Municipal Pension funds – Munisipale pensioenfonds – others as well

  The Municipal sector today is a standout culprit for not paying over retirement contributions and took it for themselves.  The office of the Pension Funds Adjudicator (PFA) received 11,399 new complaints over the past year from aggrieved members of pension funds and the beneficiaries of deceased members.    This is a 16% increase on the… Continue reading Municipal Pension funds – Munisipale pensioenfonds – others as well

Ramaphosa and Zuma’s missions

Ekonomiese plundering en rewolusie - alles word gekaap.  Verwys na die ANC se 1955 manifes.  Daar is geen staatsbeheerde organisasie wat nie al leeg geplunder of tot niet is nie, in die afgrond in bestuur sedert 1994.   Bewilliging van fondse kom uit die staatskas uit en dis leeg.    Hoe herstel mens so iets wat… Continue reading Ramaphosa and Zuma’s missions

Nersa approves Tshwane’s proposal to 13.07%

Nersa supported to increase electricity as they wish in the Pretoria area?  Increases all over.    Eskom managers did not show any competency and now Government want to grab the pension funds too to "bail them out" - pension funds "bi-bi".   Government want to grab the old age people's funds and those that contributed for… Continue reading Nersa approves Tshwane’s proposal to 13.07%

RSA State pension

  State pension fund hit by R7.4bn in write-offs.   The fund had R7.4bn in impairments for the 2017/18 financial year, compared with R995m the previous year.  The Government Employees Pension Fund’s (GEPF) R4.3bn investment in Steinhoff’s empowerment shareholder, Lancaster, which is partially owned by Pepkor Holdings chair Jayendra Naidoo, was rendered worthless after the 2017… Continue reading RSA State pension