“Kleptokrasie” – “Ongeloofwaardig”

Kleptocracy is different from a plutocracy;    A kleptocracy is a government ruled by corrupt politicians who use their political power to humiliate and violate human rights;  they plan and receive kickbacks, bribes, and special favors at the expense of the populace, or simply direct state resources to themselves, relatives or associates. Kleptocrats may use political leverage to… Continue reading “Kleptokrasie” – “Ongeloofwaardig”

ET – Eugène Terre’Blanche

NO - 3338 (killed since 1994) 3 April 2019 - GEMARTEL EN GEMOOR Today, 9 years ago, Eugène Terre'Blanche murdered on his farm - Saturday, 03 April 2010 Eugène Terre'Blanche, founder and leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB; Afrikaner Resistance Movement in English) was murdered on his farm Villana, just outside Ventersdorp, on 3 April… Continue reading ET – Eugène Terre’Blanche