South Africa – Senekal – Stock theft syndicate – killing of farmer


A farmer, Herkie Viljoen, Safety Chairman of the Bethlehem District Agricultural Association, which operated a 24-hour control room for the region in the town, gave some background to the media and why Horner was killed “because authorities did not do their job”….   Serious questions were asked by the Farmers in the district and during a meeting with the Minister of Police. There was not a single answer or any explanation from the Police side.   Farmers wanted to know what happened to that investigation report regarding sindicates that was handed to them a few months ago.   There were also demands from the Farmers. 

Cele: Unacceptable that Brendin Horner murder suspect had 16 previous  arrests


Police Minister Bheki Cele said that it was unacceptable on the part of police that a man who had been arrested 16 times was then able to allegedly kill a farmer in Paul Roux in the Free State. Cele visited the family of 21-year-old Brendin Horner, who was killed earlier this month, apparently by stock thieves.



The stealing of animals are ongoing for decades in South Africa. It is a serious problem that farmers in general have been targeted for years that ruined all their businesses – but also in this mentioned report it was specific in the region of the Free state.  

It was stated by farmers that if the Police had acted in time, on what they had proven to the police in black and white, the gang that was mentioned, has been terrorizing them for two years now, that gang could not do what they, to kill this young farmer , Brendin Horner.   

Regarding the same reasons as in the case of Horner, there was a huge lack of interest from the police side. Another farmer, Andre Pienaar is now in jail and police made him a “criminal”. If police did their job in the first place, there was no protest actions at Senekal, no speeches or anything.   

What will happen to other people if they did this to blacks or black farmers? It is not a normal crime to attack, torture and kill farmers. their families, workers or anybody else and to take animals, cellphone or firearm or slaughter animals.   We as people, Afrikaners, Boers and all whites, have a right to live in South Africa. 

Familie neem van Brendin Horner afskeid
Brendin Horner – Rus in vrede – Simpatie en sterkte vir die familie, vriende en plaasboere wat hom geken het. Onthou hom vir wie en wat hy is.



Dit wil dus eerder voorkom of die Boere en lede van die publiek nou die Polisie se pligte en take moet doen rakende die wetteloosheid in die land, omdat sommige polisielede self daarby betrokke is.

Paul Roux en Senekal is nie die enigste voorvalle van die tipe van diefstalle en slagtings van vee en diere nie. Indien daar artikels en verslae ingedien word oor klagtes word daar eenvoudig ‘n dooie oor gegooi weens hul eie betrokkenheid en alles word geignoreer – so word aanvalle en moorde aangehits om veral blanke Boere uit te wis. 

Wat nie vermeld word nie, is dat daar steeds ‘n aandklokreël is, steeds aanvalle, martelings en moorde plaasvind. Dit gee hierdie sindikate vrye beweging, wat dan makliker rondbeweeg snags as ander nie mag beweeg nie. Dis beslis nie reg nie en word geen wetgewing toegepas as dit kriminele is nie.

Neem net kennis dat hierdie ‘n algehele laksheid en onbevoegdheid is van sekere amptenare in die Polisie.

Tydens die vergadering, maak die minister melding van miljoene rande skades, maar dit word terselfdertyd sterk deur hom betwyfel, omdat niemand soveel kan opeet nie. Is dit omdat sommige persone niks aankoop nie, maar gratis ontvang dat hulle nie weet wat dit kos om te boer en besighede te bedryf nie? Nie almal kan boer nie en niemand word net gebore as ‘n boer nie.

Dis kommerwekkend, dat die belastingbetalers hierdie polisie beamptes, wat deelneem aan sindikate in en buite werkure, betaal vir hul dade, waar moorde gepleeg word.

Boere spandeer reeds ure aan hul eie besighede, naamlik die boerderye, en dan word dit vernietig deur diegene wat veronderstel is om te “beskerm en beveilig”.  Wat as dit andersom was, dat enige ander ras dit aan swartes doen, gaan dit beslis nie so opeindig nie.



The farmers prepared a joined statement and had various demands that were read out loud by a farmer from the Paul Roux district in the Free State, Jess de Klerk. He read the statement to a large group of people who turned up in support of Horner’s relatives and friends.

De Klerk said South Africans are now waging a war with offenders. He said farmers, their families, and employees carry a heavy burden on their shoulders due to the attack on Horner. A list of demands includes that the two suspects, Sekwetje Mahlamba and Sekola Matlaletsa, are not to be released on bail. At the same time, a national task force should be formed to investigate stock theft in Paul Roux and surrounding areas. They demand the investigation of the involvement of police members in stock theft, including senior police members in this cluster. They demand that farm murders and attacks are prioritised as a priority crime. This must be done within seven days. They also insist that Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledges that attacks and murders on farms are a national problem. Ramaphosa must also indicate that farmers did not steal land and that police minister Bheki Cele must be fired. Cele must also apologise and stop condoning farm attacks. Politicians who incite farm attacks must also be held accountable.

De Klerk says farmers from these Free State communities and others in the rest of the country are urged to take these demands to the government, to every possible committee who must take their demands and grievances to the government. The message must be taken to every government in the world as well, said De Klerk. The story must be told how farmers and their workers are being tortured and raped.




The report contains the names of senior Paul Roux police officers involved in the syndicate, photos of the cars of stock thieves and their registration numbers and names of people with insider knowledge of corruption at Paul Roux police and their collusion with the stock theft syndicate. However this report has been gathering dust somewhere in a Hawks office in Pretoria.

Mr Herkie Viljoen, safety coordinator for the Bethlehem district agricultural association, openly told Rapport that Brendin died because people did not do their jobs. Several agricultural leaders told the media that the Police’s lack of action against the stock theft syndicate combined with the conviction that many SAPS members themselves are involved in the stock theft syndicate is what led to the boiling over of emotions of protestors who entered the Senekal court on Tuesday (6) when the two suspects appeared in connection with Brendin’s murder the previous Thursday (1).

Brendin was found dead with stab wounds standing in an upright position with a rope tied around his neck and a pole on the farm where he lived. Horner was described by his employer Mr Gilly Scheepers of Bloukruin Farm as a good and soft hearted young man who could have become a top farmer.

A group of 30 protestors entered the Senekal court on Tuesday, 6 October 2020, and headed to the court cells when emotions boiled over. A Police van was overturned and set alight in the chaos that followed. A former farmer, Andre Pienaar, was subsequently arrested and he appeared in court on a whole array of charges – from terrorism, attempted murder to malicious damage to property. His bail application was postponed to coming Tuesday 13 October 2020.



Mr Viljoen held a speech in front of the court on Tuesday in which he said Bheki Cele, minister of Police, must tell the country what happened with the report about the involvement of Paul Roux police members in stock theft in the area. Mr Viljoen said that if the Hawks acted on the information about the syndicate provided to them in January, with full proof and details, the stock theft syndicate which has been terrorising farmers for a full 2 years would not have been able to do to Brendin what they did.

Viljoen said on Tuesday that they now demand that the Police must appoint a task team within a week to investigate the stock theft syndicate and the Paul Roux police involvement with them. Mr Viljoen said they first raised the issue with local Police stations and when they got no reaction they raised it with the Police cluster office but again got no reaction. Mr Viljoen says he then sent a full report to the Hawks Lieutenant Colonel in 2 parts, the first in December and the second part in January 2020.

Mr Viljoen says he regularly followed up on the matter but the Hawks officer always had excuses.

Mr Viljoen says he again followed up on the matter 2 weeks ago and told the officer the situation in Paul Roux is getting worse. Again the officer had excuses. Shortly afterwards Brendin was murdered. Mr Viljoen says that 2 local policemen, a constable and a sergeant, are known to have bragged around town that they don’t use their Police salaries because the stock theft syndicate is paying them enough.

A farmer told the paper that because Police never make stock theft arrests, the thieves are beginning to believe that it is their right to steal sheep and other livestock. The farmers also said that when they make arrests themselves and hand the suspects over to Police, the Police coach the suspects what to say in court and also confiscate the firearms of farmers afterwards because the thieves make allegations that they were pointed with firearms.

A farmer said that the syndicate steals whole herds of sheep at a time and chase them to where they want them and the only hope farmers have of getting their livestock back is looking for it themselves. The farmer says they have to act as the local stock theft unit on top of being farmers.

Some of the allegations in the report are :

  •  Stolen cattle was found on the farm of a Police general. A worker of the general was arrested but he died in the police cells. The investigation officer in the case was transferred to another station.
  • A SAPS station commander of an East Free State town was seen numerous times close to scenes where livestock was stolen. The station commander is linked to at least six cases of livestock theft. The names of other police officers involved in stocktheft are also mentioned in the report.

The report also contains the names of possible witnesses.

Mr Viljoen’s report reveals shocking details and numbers. Thousands of livestock were stolen since 2018 in the area, yet only one person was arrested by Police. Some farmers have lost up to 200 sheep in a single night.

Mr Gilly Scheepers told the paper that there is no law and order in the region and the situation can be described as lawless and chaotic. Scheepers says 2 of his workers were almost beaten to death by stock thieves 18 months ago.

Mr Scheepers says he believes that Brendin’s killers became so arrogant that they believed they will get away with his murder and still believes that. The newspaper made an appointment with the station commander of the Paul Roux police station, a captain Moloi, for Friday morning but he never pitched.

The national spokesperson of the Hawks, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, told Rapport he has no knowledge of the report. The Hawks in the Free State said they received Mr Viljoen’s report only on Thursday and they will refer it for investigation (yeah right).


This type of merciless corruption is what we have become used to right across the board in South Africa. We are not surprised anymore because by now we know it is #TheAfricanWay. Corruption is the accepted norm in Africa.

It was also stated – when we gave our country over to the ANC in 1994, without a fight and on a silver platter, we basically accepted that this is the way that we will have to live.


The liberals never told you this, did they?

The big big lesson to be learnt from this is that no people or nation must ever sign their sovereignty away. South Africa holds big big lessons for the last few white majority countries in Europe. Sign your sovereignty away and you will end up like us here in South Africa.

Various people attended the protest action against farm tortures, attacks and killings.

Police move to quell anger over Senekal farmer's murd...
At Senekal (DM)


Why quiet? Genoeg is genoeg. Ramaphosa told the international governments there are no farm tortures or killings – WRONG.

Farmers angry over President Cyril Ramamphosa’s silence on farm killings


15 October 2020

Hierin word uiteengesit wat die “aanklagte” teenoor Pienaar. Die skote wat afgevuur is in die gang, was deur die Polisie self wat dit gedoen het – hoe kan Pienaar dan verantwoordelikheid neem vir die twee aangehoudendes wat kwansuis beseer is nadat die skote afgevuur is – die Polisiebeamptes wat die skote afgevuur het, moet verantwoordelikheid neem vir die afvuur van vuurwapens in die hof se gange. Die aangehoudendes was ook nêrens in sig nie. Indien die Polisie beamptes eerstens die hele verslag laat ondersoek het, sou daar geen van Pienaar gewees het nie. Een van die beskuldigdes wat nou kwansuis beseer is (nugter alleen weet hoe), is al 16 keer vrygelaat op ernstige oortredings deur die Polisie. Is die Polisie besig om hulself hier te verontskuldig omdat hulle nie hul werk doen nie.

The community of Senekal is on edge ahead of the court appearance of two men accused of killing Brendin Horner. The EFF confirmed that it will be present but what is the feeling of local farmers in the area? Linda Mnisi reports. Tune into Newzroom Afrika on DSTV channel 405 for more.





Hoe lank weet die regering, sowel al die ander politieke partye in die parlement, al van hierdie Veediefstalle en ondersoeke en wat word daaraan gedoen, asook wie daarby betrokke is.

Bredin Horner – VF+

Plaasmoorde, stadsmoorde enige moord is en bly moord.  Plaasmoorde, blanke moorde en aanvalle gaan gepaard met martelings.     Ou mense word wreed aangeval en vir dood agtergelaat, terwyl sommige reeds dood is.  Niks of selde word iets gesteel maar meestal word dit as gewone misdaad beskryf.  Those type of killings and attacks are not normal crime – when you hungry you do not kill somebody you ask for food. Most of those people do have the best clothes and they all came in groups and with automatic firearms.

Moord in SA: ATTACKS on White Minority

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