Farm attacks/tortures/killings – photos – Plaas moorde en aanvalle – foto’s RAPES-VERKRAGTINGS

White Farm attacks, rapes, tortures, killings are part of their whole agenda, with Black Empowerment – B-BBEE and EE legislations, more than 100 legislations only to kill whites in South Africa.   Even in cities and towns they also focus on the attacking of whites, but there are other attacks on other groups of people.  BUT where are all the killers, rapers and attackers today – how many court cases or verdicts?

Twee plaasaanvalle by Brits – hondjie langs plaasboer doodgeskiet


Then the “so-called democratic ANC took over” in 1994 …    Different things happened in this 26 years.   Radical revolution, burning down of businesses and universities, schools, etc.

The ANC and their masters (like George Soros who funded parliament, the constitution, codesa, idasa),  wanted land reform without compensation, specific all white land, farmland and other areas.

Gameparks and mining areas are already theirs.    Most radical blacks and their leaders, claimed we as whites have stolen their land/areas, but that are all lies.   If that was the case and the truth, where are the police investigations.   If that was not the truth, where do the ethnic blacks’, khoisans’, kings, tribal leaders live then – in the air or in space?   Where do the millions of immigrants / illegals from Africa live – on land that belong to the ANC.  There are various corruption from the ANC government and sofar there are not anything from stolen lands.

Since 1994 Government ANC bought 5000 + farms with TAX moneys.   For whom to expropriate?

They all kept their so-called homeland (reserves) or “british crownland” after 1994.   The “apartheid” system was implemented by their own ancestors with the British colonial empire that took all lands in 1854.

Who came to this part to make war with the blacks, khoisan and whites?  The British empire also took the two independent Boer republics (<1901) and forced our ancestors into the Union of South Africa, that was ruled by the British from London, until 1961 when we became a Republic of South Africa.   And after 1994 it is ongoing under “Commonwealth”.

Therefore, segregation was already in place in 1961 when we became a republic. Dr Verwoerd’s government and those black leaders, with elections, decided to make all those reserve / homelands areas independent.   It was legal elections in all homelands.

After 1994, it is still the black/khoi san lands.   There are 25-30+ million ethnic Blacks and Khoi san groups of people on those tribal lands (reserves/homelands) that became either Trustland or registered CPA’s with legislations.

There were already 8840 traditional leaders in 2019, all well paid by our TAX system.   Most CPA areas received financial and other assistance, millions / billions of rand in total to all of them.  Even the kings/queens have different palaces, culture houses for their own traditions, but they want to kill our white minority’s culture, traditions, language, schools and history.


Plaasaanvalle en moorde is nie normale aanvalle en moorde nie, maak nie saak wie wat sê of doen nie.      Dit bestaan en is realiteit – plaasboere en blankes julle moet julself verdedig, skerp op jul veiligheid.   Hou op om vreemdelinge aan te stel, wat daar is om te spioeneer om jul uit te wis.

Die grutonele wat families begroet is erger as onmenslike tonele wat agtergelaat word waar alle menseregte tot lewe geskend is.   Opsweping en wraaktonele getuig daarvan en  heelwat blanke vrouens word verkrag, soms voor hul kinders en ander families teenwoordig.

Daar word  vir 26 jaar geen oog geknip  teenoor swart bemagtiging (wetgewing) om dit te stop en feitlike alle politieke partye wat dit steun – selfs internasionale regerings wat ooreenkomste aangaan steun hierdie wetgewings van B-BBEE en EE.

Ons taal Afrikaans en kultuur word ook geskend is alles deel van ‘n volk.


Swartes en hul leiers gee die sogenaamde apartheid die skuld vir hul onvermoë om self te regeer en alles te doen.   Apartheid is deur swartes/khoi san en die Britse regering gedoen , nadat hulle alle gebiede geannekseer het.  Die Boere republieke is ook geforseer onder die Unie.  Toe was daar reeds aparte reservate in 1854 tot uniewording.   Lees die Shepstone beleid.



March 2020 – Plaasmoorde – The Killing Fields : Katie Hopkins South Africa : Farm Murders   Who send them to kill the women of South Africa?


What will we do to save our brothers and sisters in South Africa ? The torture & killing is continuing .. the Boer preparing for a last stand after Australia turns down their appeal for asylum. Do you hear their cries ?

4 July 2020 –

The 80-year-old Boesmanskop farmer’s wife in the Zastron district, who was barefooted and left in the cold by four armed farm attackers in Lesotho on Friday morning, is in the high-care unit of Rosepark Hospital in Bloemfontein.
Daughter speaks about how robbers beat and left her mother in the blistering cold weather


Singer Wynand Breedt shot and killed by farm attackers


From Austria – Edi Neumeister, 69, was the owner of Gunther’s Sausages, a popular eatery specialising in Swiss sausages and German beer on the Midlands Meander.


Pictures 2019 victims of farm attacks and farm murders (36)

Pictures 2019 victims of farm attacks and farm murders (36) | Farm ...


Six black men attacked an elderly couple Gert (81) and Joey (75) Pienaar from Dewetsdorp    –  December 2019

Six farm attackers attacked an elderly couple Gert (81) and Joey (75) Pienaar

Six farm attackers attacked an elderly couple Gert (81) and Joey ...





The 65-year-old Mr Werner Wiedeck was viciously beaten with a sjambok, which split his ear in half. The attackers also brutally beat his 57-year-old wife, Brigitte, with an iron bar, fracturing her skull. Also injured in the attack was the couple’s trusty farm labourer, Ms Julia Nemukula (43). Just two months shy of one year, this is the second vicious attack on the Wiedeck couple on their farm.
Zoutpansberger | News | German farming couple survives brutal attack


Farm attacks and killings – SA – Moorde en plaasaanvalle

SA Attacks and killings – White Farmers/Blanke Boere – moorde en aanvalle

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