Sakelui en Eskom – Small businesses

Met die verkiesing op hande, is het die regering besluit ligte sal aanbly, en as Eskom opdeel, nugter alleen weet hoe, want meer mense gaan 3 afsonderlike maatskappye op hoë vlak bestuur. Nog meer en wyer korrupsie wat kan plaasvind. As daar tans nie teen enige korrupsie opgetree word nie, wat is die kanse as daar 3 afsonderlike maatskappye is, dat regering sal optree. Daar is ook geen waarborge dat dit sal slaag nie.
Gordhan sing steeds voort en verander van wysie saam Ramaphosa. As dit infrastrukture is wat probleme gee of steenkool, word die wysies aangepas. Die wysies verander feitlik daagliks. Wie gaan die 3 maatskappye beheer? Motsepe? Lees sy maatskappy se inligting.

During the Sona debate, Minister Pravin Gordhan also admitted to design and construction flaws at Eskom’s newest power plants Kusile and Medupi.

Enel's core earnings were up 3.8 percent last year.

Intussen sal daar van “kenners” oorsee gebruik gemaak word, nugter alleen weet indien dit waar is, waar die geld vandaan gaan kom om die sogenaamde “kenners” te betaal nie. Geen waarborge, weer eens.

Wat van al die biljoene rande se korrupsie en selfs bonusse wat al vir 25 jaar uitbetaal is by Eskom, maar veral die laaste tyd met Kusile en Medupi.   Dan is Eskom weer te insolvent om langer as April voort te bestaan – iewers is iets nie reg nie. Nog meer “skuldlas” op die belastingbetaler.

Het hulle nou al besluit wat die finale oorsake is – swart bemagtiging en korrupsie. Enel kan ook geen waarborge verskaf nie. Het die Kubane ooit enige vordering gemaak, was daar nie ook heelwat ingenieurs vanaf Kuba gekry nie?


ESKOM video


Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has conceded that Eskom is facing massive structural, operational and financial problems.During the debate on the State of the Nation Address (Sona) on Tuesday afternoon, Gordhan also admitted to design and construction flaws at Eskom’s newest power plants Kusile and Medupi.  How was it possible to sell electricity to Botswana, Zimbabwe and others?

The minister says following meetings with Eskom’s board and management, it’s been decided to call in external professionals to restore the power utility to full functionality.

Earlier in the debate, the Economic Freedom Fighters said it would mobilise workers to rail against any plans to privatise the company, but Gordhan says there are no such plans.   Gordhan says more unplanned power outages to deal with maintenance problems can be expected in the coming weeks.

“We are going to bring in external power stations engineers, get an independent audit on exactly what’s going on so that we put Eskom back on track and give South Africans the assurance that we have an entity that is able to give us the energy security we require.”

He says Eskom is well on its way to overcoming the diversions caused by state capture.


Gordhan says the new Kusile and Medupi power stations are not performing as a result of wrong choices and designs.

“The public is interest in knowing what is the state as far as Eskom is concerned. Eskom is currently facing massive problems of a structural, operational and financial nature.”

The minister told MPs that government is calling on energy company Enel to provide external technical assistance in order to address the operational problems at Eskom.  Is much cheaper to use our own engineers, even if they are white – that will give us guarantees – not even the Italians or others will guarantee lights.



The earnings growth also validated a strategic plan that Enel laid out last November, when it forecast €1 billion ($1.1 billion) of incremental EBITDA from renewables between 2018 and 2021.

The company will spend a further €10.6 billion ($12 billion) on renewables between 2019 and 2021, Enel said. It is focusing on Italy, Spain, Chile and Brazil and aims to increase the level of emissions-free generation to 62 percent by 2021.

Tom Heggarty, senior solar analyst at Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, told GTM that one of the reasons for Enel’s success with renewables was the build, sell, operate (BSO) model adopted by its developer arm Enel Green Power (EGP).

In 2018 alone, Enel had sold 80 percent of the capital of eight solar projects in Mexico, Heggarty noted. “The BSO model is a key pillar of EGP’s strategy over the next two to three years, and we’d expect to see further divestment of projects over the course of 2019,” he said.


Ramaphosa said to bundle or to unbundle the utility has nothing to do with privatisation and is aimed at keeping the lights on.  Where are the guarantees that this will happen?   And this is 2 months before elections.   They want to manipulate people to vote for them to give the lights back and a stove.  If they stop the electricity they will harm themselves also the food security.

“What we said very clearly is that security of energy supply is an absolute imperative. Eskom is in crisis and the risks it poses to South Africa are great [and] it could severely damage our economy. We need to minimise any adverse economic costs to the consumer and taxpayer.”

Government’s handling of the Eskom crisis, along with calls to arrest those responsible for corruption, have been two of the main points of criticism during Tuesday’s debate of Ramaphosa’s Sona.

With the country experiencing load shedding for a third consecutive day, opposition parties say government is failing the people of South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance’s Natasha Mazzone made a recommendation for those found guilty of state capture.

“Mr president, let me tell you without a doubt what the average South African will not mind their tax being spend on, it is a new wing at Pretoria’s C-Max prison [Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Centre] dedicated to those who try to steal our country.”

The United Democratic Movement’s Bantu Holomisa claimed that the African National Congress’ investment arm is responsible for the crises at the Medupi and Kusile power stations.

“Eskom comes up with a new excuse from the non-diesel and coal. Now we are told that the project of Hitachi and Chancellor House of Medupi and Kusile which they built are the reasons for this load shedding.”

At the same time, Moody’s says South Africa’s electricity system is under extreme pressure. The ratings agency is warning the reserve margin is likely to remain tight up until mid-2020.


#loadshedding: Small businesses say Eskom’s load shedding could cripple them

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