Victor Mosehla – Modimolle farm

This is Shocking – This was a productive farm at Modimolle Limpopo, a chicken farm – and once a productive farm.   Where are food security here – there is nothing – Government ANC bought 5000 farms since 1994.  This will not change, because George Soros is the ruler and finance Parliament, constitution and everything.


Victor Mosehla’s letters

Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

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An opinion on his fb – ANC government destroy the lebowakgomo show, it destroy the Roedan Sisal project, Zebediela citrus, Lepelle agricultural projects, it closes morethan 100 agricultural site offices around Limpopo, Tompi seleka college of agriculture it suffers under ANC government,ANC destroy the wealth of Limpopo – then the supporters vote again for the ANC.


15 June 2019

The despicable ANC has turned this Modimolle Limpopo chicken farm into a shithole.     Driving outside Modimolle with my son, I was shocked to stumble on this abandoned chicken farm…It looked like a once productive farm.   I was told by the neighbour it was given to a comrade by the ANC government.

The comrade never lived on the land. These chicken houses are usually R1.5 million for a single unit – there were several of them.

It looked automated, fully computerised. The greedy comrade in a sickening betrayal of his people and country sold the chickens and abandoned the farm.   The comrade now stubbornly refuses to hand this land over to black South Africans for more productive development.


The ANC appear not to care when productive land sits idle. Is our govt sitting on hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land? REFUSING to make anything available to our suffering and disadvantaged people who desperately need this land..because clearly this wretched and corrupt govt, and this filthy comrade do not value it.


Dear ANC – if you can see past all your corruption and greed for just a moment, and hold to your commitment to the suffering citizens of SA … that is if you truly care for the impoverished and disenfranchised citizens of our country…


The word corruption, neglect, ineptitude and brazen arrogance are synonymous with this floundering ANC National Government — is it not time to hold them accountable, brothers and sisters?

V. Mosehla


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