Mandela and George Bizos

George Bizos, the Greek lawyer and good friend of Nelson Mandela, during a past visit to Athens had reveled details of  his life and his relationship with Mandela.   Bizos, was born in 1928 in the village Vasilitsi, in Messinia. In 1941, at just 13 years old, he was forced to abandon his home during the German occupation of World War 2. He then immigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa, penniless and didn’t speak any English. After he found a job, he stayed there without seeing his family for 20 years.


24 September 2010 – The City of Athens on Friday bestowed the medal of honour and benefaction to human rights advocate George Bizos, Nelson Mandela’s long-time legal counsel, in recognition of the Greek-South African attorney’s struggle for human rights and efforts to promote and preserve Hellenism.

George Bizos honoured by Athens


His life was full of difficulties, but he had the chance to meet and collaborate with a legendary man, Nelson Mandela. The two men met in 1948 at the university where Mandela gave daily lectures on human rights. Mandela was 10 years older than Bizos and was helping him make a living by assigning him cases. As Bizos said, they became friends in the courts.

They became inseparable during the notorious trial of Rivonia in 1963-1964, while Bizos was in the group of lawyers that defended Mandela and his comrades. Bizos was among the men who saved Mandela from a death sentence.

Originally the death penalty had been requested, but changed due to world-wide protests and the skilled legal maneuvers of the defence team. Mandela was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

The Greek Who Saved Nelson Mandela


There is no evidence of democracy in South Africa but only a failed country.     Mandela’s trial was in any case not about “apartheid” as people believe, but various acts of terrorism – sabotage – etc.   After 1994 the same struggle, and more radical, like killings took place, the endless corruption, carried on under the ANC –  the Mandela’s, Mbeki’s, Zuma’s, Ramaphosa’s rules.   We are a crime state, rule by criminals.

ANC – Lethuli-house can of worms – “Nyani skeletons” – so-called “apartheid” (segregation) and ‘white privileges”

Liliesleaf Rivonia – Mandela

Mandela – “Madiba”

Mandela – terreur- terrorism

Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

Black Pimpernel

Mandela’s military training

“Kill the boer” song

Mandela and his guests

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