Andre Pienaar – Senekal – Free State

Farmers in the East Free State said that the brutal murder of the 21 year old Brendin Horner would not have taken place if the Hawks acted on a detailed report containing the names of a local stock theft sheep syndicate provided to a lieutenant colonel of the Hawks working at Hawks HQ.  That is also the general feeling of farmers all over South Africa. Andre Pienaar, who suffers from bipolar disorder, is being ‘punished unfairly’ by the judge in Senekal – that’s according to his legal team.  * If Police or the Hawks did their full investigations then Horner was not killed and Pienaar not under investigation and in police cells, with a criminal record, because of this unfairness.   He should not even be allowed to be locked up for the police mistakes and criminality and for something that the Police failed to do. * Sterkte aan Andre, sy gesin en die regspan, vertrou en gebede is dat die appelsaak sal slaag en hy vrygelaat gaan word, want dis die Polisie se skuld dat hy in die selle sit, nie hy wat dit veroorsaak het nie.  Sterkte aan Senekal en gemeenskap, veral die Boere. * Dis duidelik die polisie doen nie hul werk nie, waarna aanvalle en martelings volg wat uiteindelik in moorde opeindig. Hierdie bose kringloop loop botsend uit oor die hoë misdaad waar onskuldiges dan in ‘n tronksel gegooi word as ‘n krimineel aangekla word. Hierdie tipe van dade kan nie anders as opsetlikheid aangeteken word nie. Opsetlikheid om misdaad te bevorder. Opsetlikheid om te bewys die Polisie en regering beheer elke misdaad in die land. Opsetlikheid om te bewys die regering moedig dit aan, want niks is en word gedoen om die misdaad hok te slaan nie. Opsetlikheid om alle menseregte van blankes (en ook ander) in die proses te skend.   Opsetlikheid om volksmoord aan te moedig.  Blankes totaal en al uit te wis.
* When you are black, you can wreck, burn tyres, loot everything and kill, but if you are white, you get locked up tight and radicals make sure of that. Pienaar is appealing the decision to reject his bail application. His lawyers state that there are too many “unsubstantiated inferences” made by Judge Mlangeni. Despite fearing that his release would lead to him committing further offences, the defence argues that “anticipatory punishment” cannot be doled out here: “There are a whole lot of grounds that were raised by the magistrate that we have to respond to but we as the legal believe there are sufficient grounds for him to be released on bail. We believe the application will be successful.   The denial of bail is used as a form of anticipatory punishment. The court penalised Pienaar for having an underlying medical condition — he is bipolar — and made unsubstantiated inferences that no bail condition can prevent him from committing further offences, or disturb the public peace, or jeopardise the criminal justice system.”    The application filed by Andre Pienaar’s legal team * PREVIOUSLY 13 October 2020 – no bail Andre Pienaar denied bail in Senekal Magistrates Court….. until 20 November 2020. A Free State businessman charged in connection with the chaos at the Senekal Magistrate’s Court last week has been denied bail. The 51-year-old Andre Pienaar appeared in court on Tuesday facing several charges related to the incident in which a police vehicle was overturned and set alight. The drama at the court came on the same day that two suspects appeared in court in connection with the brutal murder of young farm manager, Brendin Horner. It is alleged that a group of farmers forced their way into the court building demanding that two men accused of Horner’s murder  be handed over to them. They allegedly pushed a female police officer aside and forced their way into the court building and assaulted the suspects who were in the holding cells. The two suspects suffered injuries and had to be taken to the hospital. They group also overturned a police vehicle and set it on fire. A spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in the Free State Phaladi Shuping says Pienaar is facing three charges, which are public violence, attempted murder, incitement and a possible fourth charge of terrorism, which is a provisional charge at this point, pending a decision by the NPA. Judgment In his 30-minute ruling, Magistrate Buti Mlangeni delivered his judgment and characterised the suspect as a possible threat to the ongoing investigations by the police. He says this is evident because while in custody, Pienaar allegedly prepared people to give evidence that could exonerate him on the charges. He says while Pienaar and other protestors stormed the court holding cells on Tuesday 6 October, these actions could have led to the escape of detainees who were in lawful custody. Mlangeni adds that releasing Pienaar on bail could lead to shock or public outcry as this would be seen as endorsing lawlessness by the justice system. His case has been postponed to 20 November for further investigations while he remains in custody. Mlangeni told Pienaar and his defence team that he was unable to say what is outstanding in the police investigation. While delivering his judgment, the defence team of the accused, who appeared to be calm, shook their heads with what seemed to be disbelief with Mlangeni’s judgment. The matter was postponed to the 20th of November for further investigation. * What JUSTICE in this regard if Police did not investigate the theft syndicate?  Why did this take so long? Andre Pienaar is facing several charges including attempted murder, malicious damage to property and public violence. He was arrested last week following a violent protest in Senekal magistrate’s court.      The National Prosecuting Authorities (NPA) in the Free State says it will oppose the bail application by Andre Pienaar 51, in the Bloemfontein High Court on Thursday.   A group of protestors mainly farmers stormed the court building, overturned and set alight a police vehicle after two men accused of the murder of farm manager Brendin Horner appeared.    Pienaar through his legal representative has approached the Bloemfontein high court after he was denied bail by the Senekal magistrates court on Tuesday. * “Our intention as the NPA is to oppose that bail application because we still maintain that it would not be in the interest of justice for the accused to be released on bail,” says Shuping. AFRIFORUM Deputy CEO of Civil Rights Organisation AfriForum says although violence is regrettable and cannot be condoned, the community’s anger is understandable.  Roets further expressed concern over the possibility of escalating protests should government not urgently address the issue of farm attacks. Police have been criticised for what was deemed ‘their perceived lack of action’ to quell the protests. On the other hand, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) commended the police’s handling of the protests, after the crowd dispersed when police fired a warning shot.    The Senekal Safety Association says while violence cannot be condoned, government leaders should also refrain from chanting slogans that may incite racial hatred during protests. * WHY WAS THERE A PROTEST ACTION? 1.    POLICE NOT DOING THEIR JOB REGARDING THEFT BY SYNDICATEDS AND KILLING OF FARMERS AT PAUL ROUX AND SENEKAL 2.    TORTURE AND KILLING OF BRENDIN HORNER 3.  WHAT ABOUT THE POLICE DRIVING IRRESPONSIBLE INTO CROWDS WHAT ABOUT RACIST AND DISCRIMINATION OF BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT
* ANDRE PIENAAR Die 51-jarige Andre Pienaar het Dinsdag in die hof verskyn op verskeie aanklagte wat verband hou met die voorval waarin ‘n polisievoertuig omgeslaan en na bewering aan die brand gesteek is. Daar kon tot dusver geen bewyse getoon word dat dit wel so is nie. Die polisievoertuig het wel aan die brand geraak. Om iemand so lank aan te hou sonder verhoor, is menseregteskendings. Nie net word die Boer se lewe ontwrig of menseregte geskend nie, maar die hele familie en gemeenskap. Wat kan daar nog meer bekendgemaak word, as wat die Polisie alreeds weet, naamlik wie almal betrokke is by die veesindikaat. Verseker is die Minister van Polisie nie oningelig hieroor nie, want name is aan hulle oorhandig. Die Minister meld dan self in sy onderhoud met die Boere dat een in aanhouding al 16 keer oortree en vrygelaat is. Hoe gebeur dit? Daar word gedurig ‘n beroep gedoen op die publiek om sake aanhangig te maak en noudat dit gebeur het, soos in baie ander gevalle, word dit eenkant geplaas en nie ondersoek nie. Soms word skuldiges gevang en netso vrygelaat. Oornag word ‘n Boer aangehou, weens ondersoeke wat die polisie nie uitgevoer het nie. Onskuldige mense soos Pienaar, word nou aangehou as ‘n krimineel. Sou die polisie hul werk gedoen het, sou daar geen protesaksies of toesprake gewees het nie. * Andre Pienaar, 51, appeared in court on Tuesday, 13 October on several charges related to the incident in which a police vehicle overturned and was allegedly set on fire. So far no evidence has been shown to be true. Not only is it the violation of his, his wife, family and the entire community’s human rights that are being violated here. What more can be revealed, if the Police already know who are involved in the livestock syndicate and they did nothing about it. There are issues that simply do not make sense, such as that all of a sudden he will interfere with “witnesses” – which witnesses are mentioned here? If the Police did their job and investigate it, there was no Pienaar incident. By all means, even the attack, torture and killing of Brendin Horner was totally unnecessary. And again, like in previous attacks, tortures and killings, he was a White Farmer. * FF Plus leader Dr Pieter Groenewald says there were no lives in danger at the Senekal protest and therefore a charge of attempted murder, which is a serious charge, is unacceptable.    He also referred to the EFF’s conduct during the much publicised Clicks protests where no-one faced charges of such a serious nature.
* VIDEO’S OP SENEKAL – ROEKELOSE EN NALATIGE BESTUUR Die roekelose bestuur (video’s) van Polisie voertuie tydens ‘n vreedsame protes, is ook ‘n ernstige aanklag en niks anders dan poging tot moord om van die publiek ernstig te beseer nie.    Geen een van die protesgangers hier het die Polisie aangeval nie. Daar is aangeleenthede wat eenvoudig nie sin maak nie, soos dat hy met “getuies” sal inmeng.   Van watter getuies word hier van melding gemaak?   Of is dit nou weer iets wat geheim moet bly? Willem Petzer maak melding van persone op die toneel – in Afrikaans
* VIDEO CLIPS Casspir – Senekal
> Senekal shootings and Casspirs. >

Casspirs – Njala’s came out after shooting inside and between people, what other video Senekal in South Africa 6 October 2020.

> Another Senekal video of police vehicles 6 October 2020 – the Boers and white people were standing around the court. * SENEKAL FARMING COMMUNITY Farmers wanted to know what happened to that investigation report regarding sindicates that was handed to them a few months ago.   There were also demands from the Farmers. South Africa – Senekal – Stock theft syndicate – killing of farmer > Blankes word een een aangeval deur bende swart lede om sodoende die totale wit minderheidsvolk uit te wis.  Saam daarmee is swart bemagtiging – Ramaphosa is in beheer van die kommissie wat dit beheer. Brendin Horner – VF+ SOUTH AFRICA FAMERS TORTURED AND KILLED – BLANKES AANGEVAL, GEMARTEL EN VERMOOR > Farmers be aware and keep your firearm always with you.  We as Whites, experienced crime, stolen cattle and animals, attacks, rapes, tortures and murders on a daily basis with which we, as white citizens, farmers have to live and also work while we are surrounded from behind.   Who put food on the shelves and tables?  The farmers! not anybody else.   Never ever are those attacks a one-on-one situation, it is always in mafia groups of 5-20 and even more. Brutale moorde – Brutal murders – South Africa-Suid-Afrika > Hierdie moorde is slegs Plaasmoorde.   Die Muur van Herinnering is opgerig deur die Hennenman Boerevereniging. Die 3 regop suile stel die Man, Vrou en Kind voor wat baie keer saam in ‘n plaasaanval vermoor word. Die 3 suile is 14 m, 10m, en 5m hoog. Die verbinding dui op ‘n hegte gesins verband wat baie in die landbou bestaan. Links is 4 gedenk mure en regs 5 wat elke provinsie verteenwoordig. Plaasmoorde lys : Muur van Herinnering > White Farm attacks, rapes, tortures, killings are part of their whole agenda, with Black Empowerment – B-BBEE and EE legislations, more than 100 legislations only to kill whites in South Africa.   Even in cities and towns they also focus on the attacking of whites, but there are other attacks on other groups of people.  BUT where are all the killers, rapers and attackers today – how many court cases or verdicts? Farm attacks/tortures/killings – photos – Plaas moorde en aanvalle – foto – RAPES-VERKRAGTINGS > 2017 While white South Africans united in a previously unheard-of protest action against the senseless violence whereby the country’s white farmers are targeted and slaughtered, the latest news is that Mr Sarel Erxleben from Deneysville, in the Free State province, was shot and killed in his house by black attackers. Bokkie Potgieter, a vegetable farmer in northern KwaZulu-Natal, was found dead in his bakkie. His alleged black attacker was killed by loyal black farm workers from the neighbouring farm after the assaillant crashed the stolen bakkie, suggesting that the attackers, once again, were not disgruntled or ill-treated farm workers as the ANC regime has maintained.
Afrikaners come together on #BlackMonday to protest ongoing farm murders
* 2018 Mr. Jasper van Kleist, 61, a foreman on the farm Dale near Tom Burke in the Northern Transvaal, South Africa, was shot dead by attackers on 21 March. The murder ironically took place on the country’s “Human Rights Day”. According to his partner, Ms Sonja Joubert, the blacks attacking them were out to kill them. “The men said nothing, asked no questions. They simply fired on us. It was as if they just wanted to kill us, nothing else…”
‘Human Rights Day’ sees Jasper von Kleist killed on farm
* 2019 Truter was the white agricultural manager on Unifrutti’s Dunbrody Estates, a citrus farm in Kirkwood. “The family was at home when an unknown male entered the house. The 51-year-old father and his son allegedly managed to overpower the suspect.
* June 2019 A 44 year old farmer, Johan Pretorius was first attacked by terrorists with pick-axe’s handle over his head and body.   Later the terrorists burnt his body and vehicle.  His body was found next to the vehicle. A farmer in Nigel died after he was assaulted and his vehicle set alight, badly burning  in the process, according to SAPS officials on Friday. Farmer killed and burnt in Nigel, SA

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  1. […] Some members of the public attempted to remove a barb wire that was erected by police to prevent them from entering the court premises as well as ensuring that the court proceeds without any disruptions. Police managed to prevent them from removing the barb wire however these individuals then went on rampage and smashed windows of about three private vehicles, as well as windows of a business premise. They reportedly went to a certain liquor store where they looted beverages as well as damaged two police vehicles whilst another man is said to have been stabbed by this group of people. – Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje MahlambaAndre Pienaar – Senekal – Free State […]


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