Kommunisme, voedselsekuriteit en onafhanklike gebiede vir ons as volk

Kommunisme en voedselsekuriteit is nie vennote nie.    Die foto regs is ongeveer in 1922 in Rusland en skets ‘n armoedige en onheilspellende gesig af van ondervoeding, wanvoeding en oorlog.  Jong kinders met geen kragte in daardie tenger liggaampies nie.  Dis wat ook op ons kontinent, en hier in Suid-Afrika afspeel.  Lees en sien self hoe pas die weermag en polisie die voedselvoorsieningsplekke op:  Bolshevisme.
Wat kommunisme aan ‘n land doen: vernietig
Other disturbing images from the famine show children suffering with severe malnutrition, their stomachs bloated and almost every bone in their body visible.   One of the worst hit places was the city of Samara, situated in the southeastern part of European Russia at the confluence of the Volga and Samara Rivers.   Aid from outside Russia was initially rejected by Lenin because he saw it as other countries interfering.   Polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen came to the city in 1921 and was horrified by what he saw – almost the entire city was dying from hunger.  He raised 40 billion Swiss francs and established up to 900 places where people could get food.

kommunisme en voedsel

Daar is geen land waar kommunisme, veral bolsjevisme heers,  ‘n nasie of verskeidenheid volke totaal en al voed nie, inteendeel die teenoorgestelde?

In sommige steeds groeiende kommunistiese lande is daar heelwat protesaksies te bespeur of arbeidskampe.  Al wat sommiges doen, is afbreek en alles wat werk omkeer met radikale vernietiging.   Die elites smag na mag en minerale.   Dit gebeur daagliks in die strate van Suid-Afrika.  Stedelinge en werkloses, heelwat hiervan is immigrante afkomstig uit Afrika.  Waarom word hulle forseer uit Afrika uit as dit so goed gaan in hul lande?

Soros wat ons parlement en grondwet beheer,  betaal graag – dit wil voorkom hoe groter die skade hoe groter is die betalings, want die mense wat so afbreek is en lyk nie verslons nie, dra die beste skoene en klere sowel die selfone wat gebruik word, spreek van luuksheid.

Dit is tyd, dat ons as volk, ons eie belange eerste stel, en nie die ander volke wat niks omgee nie.  Hou fokus hou op algemene oorlewing, stap weg hiervan dat ons pa en ma kan staan vir armoede uit Afrika uit en/of selfs uitdeel.  Is dit regtig ons plig om meer bekommerd te wees oor ander volke en nie ons eie volkere in ag neem met veral werkskepping en opleidingsprogramme nie?


Zambia and farmers from Zimbabwe

Damage control is a bit late for those who died and killed by this type of rulers.  Zambia is not the only nation or peoples,  to have benefited from the expertise of white Zimbabwean farmers.   Mozambique and Botswana have also benefited.

AND for the world to know – this is NO co-incidence – South Africa is on its way, with the very same legislations in place, also Trustlands (previously reserves – british crown lands) – to destroy people of that countries?    Other countries do have same type of racist legislations in place.

Who tried to stop Mugabe the ruler of Zimbabwe?   “Mugabe: Kill the white man!”   Either whites left of were also tortured and killed like here in South Africa.

That’s right “get the hell out of my country and my continent” – this was recently repeated by Ramaphosa as well – same podium, just another day and country


How dare you make Zimbabwe the breadbasket of Africa!   This is “our continent” Africa is only a “black continent”  – since when?

When will the Blacks them leave European countries and other white continents that whites can live together on one place – think that will be very very nice!

(30 years later) – How many black people survived in Zimbabwe since he took over?   And the world know exactly who and what he is and was.  Who in his/her right mind will go back to such a place.   And South Africa is not far away from this situation as well.

SABC : Farm killings and land grabs


Ramaphosa and hundreds of thousands reacted to Trumps “investigation” – at this moment it was NO interference to ask for an investigation at all.  But the blacks believe that.

After Trumps twitter message, Me May visited South Africa and what was she doing here – INTERFERE also in our policies in South Africa.  So what is the difference – one LEADER (MAY) agree with the “motion” and land expropriation but if Trump ask for an investigation regarding that,  it is interference.

Citizens of Brittain did not agree with May at all.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


Daar bestaan nie so ‘n kombinasie dat voedselsekuriteit en kommunisme vennote is nie.  Nog minder is daar “demokrasie”.   Wat het sedert 1994 al gebeur?  Bolsjevisme vernietig volkskulture en die lewenswyse van elke volk – om een slawerny volgelingbasis te verkry – of jy volg hulle of jy word vermink en vermoor.

Kommunisme vernietig vooruitgang.   Die drang van kommunisme is daar om die verskeidenheid van volksmense in een pot te gooi en dood te brand.  Dan dink mens opnuut weer aan Ramaphosa se padda kokery.  Wees maar gewaarsku as jy dink jy is in sy potjie, verdwyn maar vinnig daaruit of hy gaan jou papkook.

Food insecurity

What is food insecurity?  Is there a difference between household and national food insecurity? Most importantly, what actions can we adopt to fix the food insecurity problem?   Internationally, food security is defined as the ability of people to secure adequate food for all.     Normally food security exists when all people of all types have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active life.  What is important to keep in mind:

Food Availability is important: Which speaks to the fact that a country must have sufficient quantities of healthy food available on a consistent basis at both national and household level.
Food Access: Implies the ability of a nation and its households to acquire sufficient and healthy food on a sustainable basis.
Suid-Afrika se ANC rewolusie sedert 1955 aan die gang

Konserwatiewe blanke bevolkings se deelname in Suid-Afrika



Hier is ‘n klein voorsmakie van die SAKP:  Hoeveel boeties en sissies hier is uit die buurstate is ‘n oop vraag.   As die massas op die onderstaande foto vir een oomblik stilstaan en vir 5 uur wag – wat gebeur?  eet – wie se voedsel eet hulle en waarvandaan word dit gekry?  Dit is tyd ons moet ons rug hierop draai en na ons eie belange omsien.

They believe in:

  1. The SACP’s strategic commitment to advancing, deepening and defending the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) as a crucial strategic objective in its own right, and as the most direct path to socialism in South Africa; and
  2. The SACP’s longstanding strategic commitment to the Alliance, and to actively building a broad, mass-based ANC committed to the leading role of the working class within the NDR.

    Believing that:

    • A bold state led rural development strategy can help address problems around job creation, service and infrastructural development, sustainable livelihoods to address multiple needs, food security and access to land
    • Such a strategy will be crucial in particular in helping to address the plight of poor women headed households, which are the majority in the rural areas, and in contributing to the transformation of gender relations in the countryside

1. While the state of white minority rule has been abolished and important
constitutional and other gains have been won, the post-1994 state requires
significant transformation.

2. This includes amongst other things:

a) Redressing the damaging impact of privatisation and restructuring policies
that have weakened the capacity of the state and exposed key strategic areas
to the dominance of private capital;

b) Addressing the lack of a clear cadre development policy in the state;

c) Building the strategic capacity of the state to drive developmental

d) Rebuilding critical sectors of the public service, including health care and
education, that are still reeling from the effects of years of down-sizing and
other restructuring measures;

e) Transforming the key area of local government, often the weakest sphere of

3. That SACP cadres who are deployed as ANC elected representatives, or as
public servants must continue to owe allegiance to the Party and cannot conduct
themselves in ways that are contrary to the fundamental policies, principles and
values of the SACP. The same principle applies to SACP cadres in other
deployments, including within the trade union movement, community
organisations, etc.

S A K P kommunisme


Die volgende is ‘n wêreld “toepassingsbeleid” vir EEN nasie

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Daar is beslis oplossings – beur vorentoe vir ons eie onafhanklike gebied – dis ‘n internasionale reg

Selfbeskikking alle volke.PNG

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