Brega 2011 (Libya) Battle

Hoe lyk oorlog en hoe word daar teruggeslaan?  Waarmee word van weerskante af geveg in enige oorlog en wie is soms in die middel?   Die burgerlikes en die wat nie in enige oorlog of geveg wil wees nie.   Dis altyd so.
During the month of April 2011  Libyan rebels fled up to 20km eastwards under heavy rocket fire from leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, the one Tuesday in a sixth day of fighting for the oil port of Brega.   Sustained bombardments of rockets and mortars pushed the insurgent caravan of pick-up trucks and cars back towards their Benghazi stronghold, in the biggest retreat in several days of inconclusive battles.   With the rebel vehicles strung out in small groups, occasional rockets were still hitting the desert near the road 20km from Brega. The insurgents said Western air strikes had become less effective since Nato took control from a big power coalition of France, Britain and the United States last week. “Since the day Nato took over the air strikes, we have been falling back,” said Ziad el Khafiefy, a rebel fighter.

Rebels load a weapon on the road to the frontline in Brega. Libyan rebels fled east under heavy rocket fire from leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces in the oil town of Brega in a sixth day of fighting that has failed to give either side the upper hand. Rebels pushed forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi out of much of Brega and to the outskirts of the sprawling oil town in a slow advance west, but were still facing bombardment with each step. Photo: Reuters



Libyan rebels push their front-line against Gaddafi loyalists west of Brega. But both sides are being careful to avoid damaging the region’s oil infrastructure.

Gaddafi loyalists try to take back control of the town of Brega, as Libyan rebels advance. Witnesses say the oil terminal town has been bombed by warplanes for a second day on Thursday. Both rebel and government forces are fighting to control a strategically vital Mediterranean coastal road that holds oil industry facilities.

Gaddafi launched the ground and air attack on rebels on the Wednesday.   Both rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces were arming and positioning themselves on Thursday for a longer fight and residents and tribes were being armed as well by both sides.
Rebel fighter Faraj Ala Shrash says he wants to fight for freedom in Libya.


After months of stalemate Libyan opposition fighters in the surrounded city of Misrata have broken through another Gaddafi front line trapping his troops and capturing a town used to stage rocket attacks on civilians. It was a combined operation to the south east of the city and it involved several groupings of fighters backed up by six previously captured tanks and supported by NATO air strikes. They took the town of Tawurgha with four separate columns cutting off any escape for Gadaffi’s troops.


[Faraj Ala Shrash, Libyan Fighter]:
“I’ve got my will. And I’ve got my beliefs that we have lost a lot in 42 years. I didn’t witness all of those 42 years, but I have witnessed enough to have faith and the belief to fight for something – which is our freedom and our rights in Libya.”

Libyan rebels riding on the back of an armed pickup truck retreat during an exchange of fire with pro-Gaddafi forces along the frontline on the outskirts of Brega, Libya. Rebels pushed forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi out of much of Brega and to the outskirts of the sprawling oil town in a slow advance west, but were still facing bombardment with each step. Photo: AP


EXCLUSIVE: Libya, the Brega battle

Determined and armed civilian fighters against the Gaddafi regime during their mission, with our reporter in the field. Last minute instructions before the head to the frontline. A quick prayer and these volunteer fighters are on their way to Brega… Colonel Gaddafi’s troops are attacking the town in a bid to take back the oil fields and these opposition forces are determined to repel them. The first car leaves, the safest route into town is through the desert under the surveillance of wars planes circling overhead.


Libya: Gaddafi’s forces ambush rebels


Dramatic footage filmed on the road to Sirte on Monday showed rebel fighters capturing two suspected Moammar Gadhafi loyalists (Aug. 29).



Battle for Libya: On Brega’s frontline


WRAP Latest from frontline as fighting continues near Brega

(2 Apr 2011) SHOTLIST
1. Wide of road leading to frontline outside Brega

2. Wide of battlefield

3. Mid of rebels in discussion

4. Mid of rebels on trucks

5. Mid of soldiers loading weapons onto trucks

6. Mid of rebel looking towards frontline

7. Various of rebels cleaning ammunition

8. Rebels having coffee

9. Close of rebel with rifle

10. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ibrahim Khalifa, Rebel: “The rebels are at the frontline and those with small arms, we stay here”.

11. Close of coffee being poured

12. Rebel with heavy artillery

13. Wide of road

14. Wide of Libyan rebels’ vehicles on road

15. Various of rebels in vehicles and on foot

16. Rebels loading weapon

17. Various of rebels with weapons on back of truck

18. Queue of rebels’ vehicles


STORYLINE Libyan rebels queued in their vehicles on Saturday at a checkpoint in Brega, not far from the frontline, during a lull in the fighting. The loosely organised rebel force has been acting in a more disciplined fashion in recent days. On Friday only former military officers and those with some training serving under them were allowed on the frontlines. Some were recent arrivals, hoping to rally against forces loyal to the Libyan leader who have pushed rebels back about 100 miles (160 kilometres) this week. NATO said on Saturday that it was investigating Libyan rebel reports that a coalition warplane had struck a rebel position that was firing into the air near the eastern front line of the battle with Gadhafi’s forces. Rebels told The Associated Press that a group of opposition fighters was hit by an airstrike about 12 miles (20 kilometres) east of the town of Brega on Friday night.

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Anton Hammerl in Brega

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