Tribute to all our heroes


1961 – 1994 – My tribute to the South African Defense Force – – especially their families too.

Spesiale dank aan ons geliefdes van weleer, hulle wat dink hulle het geen bydrae gelewer het nie, dink weer.     As julle nie daar was nie, was die aanslag vandag nog groter.    Ons jongmanne en vroue, het te staan gekom met verskeie groot moonthede en het nie teruggedeins daarvoor.  Hoekom moet ons hulle vandag vrees?  Ons is ‘n volk in eie reg, staan op vir reg en geregtigheid, staan op teen swart bemagtiging en jou eie kultuur, taal en etnisiteit.  Ons volk het ‘n reg tot vryheid en ‘n onafhanklike gebied.


For those who betrayed us, our families and have dishonoured our fallen for political exploit, The day will come when we are all together again and you will stand alone before the Almighty to explain!


By this stage of the game, Angola’s communists had caused another significant challenge to their authority, one that resided within the country. It was called UNITA, and was created under the leadership of Doctor Jonas Savimbi. And since its inception, this guerrilla force often operated hand-in-hand with South African Defense Forces to keep the Angolan military busy. So busy in fact, they scored huge victories that put the southern region of the country at risk to come under their control. They needed help to ensure this, and 32 Battalion got the call to wipe out what was left of one of FAPLA’s strongest holdouts

32 Battalion’s origins actually began, not as a recruitment of South African soldiers, but mercenaries from the Angolan Civil War. That war ended in 1975, after the Communists (FAPLA) seized power and the remnants of an opposing force known as the FNLA sought refuge in other nearby countries, with many heading into South Africa in hopes of finding support and continuing the struggle.



32 Battalion Buffalo soldiers – the terrible ones


Remembering the 32 Battalion men Killed in Action
Sincerely thank to all of you and family memers –  remember every brave soldier from 32 battalion, thank you for your supreme sacrifice. We will not forget you.


2nd Announcement of the disbandment of SADF: 32 Battalion on SABC News (26 March 1993)

English news announcement. Included are rare video footage on a short history of 32 Battalion. Also read the book: Striking inside Angola with 32 Battalion, Marius Scheepers


South Africa Army The SADF 32 Battalion The Terrible Ones. Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika.


32 Battalion South Africa Defense Force 

This footage was taken at Pomfret in the Northern Cape  – After 32 was relocated to South Africa – 32 Battalion was and will always stay one of the greatest Battalions in the SANDF – 32 was disbanded in 1994 without as much as a thank you. It was an honour and privilege to have served with them 1988 to 1989

This was the most experienced counter-insurgency soldiers the modern world ever saw. Imagine it was a guerrilla civil war cauldron for 30 years day and night fighting inside Africa in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. Wikipedia South African border war 1966 to 1990. Their experience on par with UNITA soldiers who fought probably for 40 years. Insane counter-insurgency experience. Imagine little satellite use or air strikes compared to today – just war inside the bushes, jungles and the wars killed 1 million Angola, 1 million Mozambique, 1 million Zaire – most of that killing was been the hundreds of black on black tribes themselves naturally. But that is just to get a sense of the experience that was fighting guerrilla wars inside Africa in the 1970s, 1980s. And the 32nd battalion survived those wars and thrived, they weren’t a decimated force. Many who fought and died in these wars were black soldiers who knew the terrain, they had lived there and were pro-Capitalist.


Koevoet – Shadows in the sand- a Koevoet tracker’s story


The Koevoet ([ˈkufut], translated to crowbar, abbreviated Operation K or SWAPOL-COIN) was a major paramilitary organisation under South African-administered South-West Africa, now the Republic of Namibia



Koevoet: Retirement of Genl Maj Hans Dreyer



Background to Story: South Africa claims it moved into southern Angola to neutralise Namibian SWAPO guerrillas based there. But Black African nations say South Africa’s trying to de-stabilise the Angolan government. This report is from both sides of the conflict.




Tribute to the South African Defense Force


Salute to all Angolan soldiers who gave everything to fight the communists. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten…………

Hul aanslag was groot, baie mense maak dit af as “leuens” maar dis nie waar nie, want dis presies waar ons vandag is.



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