Lenasia – Lebogang Maile


If this is ongoing so long it is already out of control.
Lenasia residents marched on Saturday calling for an end to the mushrooming of illegal structures there.   The community’s been complaining that shacks and other structures are negatively impacting on the value of their properties.   Gauteng’s Human Settlements MEC, Lebogang Maile says his department’s holding talks with Lenasia residents over their grievances.   “We are aware there is a crowd from Lenasia South who wants to be addressed by us, we will go there from here to calm down the situation.”

Lebogang Maile




Very sad for the people of Lenasia who worked so hard to build up there properties to have them destroyed by all the invaders, cut off the water and electricity.

In just one year, more than 10 000 shacks have been built in Lenasia South, Lawley, Univille and Ennerdale.  10 000 shacks belong to whom?

“If you drive within or outside the suburb, on the main roads leading into the suburb, you’ll see there are no street lights because all the cables including the light fitting itself has been stolen,” said Ismail Sahib from the Lenasia South Residents Association.

“In the suburb petty theft has increased drastically, people have been mugged, house breaking is a common occurrence.  “Government needs to deliver on its promise, they promised people land, serviced land and until government delivers, this will continue.”

Lenasia residents are calling for an end to the mushrooming of illegal structures there.


Meanwhile, law enforcement has gone to one of the affected areas, and as the illegal structures came crumbling down, many wondered where they’ll sleep.   However, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department says only unoccupied homes were demolished.
Johannesburg South residents say they’re overwhelmed with the illegal occupation of land taking place.

All the invaders are not employed, but where do they get R2 500.00 or R5 000 or even more to buy a shack and most shacks are brand new.

Lenasia South Home owners and citizens

South Lenasia protests and “land grabs”

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