Bending the knee to communist terrorists in SA

Excellent Opinion by Barend Pienaar

The communist terrorists are attacking the white community on every possible level and the mainstream media is complicit by their silence. We simply have to defend ourselves as these raids and attacks continue unabated. And with so-called ‘sport leaders’, the authorities and the media simply bending the knee to communism and these terrorists, they are basically declaring that our lives are worth nothing!

'Bending the knee' to the communist terrorists in South Africa


In an increasingly fierce onslaught against the Whites in South Africa, where our own personal security is increasingly at stake and where by 15 July 2020, we have already had 33 recorded farm attacks for the month and 4 murders. This despicable and ongoing onslaught of terrorism can not be justified.

These attitudes remind me a lot of the ‘foot washing’ by Mr Vlok and associates, what did that help? And we still remember it because your actions caused our security base to deteriorate 100 times. And the latest run of attacks does not help the situation at all.

You guys are bending again and my question is what is that going to help?

Do you think for one moment that it will stop a farm murderer or a terrorist from cutting the throat of an old uncle or aunt with a blunt panga?

Your actions are despicable and moving the goalposts is not going to help. Aligning yourselves with Satan and his brood will also not help at all.

You are not worth those white skins!

‘Bending the knee’ to the communist terrorists in South Africa



The power of criminals and terrorists – communists in South Africa.

Hoe sien ‘n gewone burger die daad van terroriste bendes – bang en agter tronkdeure en tronkvensters, wat wag om aangeval en vermoor word?  Misdadigers en terroriste loop buite rond met meer mag as die burgers.

Moorde op plase – Killings on farms/other


It is not too much to say that the Russian Revolution made South African Marxism possible. There were Marxists in South Africa before the Russian Revolution, and Marxist organizations. But there was nothing that could have been recognized as specifically South African Marxism.   By the time of the revolution, there was a Marxist organization with a national presence, called the International Socialist League (ISL). It had structures in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. It had emerged from a split from the South African Labour Party (SALP) in 1915, motivated by the SALP’s support of Britain in World War I.

Liberalisme and Marxism in SA – #bolshevism


What happened 100 years back?

Heelwat wat vandag plaasvind, selfs onder naam van die virus, is aanduiding van ‘n herhaling van die 1917 Bosjevistiese kommunisme of iets soortgelyk.   Swart bemagtiging word steeds veral teenoor alle blankes in Suid-Afrika toegepas, om te vernietig.  Juis om hul besighede agter grendel te hou en so te vernietig waar niemand besigheid doen/ finansies ontvang nie om “afhanklik van kommunistiese regering” te wees.

Communism – Boshevism – so-called reform – so-called land reform

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