Mandela – “Madiba”

Do you know for sure why was Mandela in jail?   And it is NOT because of the so-called “apartheid” system but he was there for more than one reason – Sabotage is one of it.   People think it was  about “apartheid” but no, get the real facts why he and others were jailed.     They did not fight against white domination, but to control the whole country as is today – with revolution, chaos, protests and killing each other.   That is not any form of democracy or free society.

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Read about the Judgement in the Supreme Court of South Africa: the State versus Nelson Mandela and others  .


Sabotage and explosives were part of the ANC liberal movement strategy to kill the economy of the country,  the people – before and after 1994.   They planned it all with the assistance of various communist countries to wipe peoples out.

When did Mandela or De Klerk dismantled the socalled “apartheid”?    If that was the case, explain then to the White minority and all the overseas governments what are the Ingonyama Trustland (only for the Zulu people) and the thousands of landclaims or registered CPA then about, like Richtersveld CPA was one of 6 huge areas given to the Khoi San people in 2007 by Thabo Mbeki?

Ingonyama Trust – Zwelithini –

Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act

Explain then the legislations of two different traditional houses, what is the 8840 traditional leaders and separate traditional houses about.     Explain what is the Articles in the Constitution about the segregation still going on today.

If Homelands are believed as “apartheid” then those still living in those separate landclaims or registered CPA Trustlands are also “apartheid”.



26 – Local government

(b) a traditional leader of a community observing a system of indigenous law and
residing on land within the area of a transitional local council, transitional
rural council or transitional representative council, referred to in the Local
Government Transition Act, 1993, and who has been identified as set out in section 182 of the previous Constitution, is ex officio entitled to be a member
of that council until a Municipal Council replacing that council has been
declared elected as a result of the first general election of Municipal Councils
after the commencement of the new Constitution.

[Subitem (b) substituted by s. 5(a) of the Constitution Second Amendment Act of 1998.]

143 – Contents of provincial constitutions
(b) the institution, role, authority and status of a traditional monarch,
where applicable.


211 – Recognition
(2) A traditional authority that observes a system of customary law may function
subject to any applicable legislation and customs, which includes amendments to,
or repeal of, that legislation or those customs.

Role of traditional leaders
212. (1) National legislation may provide for a role for traditional leadership as an institution at local level on matters affecting local communities.
(2) To deal with matters relating to traditional leadership, the role of traditional leaders, customary law and the customs of communities observing a system of customary law—
(a) national or provincial legislation may provide for the establishment of houses
of traditional leaders; and
(b) national legislation may establish a council of traditional leaders.

219 – Remuneration of persons holding public office

(1) An Act of Parliament must establish a framework for determining—
(a) the salaries, allowances and benefits of members of the National
Assembly, permanent delegates to the National Council of Provinces, members
of the Cabinet, Deputy Ministers, traditional leaders and members of any
councils of traditional leaders; and
(b) the upper limit of salaries, allowances or benefits of members of provincial
legislatures, members of Executive Councils and members of Municipal
Councils of the different categories.
(2) National legislation must establish an independent commission to make
recommendations concerning the salaries, allowances and benefits referred to in
subsection (1).
(3) Parliament may pass the legislation referred to in subsection (1) only after
considering any recommendations of the commission established in terms of
subsection (2).
(4) The national executive, a provincial executive, a municipality or any other relevant authority may implement the national legislation referred to in subsection (1) only after considering any recommendations of the commission established in terms of subsection (2).
(5) National legislation must establish frameworks for determining the salaries, allowances and benefits of judges, the Public Protector, the Auditor-General, and members of any commission provided for in the Constitution, including the broadcasting authority referred to in section 192.


There are still segregation as before 1994, and names of legislations and areas have been changed, and that is all.   Good, but it is also in line with their constitution and even international laws.   But, most of those areas, the Trustlands and CPA (landclaims) do only have communal rights – and no title deeds (that belong to the government of the day).

We as Boers and Afrikaners (white minority) were never mentioned in the socalled “constitution” but we are living here in the country since 1652 and also want the same treatment as other peoples received.   But as soon as our people referred to our own areas, it is called “apartheid”, but most of them are living separate from each other, with their own chiefmans and kings/queens in place with huge salaries paid from the TAX and state.   There are hundreds of Hansards, legislations and even White papers that show the reality.     It was also on the table before 1994 elections that we want separate land and selfdetermination, that is why there was an investigation by the Volkstaat Council.    The ANC never denied it at that time during the Codesa negotiations, they implemented legislation of our people’s rights to have self-determination and volkstaat, that it be investigated in which areas we as people have a right to, but now all of a sudden they have problem with land issues and land that was “stolen” by the whites.    All big fat lies from the ANC and even the previous NP de Klerk government.    Roelf Meyer signed that agreement with Constand Viljoen and there were also international representatives there that signed the same Accord.

In the meantime, the communist ANC took away our human rights, they implemented B-BBEE and EE legislations, only against the white minority groups.   With that, they discriminate against us to take part of the economy of South Africa.   If they change their constitution and take our farms, houses, shares and everything without compensation, it is also against international laws.

Read also about the Quatro  or Quadro camps of the ANC and what happened in that hell camps.  It was also at the TRC and  who are taking responsibilities for the killings of blacks on blacks during the so-called “apartheid”

Moorde Killings/Rapes: QUATRO

So baie mense weet nie eers hoekom Mandela in die tronk was en hulle sal ook nie navors hoekom hy en ander daar was nie, maar glo dat hy ‘n ikoon is.   Op ‘n troontjie.    Rivonia het baie onskuldige burgers en selfs vreemdelinge laat sterf.   Hul militêre vleuel – MK (“military wing,” Umkhonto we Size (MK)) . Heelwat verskillende operasies is uitgevoer onder sy hand voor sy vonnis uitspraak.   Soveel EIE “ubuntu” doodsvonnisse is deur hulself uitgevoer in Quatro kampe,in Angola, Zambië en ander Afrika lande.   Hani was ook in ‘n ANC helkamp.


Vandag, 26 jaar later, na 1994, het niks verander nie.  Wat is die moorde wat plaasvind per dag? 50-60 en van verkragtings word nie eers gepraat nie.  Hoeveel lande wat die ANC al vir jare ondersteun sal dit wat MK en Mandela hulle aan burgerlikes gedoen het, toelaat?

In 1994 is die mag op ‘n skinkbord aan die man en sy kommunistiese kaders oorhandig, om die sin te kry vir “blanke” oorheersing.  En daar was GEEN blanke oorheersing nie.

Elke Tuisland (daar was 10 selfregegerings) het hul eie stemreg gehad, eie leiers met verkiesings ingestem.   Selfs ‘n landsvlag gehad en ook ‘n volkslied, saam eie skole en onderrig.

NA 1994 het die radikale 1955 ANC terreur voortgewoed en word derduisende jaarliks vermoor, swart op swart, swart op wit, swart op kleurling en swart op indier.   Nou waar is die leë beloftes van de klerk en sy broederbondonderhandelaars en grondwetskrywers heen?

Na 1994 kies SWARTES steeds hul eie Trustgebiede wat al die ou Tuislande vervang het saam met al die Grondeise (onder CPA wetgewing) wat afsonderlik vir elke volk gegee word met miljarde geskenke uit die staatskas.

Om dit verder te beklemtoon is daar 8840 Tradisionele leiers – swart en bruin (khoi san), wat deel salarisse pluk uit die staatskas.

Apartheid is in 1854 afgekondig en het dit ‘n koloniale wet geword met die Shepstone beleid (Shepstone policy) – wat tussen 1840 en 1854 onderhandel was deur Britse heerskappy en Shaka en ander swart leiers.   Die BESTE grondgebiede, wat sogenaamd Britse kroongebiede was, is aan die swartes gegee en in 1854 is dit reservate genoem.  Na 1961 word dit Tuislande (op pad na onafhanklikheid) (selfbeskikking vir elke volk) en 1994 word dieselfde gebiede Trustgebiede herdoop.


Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Trustgebiede – Trustlands (segregation)

“Zulu kingdom” Ingonyama Trust

Bophuthatswana “homeland”

1955 ANC Freedom Charter

Segregasie – Apartheid

ANC “Freedom charter 1955”

ANC liberation movement: Liliesleaf

Black Pimpernel


1912 A few hundred Africans meet to found the South African Native National Congress. (Eleven years later the name of the organization is changed to African National Congress (A.N.C.)

1950 Nelson Mandela becomes president of the ANC Youth League, six years after joining the organization. The same year, South Africa’s National Party passes the Population Registration Act, authorizing classification of all South Africans by race, and the Group Areas Act which becomes the foundation for residential apartheid.

June 1955 The ANC calls for an end to all racial discrimination.
December 1956 Nelson Mandela, and over 150 other people, is arrested and charged with treason.
August 3, 1959 Mandela’s treason trial opens in Pretoria.
March 21, 1960 In Sharpville, South African police open fireon a crowd protesting pass laws, killing 69 demonstrators and wounding 180 others. Mandela, still awaiting trial on his treason charge, is arrested at home and transferred to a Pretoria jail, where his treated brutally.
April 8, 1960 The South African government officially bans the ANC. The ANC does not dissolve, but rather goes underground.
March 29, 1961 Mandela and the other defendants in the treason trial are found not guilty and discharged.
May 1961 Nelson Mandela goes underground to organize a general strike.
October 1961 Mandela begins staying at the ANC’s hideout, Lilliesleaf Farm in Rivonia.
December 16, 1961 A newly military spin-off organization of the ANC, Umkhonto We Sizwe, launches a campaign of sabotage against South Africa’s National Party government by lighting explosives at an electricity sub-station. Over the next eighteen months, there will be dozens of other incidents involving sabotaged facilities.
January 1962 Mandela leaves South Africa to raise funds and gain international support for the ANC and its objectives.
August 5, 1962 Nelson Mandela is arrested after returning to South Africa from an extended overseas trip. He is charged with leaving the country without a permit and inciting a strike.
October 1962 Mandela is convicted of leaving the country without a passport and inciting a strike. He begins serving a five-year prison term. The same month, the ANC establishes a “military wing,” Umkhonto we Size (MK).
May 1963 The South African government enacts a law that allows detention of persons suspected of political crimes for 90-days without a warrant.
July 11, 1963 Seven men are arrested at a farmhouse in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia. The seven, who will be defendants charged with sabotage in the Rivonia trial, are incarcerated under a law allowing a 90-day detention without charges.
August 3, 1963 Police arrest saboteur Bruno Mtolo, who will become the prosecution’s star witness in the Rivonia trial.
August 11, 1963 Two men the government hoped to charged with conspiracy and sabotage, Harold Wolpe and Arthur Goldreich, escape from a South African jail and within twelve days are out of the country.
October 9, 1963 The Rivonia defendants appear at the Palace of Justice in Pretoria, as the trial opens. The defendants are charged with sabotage and conspiracy. The defense asks for time to prepare its case. Justice de Wet grants a three-week adjournment.
October 29, 1963 Justice de Wet grants a defense motion to quash the indictment. The defendants are re-arrested.
December 3, 1963 The Rivonia defendants enter “not guilty” pleas to a redrawn indictment and prosecutor Percy Yuter presents the government’s opening statement.
December 10, 1963 The prosecution’s star witness, Bruno Mtolo, takes the stand.
March 4, 1964 The prosecution rests in the Nelson Mandela/Rivonia Trial.
April 20, 1964 Nelson Mandela offers a statement from the dock (“I am Prepared to Die”) as the defense opens its case.
May 20, 1964 Closing statements begin in the Rivonia trial.
June 11, 1964 The verdict is announced in the Rivonia trial. Mandela and all defendants except one (Rusty Bernstein) are found guilty.
July 12, 1964 The convicted defendants are sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice de Wet.
July 13, 1964 Mandela is transferred to prison on Robben Island near Cape Town
1985 Denis Goldberg is released after spending 22 years in jail.
1986 Mandela enters into secret negotiations with officials of the South African government for an eventual move to non-racial elections.
1988 Goven Mbeki is released from jail.
1989 Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada, Elias Motsoaledi, Raymond Mhlaba, and Andrew Mlangeni are released from jail.
February 1990 Nelson Mandela is released after spending 27 years in jail.
1991 Mandela is elected president of the ANC.
1993 Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
April 27, 1994 The first democratic elections are held in South Africa.
May 10, 1994 Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa’s first black president.
1999 Mandela’s term as president of South Africa ends.
Mandela – Rivonia and more information

Mandela is painted as a Saint and in the mean time he was a terrorist, you won’t hear about his victims in the media, it goes against their brainwashing.   Millions of people around the world have no clue who he was because they were led to believe his this almighty joiner of race’s, that’s what they want people to believe. Those of us who have done our homework know what he really is, but if one says anything, you’ll be automatically labeled as a racist for speaking the truth.   Focus is also on which countries gave them full support with terrorism – there are various countries involved, and they still support the ANC since 1994.


Terreurdade / Terrorism

VIDEO  1981
The Bombs and killings from the ANC revolution

1981 — 2 car bombs at Durban showrooms
1983 — Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
1984 — Durban car bomb (killed 5, wounded 27)
1985-1987 — At least 150 landmines on farm roads (killed 125)
1985 — Amanzimtoti Sanlam shopping centre bomb Dec 23 (killed 2 white women and 3 white children)
1986 — Magoo’s Bar bomb (killed 3, wounded 69)
1986 — Newcastle Court bomb (wounded 24)
1987 — Johannesburg Court bomb (killed 3, wounded 10)
1987 — Wits command centre car bomb (killed 1, wounded 68)
1988 — Johannesburg video arcade (killed 1 unborn baby, wounded 10)
1988 — Roodepoort bank bomb (killed 4, wounded 18)
1988 — Pretoria Police housing unit, 2 bombs (wounded 3)
1988 — Magistrate’s Court bomb (killed 3)
1988 — Benoni Wimpy Bar bomb (killed 1, wounded 56)
1988 — Witbank shopping centre bomb (killed 2, wounded 42)
1988 — Ellis Park Rugby Stadium car bomb (killed 2, wounded 37)
Late 1980s — numerous Wimpy Restaurant bombs (killed many, wounded many)



1994 – 2012 = 478,397 (ANC RULING GOV) A STAGGERING 28,141 MURDERS PER YEAR!!!






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  1. Volks- vryheid, Yippee! At long last some -group comes out with FACTUAL information re- this Mandela..ANC- terrorist-murderer!….This making this man a” hero”….building “statues” , even!… the same as , in Europe, people would make Hitler a hero!…History , with factual -information is what we need!!..The worst is, that our children plus the ignorant,uneducated “black”-masses, gets “fed” these false-truths…!!Even waste money to build statues…to honour a “murderer” !! Thank you….for True-factual-information!…..


  2. Thank you Kobe – appreciate that and also your comments. Yes, I am trying to focus on the truth and facts – it is so important that our youth and families/friends must read this too what are the real facts what is going on in South Africa. You are so right, it is the same man, Soros and his Open Society Foundation and other “arms” busy with immigrants all over on all continents, even in Australia and America too. EU countries are very bad, and they must also do the same as us in SA.


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