Geen boer – geen voedsel

Die gevolge van aanvalle en plaasmoorde op boere, asook die skending van menseregte en onteienings beteken een ding – hongersnood.   Met geen boer in sig is daar geen voedsel op die rakke en winkels nie.  Daar is geen voedselsekerheid in sig nie en dit gaan eskaleer en honger immigrante sal in strome oorbars na Suid-Afrika op soek na voedsel.
Those people want to be self-sufficient and they are independent – and think that nobody need a farmer to get food on the shelves.  There is no food security at all.  What will happen to immigrants no to neighbouring countries?  – they will not stay away from us.

Image result for food crisis in zimbabwe

Daar is vir jare weggedoen met boere uit Zimbabwe uit en waarskuwings het oral gevolg, maar leiers weet beter.   Daar was duisende boere uit Zimbabwe wat moes vlug vir hul lewens.  Ten minste kon hulle na Suid-Afrika vlug.

Minerale is deel van die eetpatroon en sal sorg vir voedsel op die rakke.  Minerale is sag op die tande.

No farmer NO food


Now those people want farmers back and farmers do not want to go back to be attacked,  war zones and violations of human rights.   Do people really think that if you keep on to attack and kill farmers that there will be enough food for you and your families?  Why must farmers do that and go back to any such a place.

Same thing will happen in South Africa where farmers been killed and attack on a daily basis.
2018 in Zimbabwe
Geen boer geen voedsel – No farmer no food

This was in 2015 – already started years back – 2007 and even before that time.
Zimbabwe and no food

Farm attacks and killings – 2000 (Zimbabwe)

Farm killings in Zambabwe – same pattern in South Africa

A hit squad has murdered another white farmer, Mr Alan Dunn, in Zimbabwe. Six men dragged him from his home on his farm near Beatrice, 35 miles south of Harare, on Sunday and bludgeoned him with concrete blocks and bricks. In less than 10 minutes Mr Dunn was unconscious in a pool of blood with a fractured skull, two broken arms and internal injuries. He died early yesterday. The political killing provides fresh evidence that President Robert Mugabe is maintaining a campaign of state-sponsored violence against opposition supporters.   Mr Dunn’s death brings to 19 the number of backers of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) killed by Mr Mugabe’s supporters since April 1st. The dead include white farmers, black farm labourers, city residents and peasants.

On Sunday, Mr Hunzvi told journalists that all the British passport holders in Zimbabwe, estimated at 20,000, must leave the country. “This is not Zimbabwe/Britain. This is Zimbabwe on its own. We are now going to search for those people with British passports [and tell them] to leave our country,” said Mr Hunzvi.

In Zimbabwe you will hear about various tribal fights but see for yourself what is Gukurahunda – Read about the “Fifth brigade” – solders from Northern Korea operating in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe – What is Gukurahunda?


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