“Kleptokrasie” – “Ongeloofwaardig”

Kleptocracy is different from a plutocracy;    A kleptocracy is a government ruled by corrupt politicians who use their political power to humiliate and violate human rights;  they plan and receive kickbacks, bribes, and special favors at the expense of the populace, or simply direct state resources to themselves, relatives or associates. Kleptocrats may use political leverage to… Continue reading “Kleptokrasie” – “Ongeloofwaardig”

Dr Venter – NP previous government

  None of the black or coloured men or women in parliament today, or even any men, have stood up for ONE minute and acknowledged what Rina Venter or her liberal colleague did to our people during the 1980's?  Her stories with those of De Klerk and the liberals of Dakar are the same.   … Continue reading Dr Venter – NP previous government

South Africa – 1990 – Rina Venter

Today we have millions and millions of immigrants, from all over the world, demanding free services, free hospitals, free education in schools and universities, free RDP houses and grants.   The list is endless.   A deputy minister of Police declared recently that some areas have 70-80% immigrants around us.   That happened only in 25 years.   And… Continue reading South Africa – 1990 – Rina Venter

Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens

Teen hierdie tyd weet heelwat van ons dat Rina het haar "boek" geskryf wat handel oor "Legkaarte uit haar eie verlede en hoe dit direk met FW skakel en verbandhou".   Heelwat liberales, spesifiek die in die ou regering of kabinet, koppel alles wat hulle gedoen het aan ons as volk.  Luister na die gesprek self,… Continue reading Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens