Racism and discrimination – Andre Slade

Our government leaders like to play the race card.  This few foughts are about:  Racism, hate, discrimination – Andre Martin Slade build his guesthouse on Zululand Ingonyama Trust property – Sodwana Bay Guest House, with a chief’s permission.  .Unfortunately it is not his guesthouse but belong to the Ingonyama Trust and Zulu king.   Can you remember this case?   The trust and legislation stipulated that a person can hire it, but it will stay the property of the trust.  But he was told he can build his own house or guesthouse.

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There is for us only one way, Afrikaners and Boers (all white peoples) to get our own independent country, without any racism and hate as it is now.   We live under communism at this stage – do you like this?  not me.   We do not have any democracy.

The Zulu people also have their own land and king – why not us?   

Same with the Khoi san people, they all have traditional leaders, why not us?   

Currently there are 8840 traditional leaders and we, the tax payers must pay them and their families.  Those thousands are nothing of us.   Previously in homelands it was the same, but they were on its way to get full independence like Botswana and South Sudan.

We are just a white tribe (s) and have the same rights as any other people – where does it stipulate that we do not have that right to do that?  There is international rights that any people have the right to rule themselves in their own country.


Leaders made often their own speeches on a daily basis and it is full of hate and racism against the whites in South Africa.   Ramaphosa told everybody we are the “invaders and thieves”, that is not the truth.   We as Afrikaners and Boers are here since 1654 and we also have two independent countries that the British empire annexed – they annexed also the other ethnic groups land, not us.


17 December 2019

The racist owner of the Sodwana Bay guest house and his partner have been given 20 days to vacate the property after breaching the lease agreement.A Weekend Witness report notes Andre Martin Slade gained notoriety in 2016 when he sent an e-mail barring black people from the guesthouse.

Now Slade and his Slovakian partner‚ Katarina Krizaniova‚ have appeared in the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) to personally challenge an application brought by the Ingonyama Trust to have them evicted.

Judge Rishi Seegobin said that Slade had entered into a long lease with the trust that started in May 2009 and was to run until November 2048.    Slade breached the agreement by establishing and running a guesthouse and by failing to pay rent – amounting to R62 584 – as at February 2018.

Seegobin added that Slade was given permission to occupy the land by some other tribal chief and added that the trust is not the legal owner of the property and, accordingly, the Zulu king has no right to the land.

Instead of addressing the case, Slade embarked on an ‘unnecessary and fruitless tirade’, the judge said.    ‘In any event, in light of Slade’s own views of black people and the extremely hurtful and racist views he holds against them, perhaps it is time that he is removed from their midst in northern KZN,’ added the judge.



Previously and this land issues, racism and discrimination are all related to the Afrikaner and Boer people.

The liberals (whites) like to live with a false flag rainbow nation, that never existed in South Africa.   There is still segregation in South Africa.     Show us it is not the truth.


There are various Hansards, legislations and white papers that pointed out that Khoisan and Blacks have different areas, received various incomes from us, the tax payers like it was before 1994 (Homelands changed to Trustland or CPA).

There are 8840 traditional leaders – for only khoi san and different black groups of people.   (Parliament 2018)


Die liberale persone is gou om die “Law” te beskryf aan die Afrikaners, Boere en Blankes, soos dit hom of haar pas, maar as dit by Trustgebiede kom dan bly hulle tjoepstil… dan mag swartes of khoi san of enige ander volksgroepe in hul aparte CPA gebiede, soos die Richtersveld finansies ontvang en dit is dan reg.

Hoeveel mense weet dat meer as 30 miljoen etniese swartes almal steeds in hul Tuislande aka Trustgebiede of CPA’s woon en dat die res om hulle grotendeels almal immigrante is … miljoene immigrante en meestal is onwettig in die land.



Daar is geen vryheid van assosiasie nie, nie vir die Blanke minderhede in Suid-Afrika nie.   Daar word gedurig voor ons koppe gegooi ons besit steeds soos in 1980 sowat 87% grondgebied, wat alles leuens is.

Waar het die uitsluitsel van die sogenaamde apartheidsvlag sommige klassieke liberales gebring?   net mooi nerens nie.   Daar is geen “apartheidsvlag” nie, ons het dit nie geskep nie.   Die Britte het dit geskep – Shepstone beleid.

Daar is reeds 7.5 miljoen swart eienaars met titelaktes – dit sal interessant wees om te weet waar hierdie miljoene bly en hoeveel daar per huisgesin is.

Hoeveel miljoene hektaar grond is daar in hierdie miljoene se besit?


The 7.5 million black ownership in SA


SPECIAL REPORT: The truth about land ownership in South Africa  – a big fat lie.

Government bought more than  5000 farms in the name of land reform.

‘A total of 17,439 million ha have been transferred from white ownership since 1994, which is equal to 21% of the 82,759 million ha of farmland in freehold in South Africa’

Grondsake – Land issues


None of us Afrikaners or Boers can buy or live on the Trustland of the Zulu people or Khoi San , ea. Richtersveld. Richtersveld was one of a hundreds of areas that were claimed and were already given to the Khoi san and others in 2007.

Richtersveld – Diamonds


Previously they said that we stole their land.   Khoisan, Griqwa areas were annexed by the British empire and not by us, the Boer people.

Ingonyama Trust – Zwelithini –


27 June 2019

When the government implemented all stages of their B-BBEE and EE legislations, it is not discrimination, but if a white person want to do the same only for their own people, it is discrimination.

B-BBEE – EE – racism and discrimination


Another week. Another incident of racial and homophobic discrimination comes to light. This time the perpetrator is the owner of Sodwana Bay guesthouse, André Slade, who says no black people or gays and lesbians are welcome at his establishment. Slade is obviously a bit unhinged and his views would be considered extreme – even by middle of the road racists and homophobes. But many share his unfounded belief that the religious views of the owner of a private business justifies discrimination.

For some reason that defies logic, many South Africans still believe the myth that their right to freedom of association, their right to property, or their right to freedom of religion allows them to discriminate against others on the basis of race, sex or sexual orientation.

This myth – repeated over and over by the defenders of discrimination as if it is a magic spell aimed at warding off witches and evil spirits – is based on the belief that early 20th century legal arrangements in colonial Britain still apply in South Africa. Those who perpetuate this myth are profoundly ignorant about South African law.

(on the liberal daily maverick)





Sihle Zikalala suspends operations at Sodwana Bay Guest House


ANCYL members march to ‘racist’ Sodwana Bay Guest House


Racist Sodwana Bay guest lodge owner Andre Slade has had criminal charges opened against him by Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs MEC Sihle Zikalala, who is the ANC provincial chairman. He will also face a Sars investigation and has had his business license suspended.



Former Sodwana Bay guesthouse owner André Slade has been fined R50 000, payable to a charity, for racist remarks he made in 2016.  The Equality Court in Ubombo, Zululand, this week ruled that Slade’s comments and conduct amounted to unfair discrimination on the ground of race and hate speech and that they went against the constitution.
Etnisiteit: Konserwatiewe blankes


They are a leading full service law firm and the largest law firm in central South Africa with offices in Bloemfontein and Sandton. 
“B-BBEE” “EE” factors in SA


Besighede, in terme van die SA regering se rassistiese beleid en wetgewing, is  slegs vir swartes en niemand anders nie – daar is nie net een so ‘n voorbeeld nie, en nerens word daar teen enige van die swart besighede opgetree wat slegs vir swartes is nie.    CPA’s en Trustgebiede is slegs vir daardie volke wat in die gebiede woon en werk.  Dis nie demokraties nie.  Daar word heeltyd voor ons koppe gehou oor die sogenaamde apartheid ons skuld is, maar na 1994 het tuislande se name verander na trustgebiede of CPAs.

Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland


After 1994, the name of Homeland changed to Trustland or CPA (various land claims).  Most people of the old homelands are still living in poverty.


A list – Only Blacks, listed in Hansard, parliament – 2012-13   – In terms of their own legislations they are not racist and there is “no discrimination against other races in South Africa”, but the B-BBEE and EE legislations are only against the WHITE minority groups of people of South Africa.  That is also against international law and a violation of our people’s human rights.

ANC, with their political partners,  implemented various B-BBEE and EE legislations against whites to discriminate against all whites in South Africa.

Ramaphosa is the chair person of the B-BBEE and EE commission of parliament SA.

Swart besighede – Black owned entities

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