Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

The situation of double standards of the authorities in South Africa is out of hand and created more crime. The burning pot of red revolution and their masters watch them for decades.   Under the lockdown, some have 20 parents against 500 plus at their “peaceful marches”.    But, who is then in control of the protest actions, while there is still a “Corona virus lockdown” or a Musical play?  

MKMVA members and truck drivers marched in Durban yesterday to protest against foreign nationals being hired as drivers Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News Agency(ANA)


Is there a virus at all – do not think so if you look at the crowds in the streets. This is not their first one since 1994.     

Recently in the Western Cape province the EFF supporters were allowed that only 100 may attend, but more than 500 arrived.   The Police officials with their equipment were there.   Who were arrested afterwards?  None of them.  There was a lot of damage in the streets, cars and buildings – and who cares, is not theirs?   

Parents and community members of the school were not given permission at all to be their for their children’s safety – they were asked to leave.  Now it is happening again with the burning trucks.   Thousand are in the streets – more musical plays. And the virus ran away from them,




Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

South African strikes and looting/buring down of trucks and businesses

ongoing Revolution in South Africa
Deep state – The Riots – the Virus – NWO by Alex Newman

Foreign-owned stores were targeted as uMkhonto weSizwe veterans and aligned groups protested in Durban on Monday.


Is that all – but who are the criminals behind it?  Where are the Police in the matter?



On 24 November 2020, foreign truck drivers have been given an ultimatum to vacate their jobs at the beginning of December or face mass disruptions.    This ultimatum was issued by the All Truck Drivers Foundation (ATDF), a group of local truck drivers advocating for 100% employment of local truck drivers.   


Businesses have been destroyed as always when they are on strike.  They even burne down their own educational systems, schools and universities what we have build before 1994.  What do they care? if there are no schools or even municipal services , that is their lifestyle since 1918 and even before.

South African strikes and looting/buring down of trucks and businesses

More than 500 members of the ATDF joined forces with members of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA), homeless people, hostel dwellers and unemployed graduates to march to the Durban Harbour to protest against the continued employment of foreigners in the freight industry.

During the march, the protesters blocked Bayhead and Langeberg roads, and closed all terminal gates leading to the harbour.   They demanded that South African trucks not be driven by foreign nationals.   Foreign registration trucks must be driven by foreign truck drivers, as happens in other countries such as Namibia. “This must be implemented as from December 1. Enough is enough,” reads the memorandum.

The group also went to the CBD, marching from the Durban City Hall to Mahatma Gandhi( Point) Road, leading to the temporary closure of foreign- businesses in the area.   The march comes after more than 30 trucks had been torched in provinces across the country.   ATDF general secretary Sifiso Nyathi vowed that if the companies failed to meet their demands by the date given, they would ensure that they got no income.   “We do have a plan B, however I will not get into details on it. What I can tell you is that we will intensify our protests to a point where they also are not making any profit.

“Local truck drivers are starving. If they want to feed foreigners in our own country, companies are going to starve with us. We are going to make sure their economy is also affected, and that is a promise,” said Nyathi.   He said the Ministerial Task Team, composed of government departments such as Home Affairs, Labour, and Transport, to look into foreigners employed as drivers, had not produced a positive outcome.


Not long ago the same happened in North West and Pretoria – 2016 – 2017 – 2014 – 2012 in Western Cape, Marikana.

They wanted to destroy everything. Who is going to pay for all the damages and terrorism that took place on the roads today?    The hot spots include the Heidelberg area on the R103, the N3 highway, R23 and R505.    Apart from the torching of the heavy-duty vehicles, the hijacking of trucks is also on the rise. 

According to the SAPS second-quarter crime statistics for 2020/21 released recently, truck hijacking from July 1 to the end of September this year have increased by 31.7%.   During that period, there were 411 incidents of truck hijacking reported across the country, with an increase of 99 cases compared with the same period last year. 

Gauteng was the leading province, with 248 reported cases followed by the Western Cape with 48, Eastern Cape 40 and KwaZulu-Natal with 19 cases.   At the release of the crime statistics, Police Minister Bheki Cele said that truck hijackers were using sophisticated technology to carry out the crimes.

File Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency(ANA)

“This has affected insurance premiums as companies will now have to pay more for insurance,” he said, adding they were compelled to invest more in their security systems.   He said truck drivers were now refusing to operate in hot spot areas because they also feared for their lives.   “At the end of the day, truck owners are paying more and facing increasing costs every day.

“The truck industry is one of the essential industries when it comes to the growth of the economy. The police need to assist to ensure the safety of the industry,” added Kelly.   Director and chief economist of Efficient Group, Dawie Roodt, said a lot of the freight shouldn’t be on the road, as railway was a better alternative.*


Hundreds of MKMVA members and truck drivers took to the streets of Durban's CBD on Monday demanding that they be given job opportunities in preference to foreigners.

Is this legal or not? Hundreds of them …

Members of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) and truck drivers took to the streets to target foreign-owned shops and stalls, demanding their immediate closure.

This was the third move in a campaign to “rid” Durban of foreigners by the military veterans in the past month, including one that took place at Durban’s The Workshop shopping centre and Berea precinct. These groups joined them in two marches to the ANC provincial offices where they demanded that foreigners be banned from employment in transport, hospitality, education, medical sectors and strategic SOE positions, including truck driving, employment as domestic and farm workers.


2019 strike

Kingdom of eSwatini – Trucks


SAME time last year – Warnings to foreign drivers

Truck drivers from other countries in South Africa


This was a well-planned and orchestrated “strike” by trucks.  The so-called countrywide strike of trucks and the looting of businesses are all together to bring down the economy of South Africa.

Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning


Natuurlik is alles wat afbrand terroristiese dade, selfs die trokke en hul drywers word aan die brand gesteek.   Die halternek moorde is nie vreemd in Afrika nie, so die wat hier as trokdrywers werk, moet weet hoe veilig hulle is onder die huidige land se leiers en hul ondersteuners.   

Daar is simpatie met almal wat nie werk het nie, maar was hierdie drywers wat oor grense kom aflewer of vervoer na hulle lande nie al vir jare hierby betrokke nie.  As die terroriste nie alles afbrand en beskadig nie, sal daar meer werksgeleenthede wees.   Dis tog nie die trokdrywers wat verantwoordelik is vir werkskepping nie, dis die regering wat niks doen nie, swart bemagtigings maatskappye, of in Afrika of Suid-Afrika wat aflewer of vervoer. 

Hoekom word plaasboere geteiken en aangeval – VOEDSEL.  Hoekom word trokdrywers geteiken. VOEDSEL EN ENIGE ANDER WARE WAT AFGELEWER WORD.

Hoekom nou skielik in die laaste 26 jaar word Boere en ook hierdie trokdrywers geteiken,  trokke met inhoud eers gesteel en dan verbrand.  Sodat daar verseker ook in die res van Afrika geen kos of toerusting afgelewer word nie. 

Daar is groter magte aan die werk wat dit uitvoer.   Soos geprogrammeerde robotte.   En die polisie is magteloos of is hulle nie?  Hulle weet wie daaragter sit.   Sien van die foto’s

Daar gaan ‘n algehele hongersnood uitbreek op die hele kontinent, selfs die lande wat nog bietjie afhanklik was vir invoer vanaf of via Suid-Afrika.   Dis ook een van die groot redes hoekom Boere, spesifiek blanke Boere wat voedsel voorsien, geteiken word.   

Die magte agter alles wil alle voedsel beheer sodat ons van honger omkom, maar verseker moet alle voedsel eers uitgewis word, dan is daar mos nou minder wat hulle hoef te hanteer. 

Hulle gaan nie omgee nie, want hul plekke van beveiliging en bankers is reeds gevul met die beste voedsel vir hulself, hul families en vriende wat deel daarvan vorm.

Vanaf 1880 het ons radikale geweld ervaar en oorloë om ons uit te wis.   Hoe vergelyk mens 1994 – 2020 se rewolusie met die van 1961 tot 1994 voordat die liberale die land aan dieselfde kommuniste oorhandig het wat ons op die grense beveg het. 

Natuurlik was die ANC-PAC-SAKP nie alleen op ons grense te bespeur nie, Cuba, Rusland, China en heelwat Afrika lande was pens en pootjies in hierdie kommunistiese grenspotgevegte teen ‘n handjievol.  Nou beheer hulle die land en daar is ‘n rede voor – om dit aan die wêreldmag te oorhandig.   

Zimbabwe en ander Afrika lande – hongersnood, Min van die kommunistiese ondersteuners weet nie eers wat op hulle wag nie.    Daar het sedert 1994 heelwat meer korrupsie plaasgevind en die misdaad en moorde was daagliks, veral op blankes wat geteiken word met swart bemagtiging wetgewing.  Ironies dat die magte nie by hulself besighede kan bedryf nie, maar dit moet altyd oorgeneem word deur vreemdelinge wat niks weet daarvan nie.  Dit geld op alle gebiede, daarom is ons land reeds ‘n Titanic wat onder die water verdwyn het. Korrupsie gaan slegs aan die elite wat regeer.

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