Possible new countries for people

Verskeie lande se minderhede soek hul eie regering en onafhanklike gebied, juis omrede hul onderdruk word, en soos in Suid-Afrika word daar teen alle blankes – Boere en Afrikaners gediskrimineer.   Sommige lande se minderheidsleiers wat selfbeskikking verlang, word vir etlike jare in tronke gegooi – wat ‘n vernedering en menseregteskending.
But most of us have to abide by rules, like in South Africa, the communist rules. You might be living in your parents’ house, for example, and have to follow the whole “my house, my rules” trope. Or you might live in a city or state with some laws you disagree with.   You as people want full independence.



Unfortunately, becoming independent isn’t as easy as it sounds. A group of American states found that out the hard way during the Civil War. The United States itself had to go through the Revolutionary War to escape England’s clutches and then deal with the backlash again in 1812. Many other countries or would-be countries have gone through the same. If you want to be free and independent, it usually comes at a price.

Ons as volk word glad nie in die video materiaal genoem nie.  Aangesien ons reeds onafhanklikheid geniet het voor 1900 voor die Britse regering ons vryheid van ons kom steel het.

New countries that might exist soon

West Africa
New Caledonia
West Papua
Faroe Islands
South Ossetia


One not mentioned, is the Boer and Afrikaner minority people of South Africa.



The Montevideo Convention held in Uruguay in 1933 said that a region must meet four requirements to become a state; a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and the ability to form relations with other nation states.

Other conditions must be met, including clear evidence that a majority of people have freely chosen independence, that minorities are welcome and respected. A state must also be able to agree divorce terms mutually with the country it breaks away from.



10th – 17th December 1899


Rare footage! This montage is from the second Anglo-Boer War which was fought between the British Empire and the Afrikaans-speaking Dutch settlers of two independent Boer republics, the South African Republic and the Orange Free State. It ended with the conversion of the Boer republics into British colonies.






Herstel van die twee onafhanklike BOERE REPUBLIEKE (sonder trustgebiede/cpa/reservate/kroongebiede)




Who were the Boers (not only farmers) – it is a well known Afrikaans word to farm, but not all the Boers from the Republics were farmers, they have other careers.

What If The Boers Had Defeated The British In The Second Boer War, Preserving The Independence Of The Orange Free State, And South African Republic Of Transvaal? Might We See These States Grow Closer To Germany As World War One Approached?



Boer Republic Potcast



Everyone seems to be liking these, so here is part 3! Fun With Flags will be back next week!

New countries?




This is not a new thing – there were always disputes and differences between peoples and it happened in our own past too.   Various peoples make one nation, but it is not normal that any nation will work out 100%.   South Africa have different peoples and they all differ from each other.  There were different British crownlands and Reserves under colonial era.  Refer to the Shepstone policy of London.   

Dus is dit glad nie ‘n nuwe ding dat ons eie gebiede dalk ook soms effe verrassend voorkom nie, juis oor daar ooreenkomste in ons verledes (deur ons voorsate), bereik was en waarop daar steeds ‘n magdom van ons mense woonagtig is en vooruitgaan.  Ons moet ons voorsate se handelsooreenkomste of gewone ooreenkomste respekteer en dit gebruik in ons guns.  Ons as Boere het voorheen al ons grense bewaak, ons moet in elk geval onsself deesdae beveilig en bewaak, die regering doen dit nie.
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Borders and disputes : new states


People that believe in their rights to rule themselves, are not part of the current communist government.   Why are the Khoi San and Black peoples still live in their own areas, like registered CPA’s or Trustland areas (all the old Homelands and Crownlands since 1854-1994).  The current communist government (with the various political parties), as well as the previously old regime, Broederbond aka Afrikanerbond, white liberals and classical liberals, already destroyed our Afrikaner and Boer peoples’ rights since 1994 , to live with no recognition as Afrikaner and Boer people in its own country, like Botswana do today.   All of them financed by OSF.SA or Cato Institute, as well as others.  Look into their websites and who is George Soros and the British CPA.     We as people has a right to rule ourselves in our own areas.   Refer to the Volkstaatraad’s articles and outcome/recommendations.  It was even confirmed and supported by the 1996 judges that confirm the constitution of South Africa.   We as Boers are stateless at this moment since the British Empire annexed our countries and mines 1900-1902.
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Statelessness : Violation of Human Rights and international crimes


Hoe versoenbaar is dit vir een volk om binne ure hul grenslyn met 32 kilometer te verskuif, terwyl die ander land se soldate inbeweeg en grond/dorpies annekseer, eenvoudig net afvat?    Gaan China, Engeland, Frankryk, Rusland of Amerika ook 32 kilometer afstand doen van al hul grenslyne?   Hoekom meng Turkye en Rusland in en watter voordeel hou dit vir hulle lande in?   Geen oorlog of gevegte kom eensydig nie en is daar ooglopende redes voor, nes hier in Suid-Afrika.   Waarom die belangstelling en dreigemente oor grond of verskuiwings, veral op grondgebiede wat voedsel voorsien?   Vir die minerale en olie neerslae – wat is die werklikheid dat die Koerde so geteiken word?

Clashes have erupted daily, with occasional shelling, particularly around Ras al-Ayn, the border town where Kurdish fighters have been encircled by Turkish-led forces.
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Kurdish – Syria : Turkey : Russian (violation of human rights)


Who are involved in this “agreement”?  This is totally wrong, same happened with the Boers in 1899-1905 as well in the Boer Republics – it was not part of the colonies of the British empire.
The “Arab Belt” is a term describing the confiscation process by the Syrian government of agricultural lands belonging to Kurds and Aghas (chieftains or village heads who were also landowners) in the province of Hasakah, and the distribution of the lands to Arabs arriving from the provinces of Aleppo and Raqqa to be settled in the Jazira region of north-east Syria, along the length of the border strip with Turkey.
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The Kurds and Arab belt


About four fifths of the area of Ireland are national territory of the Republic of Ireland, the remaining one fifth in the northeast of the island belongs to Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom (old story).    With an area of 70,273 km², the Republic of Ireland is slightly larger than twice the size of Denmark, or slightly larger than the U.S. state of West Virginia.   The Republic of Ireland has a population of nearly 4,6 million people (2011 census), capital and largest city is Dublin. Spoken languages are Irish (official) and English.
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Writing when all of Ireland was under British rule, Karl Marx underlined that the fight for Irish independence could deal a heavy blow to the British capitalist order. Based on the understanding that the Irish struggle could act as a motor force to unlocking proletarian struggle in England, Marx stressed that the English proletariat must champion the cause of Irish self-determination as part of fighting for its own interests.
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Karl Marx : Irish self-determination


Under British colonialism

Tragically, 21 January also marks the day when the first shots were fired in what would become the War of Independence.
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The Republic of Ireland, an EU member state, is the only country to share a land border with the UK.    Northern Ireland is the smallest nation in the UK, but the border with the Republic of Ireland could become one of the biggest parts of the Brexit negotiations. So why is the Irish border so important? 
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Brexit : UK and Northern Island


Why must people go to jail if they want freedom to their people.   It is all people’s right to have human rights and freedom to rule themselves in their own areas.   Why is Russia, France, England thein independent, but if people of Catalonia and others want their freedom, they have been sentenced for years.   Where are their human rights now – it is a crime against humanity?   

What is freedom  for people to have in life – is to enjoy life, all people have an international human right to rule themselves, independently.  International professors criticize Spain’s attitude towards Catalan self-determination.   Expert Liah Greenfeld claims it is not up to Spanish authorities to decide if people of Catalonia express wish to become a state.   People that want their freedom must make their own decisions.
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Catalonia : self-determination (full sovereignty)


Is this only a “spell”, to stop people, where people like in Katalonia want their freedom, they are not allowed to demonstrate, then the police are there and just take their leaders in.   They do not want Katalonia to have their freedom.  If you look at their history, they were a separate country on its own.  So why not?  Is this not only one cided acts, and what happen to the freedom of people to rule themselves?   Where is the United nations now?
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Self-determination :  Katalonia


The Basques, which settled on the Franco-Spanish border, are a people who do not have a country that exists as an entity of its own. They are not recognized internationally, but they are unique people.   Their borders are not respected, and their culture is repressed. The history of the Basque Country is one of contentious protest against imposed conditions, unremitting effort in defense of its identity and a relentless search for a means of democratizing public life. They have not been able to practice or pursue the right to self-determination as stated in the international covenants on human rights .   
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Basque Country – self-determination


The Basques, which settled on the Franco-Spanish border, are a people who do not have a country that exists as an entity of its own. They are not recognized internationally, but they are unique people.   Their borders are not respected, and their culture is repressed. The history of the Basque Country is one of contentious protest against imposed conditions, unremitting effort in defense of its identity and a relentless search for a means of democratizing public life. They have not been able to practice or pursue the right to self-determination as stated in the international covenants on human rights .   
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Crimea :  self-determination (Putin)


Venice  was once one of the most powerful players on the European stage. Between the end of the seventh century and 1797, it was the Republic of Venice (Repubblica di Venezia) – an economic powerhouse which forged a mercantile empire in the Adriatic and the eastern Mediterranean.
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Venice : Venesie :VENEZIA


Kenya do not like strangers in their area and country.    They  made the decision to build the wall dividing its Mandera border town and Somalia’s Beled Hawa border town in 2015 after multiple attacks by Al Shabaab on civilians and security officials.    Kenyan authorities are blaming external players with interests in oil, gas and fishing for the ongoing diplomatic spat with Somalia over the common border in the Indian Ocean.   

Kenya and Somalia


From its powerbase in eastern Libya, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) has gradually extended the territory under its control and the firepower at its disposal, to the point where it now challenges the authority of the country’s United Nations-recognised government in Tripoli.

Libya and war


Sustained bombardments of rockets and mortars pushed the insurgent caravan of pick-up trucks and cars back towards their Benghazi stronghold, in the biggest retreat in several days of inconclusive battles.   With the rebel vehicles strung out in small groups, occasional rockets were still hitting the desert near the road 20km from Brega.

Brega 2011 (Libya) Battle


Etniese volke het die reg om hulself te regeer soos wat Frankryk, Rusland en enige ander land doen – dit geld ook vir die Boere en Afrikaners.   Meer as honderd rassistiese wetgewing implementeer om volke uit te wis, want dit is presies wat in Suid-Afrika al sedert 1994 aan die gang is?   Dit word onder die sogenaamde demokratiese grondwet van 1996 gedoen.   

Al die oorseese regerings is bewus wat in Suid-Afrika aangaan, omrede hul Ambassadeurs en Konsulate het wat hul daagliks inlig. Gedurig word Handelsooreenkomste onderteken tussen regerings, wat swart bemagtiging en regstelaksies hierby insluit.  Indien enige oorseese regering Handelsooreenkomste aangaan met die Suid-Afrikaanse regering, is hulle netso skuldig aan rassisme en diskriminasie teenoor blankes as die regering van die dag.   Soos plaaslik, word vereistes aan oorseese regerings gestel binne die wetgewing en word soms eerder vreemde gekwalifiseerdes gebruik gemaak as om van eie Suid-Afrikaners gebruik te maak.   


Boere het voor 1900 reeds onafhanklike lande gehad, waar ons volkslede gesamentlik gebly het en ook regerings gehad het.   Die Engelse regering en lede van hul statebondslande, het duisende kilometers na ons Republieke gekom om ons uit te wis met oorloë en konsentrasie kampe, met beperkte mediese en voedsel voorrade.   

Boere het dus lankal nie net in naam bestaan nie. Liberales probeer twee lande wat bestaan het, doodvee en uitwis.   Dit was die Britse regering en lede van ander lande, wat ons voorgeslagte probeer uitwis het.  In die begin wou die Engelse nie betrokke raak nie, maar het vinnig begin met vernietiging toe daar goud en diamante ontdek was.   Vandat die Britte hier kolonies begin vestig het, wou ons voorgeslagte nie onder Engelse bewind bly nie, daarom was daar ‘n Trek met leiers, wat later onafhanklike gebiede geword het, naamlik ZAR en Vrystaat.  Almal wat getrek het, was nie almal landbouers (boere) nie.   Die burgers van die ZAR en Vrystaat is Boere genoem, alhoewel daar ander redes ook mag wees daarvoor.

Na 1994 – After 1994

We are stateless

Volkstaatraad – Volkstaat council 1994
Selfbeskikking L Afrikaner voorgestelde wet 1998 Lekota

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