dit het verseker voor 1990 begin.   Vind meer uit wie is Fanie Fondse en wat hy doen/gedoen het.   Volgens beeldmateriaal van Adriaan Fondse, is ‘n sekere UK sekuriteitsmaatskappy gebruik om sekere fondse te ‘beweeg’ of te verseker.  Daar word ook melding gemaak van die president en sy plaas se miljoene dollars in dieselfde beeldmateriaal.  Daar word ook oor die Gaddafi miljoene gesels.   Daar was al heelwat berigte oor Fanie Fondse, rakende die presidente van die land, ministers, geld, goud, diamante en veral die korrupsie in die land.

Who is Sexwale's mysterious ally, Mr Fanie Fondse? | The Citizen


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SWISSINDO INTERNATIONAL PROSPERITY LAW 14 June 2010 is Mandated in the Case against South African Reserve Bank brought by Fanie Fondse on behalf of Sam Muri of Indonesian Central Bank, in which President Ramaphosa and thousands of Corrupt leaders were removed in South Africa by US Military via Germany, after 10 Working day Cease & Desist or Quit Notice 3rd Oct 2021



Who is Fanie Fondse, 62, when he is not supporting Tokyo Sexwale in looking for the missing trillions, or fifteen zeros as he called it at the event? Has he also been duped or is he also just interested in finding missing trillions, such as the Gaddafi millions?    He laid criminal charges against Cyril Ramaphosa at the Sandton police station about his alleged involvement in corruption.

The charges of racketeering, money laundering and treason are connected to Shanduka, a company in which Ramaphosa was a shareholder. It is alleged that Ramaphosa “persuaded” the Free State department of education to give Shanduka a contract to build schools in the province without advertising the tender or following a bidding process.

At Sexwale’s press conference, Fondse said he had been investigating the “looting” of the fund, that he “has seen the fund’s account” and that it “does exist”. He has 200 shares in the Reserve Bank, along with many other people such as Professor Jannie Rossouw from the Wits Business School. Rossouw worked for the bank for many years and says shareholders do not have the kind of information Fondse claims he has.

Fondse also participated in a film, The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Billions, recently broadcast by BBC 1. He is named in the press pack for the film as being friends with someone called Johan Erasmus, an “arms dealer and intelligence specialist”.

On a website called Onafhanklik (independent) that purports to be aimed at “freedom in truth”, a post on 18 February 2020 shows all 219 pages of an “affidavit submitted to the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture deposed to by (Fanie) Adriaan Rudolph Fondse, regarding the theft of 178,000 metric tons of GOLD from the Reserve Bank” (sic).

In an interview after Sexwale’s press conference, Fondse made various allegations about “100,000 tonnes of gold” that was stolen and that former prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd was killed by an international banker syndicate. This syndicate, he said, established a “fake financial system” or “fiat currency”.

Fondse said a syndicate in the Reserve Bank was stealing all the gold and that the fund was started from 1966 to 1968. He says 100,000 tons of gold was sent to the Reserve Bank on 1 January 1966 as the first deposit.

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Follow this Fanie Fondse if possible.

Who is Sexwale’s mysterious ally, Mr Fanie Fondse?


PAGE 138 – 140  (RESERVE BANK)

Mr Fondse referred to note 5 of the SARB Annual Report 2018/19 on gold and foreign exchange, as reflected on pages 110 to 111, and remarked that the accumulation of gold seemed very low considering that South Africa was a gold-producing country. Furthermore, in respect of note 10 on foreign deposits,  Mr Fondse remarked that he had approached the SARB to allow foreign deposits from
legitimate international investors. He added that it was common knowledge that ‘Project Hammer’ had embezzled 3 000 ounces of gold from the citizens of South Africa, but that this information was not recorded in the SARB’s financial statements.

Noting the remarks, the Chairperson stated that ‘Project Hammer’ was not proven and had nothing to do with the SARB’s financial statements. He further reminded Mr Fondse that the SARB had already responded previously to his concerns through the Office of the SARB’s General Counsel.

Click to access south-african-reserve-bank-annual-report-2019-20.pdf


Adriaan Fondse

Affidavit  –  State Capture by SARB  – Banks


JUNE 2022


Libya and war

SO HELP ME GOD –  Ramaphosa and Phala Phala money

Zuma –  Libya (Nato)

Word daar 100% leuens verkondig deur die huidige en vorige president en selfs ander lande se weergawes oor Libië se geld?

Zuma – Gaddafi  – SA Parliament

Codesa  – Kodesa  – failed

SA Politieke skenkers

Geheime organisasies

Secret talks before 1994



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  1. […] *Gold and money  SA –  Goud en geldCORRUPTION IS HIGH IN SOUTH AFRICASabotage inside Eskom 2020 reportSoweto and others claim free electricityEskom –  Soweto  –  R3.6 bn – ander wanbetalersSometimes it takes decades to get behind the hood of corruption and crime in especially the silence and reflections of liberal media reports as well as politicians.    Like in the case of the Zondo commission (appointed by Zuma) – now all those mentioned names of high profiles, after years of investigation, whereto ?  Just another commission of ‘elders’.   Elders, with respect, there are thousands of elders, that do not get their R350 from government at all.   But those investigated must go and need wisdom from the anc elders…It is not working like that in a democratic society, but the ANC and the judges decided that it is the way to go.   See the elders and to do what?  What about the arms deals, that started just after 1994?   Everything is mostly denied, seen as conspiracies and hidden under cover.    The money is in private accounts oversea?   Yet, the end result is that many of the so-called conspiracies are true and media are playing together to keep everything away from citizens and taxpayers. Interestingly, the companies or state entities, like Eskom, SAL and others, are involved in corruption and mismanagement, which are totally bankrupt and repeatedly funded by government, are all subject to black empowerment and affirmative action legislation after 1994.   And a big company like Eskom decided just to written of billions of debt of municipalities, cities , example like Soweto.  How is that possible to steal electricity and they still do not want to pay for it.   Eskom is there for all of us, not only for Soweto people or others that do not want to pay for their services.   That is High treason that stands out. […]


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