Monsanto – George Soros – Suid-Afrika

Wat doen Monsanto – Bayer – George Soros  in Suid Afrika?  AgriSA – die “smeulende” landbousektor en “voedselsekerheid.  Is daar ‘n gemeenskaplike belang – waarskynlik.  Why is Monsanto here in South Africa and they finance AgriSA too.

Bayer plans closing of Monsanto Acquisition on June 7

Wat het sommige boere oor Monsanto te sê?
Some farmers say they are happy with Monsanto’s agreements:

I’m a family farmer, and I have signed a Monsanto contract. I’m the 4th generation to work this land. Somewhere along the line the idea corporations control farms or farmers are slaves to “Big Ag” came about. People claim that we are beholden to corporations like Monsanto and have to sign unfair contracts to be privileged enough to use their seed….We get a lot of our seed from agribusinesses like the “evil” Monsanto so I’d like to share my thoughts with you on this issue.

When we buy Monsanto’s GMO seeds we sign a Technology/Stewardship Agreement….Here’s a quick rundown of the requirements.

  • We agree to use seed with Monsanto patented technology solely for planting a single commercial crop. And don’t sell any to your neighbor either it says.  That’s right, we can’t save seed to grow the next year, and frankly I’m not interested in doing that….Soybeans are a different story, but hybrid corn won’t produce the same seeds you planted anyway. And the modern planting equipment we use is happiest and most accurate when seed is very clean and sorted by size and shape. 

Farming, Seed and Monsanto

Bayer announced its intention to acquire Monsanto in May 2016 and signed an agreement with the U.S. company for 128 U.S. dollars per share in September 2016. Currently that corresponds to a total cost of approximately 63 billion U.S. dollars taking into account Monsanto’s debt outstanding as of February 28, 2018.
From 2021 onward, that contribution is expected to be double-digit percentage. Moreover, adjusted for divestments, Bayer expects synergies to deliver annual contributions of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars to EBITDA before special items as of 2022.

Monsanto Bayer

Image result for monsanto bayer photo

Progress of the Bayer-Monsanto mega-takeover, which secured regulatory approval from European Union (EU) competition authorities, is only the most recent manifestation of a wider trend of structural transformation in the global agrochemical industry.
GMO Monsanto


The previous government knew all along who and what Soros is and also Monsanto.  Soros and his organisation Open Society Foundation South Africa finance the communist constitution and parliament.

Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

Die vorige regering was 100% bewus van Soros en wat die maatskappy, Monsanto en sy OSF.SA doen in Suid-Afrika.   Nie net is dit voedsel wat bespuit word nie, maar ook die vals vlaggies wat voorgehou word wat swart studente oplei.  Dit is slegs SWART bemagtiging.   Nie vir blankes nie.  Ironies dat alle skole, universiteite, technikonne en landbouskole oop is vir 24 jaar, maar daar word steeds net swart opleidingsterreine geskep vir swartes.  Hoeveel van die swartes wat gratis hier in SA kom studeer is immigrante, elders uit Afrika uit wat eenvoudig ons geriewe gratis gebruik.

Wat is in die gifstowwe wat gebruik word en wat ook in produkte verskyn?


Monsanto South Africa is celebrating its jubilee year in South Africa in 2018. The company’s journey in South Africa began 50 years ago, on 14 February 1968, when Monsanto was registered as a supplier of agricultural products.
Monsanto – 50 years in South Africa

Meer agtergrond – OSF.SA is al ‘n geruime tyd in die land, en nie net onder die vleuels van die ANC nie, maar ook Zille, Slabbert en die vorige Nasionale party regering.  Ons almal weet teen hierdie tyd, dat Soros beheer die parlement, sy OSF.SA is ‘n hoof skenker, asook die liberale Grondwet, Kodesa en ook Idasa.  Idasa was heelwat omstrede omdat baie min weet van die “vakansies in Dakar en ander plekke op die kontinent, en Soros het vir alles betaal.

OSF-SA started its work in 1993, opening offices in Cape Town as the country prepared for its first democratic elections. But George Soros, chairman and founder of the Open Society Foundations, had already been engaged in South Africa. In 1979 he launched only black scholarship programme for black South African students to study at the University of Cape Town –  “his first ever venture into philanthropy”    And in 1987, Soros provided financial support to Idasa (and later Codesa) for the first dialogue between South African business and political leaders seeking to dismantle the apartheid system.

But the opposite is the truth.  There are still segregation areas – All landclaims and Trustlands are separate lands for individual groups of people like in the old days with Homelands.  Nothing has been changed.    They only changed the wording from Reserves (1910) to Homelands and today they are all Trustlands.

OSF.SA Soros en Suid-Afrika – Zille

Monsanto Lackey Refuses Glyphosate Beverage



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