Coal South Africa – Steenkool

Die sages rondom steenkool en Eskom in Suid-Afrika se steenkool (aanvraag en aanbod) duur voort.   Dis eerder te gemaklik om te rapporteer dat daar geen steenkool is, terwyl groot gedeeltes eerder na China en ook Indië uitgevoer word.  Brics lande.   Die belastingbetaler se “skades en heffings” om krag te mag gebruik word net verhoog om by Eskom aan te pas.  Boere, landbousektor, elke besigheid en huishouding lei daaronder.  Met hoeveel gaan die verbruik van Eskom krag verhoog word – hoekom moet die belastingbetaler weer eens betaal vir alles, terwyl die wat steel rustig voortgaan daarmee.  Gerieflik word “apartheid” of Jan van Riebeeck as verskoning gebruik, terwyl miljoene skades berokken word en daar net sekere elites bevoordeel word.  Hoeveel en wie is al sedert 1994 bevoordeel?

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China-staat in Limpopo

Is this really Land expropriation?

Ramaphosa : Trump



Richards Bay Terminal says Capex has been approved for new ship loader and unloaders

Despite these TPT says it has made progress. More than 70% of the terminal�s 40+ kilometres of conveyor belt network has been replaced and is brand new and TPT remained committed to finding solutions [to the other challenges] as it continued working towards achieving business targets set by its shareholder.




Excellent progress is being made in the transformation of the coal mining industry on several fronts, including:

  •  Ownership
  •  Skills Development
  •  Procurement
  •  Employment Equity
  •  Community Enterprise Development
  •  Corporate Social Investment

RBCT is well on its way to meeting the Mining Charter empowerment ownership criterion of 26% black ownership, set by the Department of Mineral Resources.

In 2004 RBCT started the Quattro process, making an initial capacity of 1 million tons per annum to Junior Miners. This capacity escalated to 4 million tons per annum.

To date, 19 million tons per annum has been allocated to meet the needs of black economic empowered mining entities. These include emerging junior miners who are part of the empowerment processes driven by government, together with RBCT’s own B-BBEE shareholding processes.

More than 20% of the South African coal sector is now owned and controlled by B-BBEE parties, with more than 20 B-BBEE deals having been concluded to date, at a value of approximately R19 billion.

A Phase 6 Expansion is also on the cards with potential to increase capacity to 110 MTPA through the main coal line, in partnership with government and Transnet. This would enable more capacity to be allocated to emerging miners, in line with RBCT’s commitment to empowerment.

really?  which nation?  only certain elite groups?

Related image

Zululand Observer
June 2015

India, now RBCT’s biggest customer after knocking China into second place, continues to rise at the centre of the seaborne thermal coal market.  Two weeks ago, GlobalCOAL welcomed eight new Indian market members to its online coal trading platform while projections for the Asian country’s imports over the next three years escalated at 165mt (2015), 180mt (2016) and 190mt (2017).

The broker announced on Monday it would cap the growing ‘above the market’ offers for coal via the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) after receiving complaints from international traders that non-standard shipments of 40 000 million tons and 60 000mt artificially drives up the price of SA coal.

The record 75.4 million tonnes of coal exported out of the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) in 2015


coal per continent.PNG

other reports to read:



Richardsbaai is een van die grootste uitvoerhawes in die suidelike halfrond en ook een van die diepste uitvoerhawes wat steenkool uitvoer.   Daar was geen hawe voor 1971 nie.
The harbour started developing 1970-71.

History 1- early RB before it all began

Steenkool uitvoere in 1977 – export of coal 1977

Klein begin en gegroei – na hawe ontwikkelings 1981 – export

Old pic8

More export at RBCT – coal – this is 2006 plans

Eskom en sy steenkool
ESKOM en die Guptas
Steenkool / Coal
Guptas ~ Ramaphosa


The RBCT Shareholders  – exporters  

rbct shareholders.PNG


Richards Bay Coal Terminal  Proprietary Limited

Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT)is a world class coal export terminal situated in the Port of Richards Bay.      The terminal was opened in 1976 with an original capacity of 12 million tons per annum (mt/a).

The terminal provides South Africa’s Coal Exporting Parties (CEP’s) with a world class logistics service that facilitates the export of coal.   RBCT is positioned at one of the world’s deep sea ports, and handles large ships and large volumes of coal.

The 276 hectare site currently boasts a quay that is 2,2 kilometers long with six berths and four ship loaders, with a stockyard capacity of 8,2 million tons (mt).  RBCT shares a strong co-operative relationship with South Africa’s national utility, Transnet, which provides the railway services linking the coal mines to the port, and the shipping coordination of more than 900 ships per annum.  All RBCT’s operations and administrative functions are conducted in Richards Bay.



Somebody on social media reported:

South Africa sitting in the dark again with a terrible laod shedding schedule… Here is what the media isn’t reporting!

China is stealing the coal… Yes and who’s approving this? Think people… Government clearly don’t give a flying hoot about “the people” – Corruption runs deep!

Richardsbay harbour. Ship’s currently loading and transporting coal to China. Estimated 36 000 tons each.

There are about 40 ships minimum there so that could be in the region of 1,5 million tons of coal! No wonder Eskom is battling with rubbish coal to try and burn – all the good stuff is buggering off to China who we all know would not buy the rubbish!

Some comments:

I got the report this morning, 36 ships. Of which each can carry an average load of 200 000 tons. That is about 7.2 million tons of A grade coal/anthracite. The stuff that should be going to our own reserves for power generation.


They just want to make money from selling our coal to the Chinese.Tell us there’s no coal and they need to increase electricity by 15%(to steal)Unbloodybelievable!!!!They don’t care about the people of South Africa only money!!


There are seven million tons of coal about to be shipped the China on 36 ships. While the people are suffering with no electricity. The ANC government has sold you to the Chinese. I call on all South Africans black and white to stand up and remove these criminals. Arrest them all. Hawk 2018


There is no shortage of coal. This is nothing more than the ANC holding the public to moral blackmail to force them to pay more for electricity. Wake up people, South Africa is no longer a country, it a corporation funded by the public to offer sheltered employment to an otherwise unemployable group of people. Who in their right minds pays a salary of R400 000 a month to a man who can barely start a lawnmower let alone a powerstation.


A Contract is a contract. Eskom wants increases that is why the Middelburg chamber of commerce indicates eskom NOT loading coal from suppliers for the past month. To spite us. There is enough coal.  No blackouts!!!   but we must suffer


Perhaps also another reasons – MONEY TALKS  with (brics) the Chinese involvement here – suspect that it has to do with that farm that they want to take without paying for it … is sitting on top of lots of coal ….. they want the coal without paying for the farm ….. is this a way to try get the nation to ok taking it?  Here the Chinese want to create their own “province” for the chinese as well.  Near the borders of Mocambique – Zimbabwe – Botswana and South Africa.


This is not new. Its been going on for.years now. But what is not reported or said is that the coal that is being exported is A grade coal.
The B grade coal is the best quality coal available to us in the country. Escom is more than happy to accept B grade or C grade coal, as its cheaper firstly and secondly they are just going to burn it anyway.
The A grade coal however could be used for the production of other things like feul, plastics etc etc. So where is the problem?
Its not the fact that we export coal, gold, diamonds, platinum and whatever else minerals to other countries.
The problem is that Escom has been dragging their feet for to long to build new power stations. The fact is that the mines (especially the Gupta owned) is not paying their people who is now striking (I believe, please correct me if I am wrong). But the coal will always be there.
Escom is just using the coal as an excuse that they are not able to meet in the demand. Remember that they not only supply us with electricity, but also some of our neighbouring countries.
Also the fact that there are actual municipalities that owe them m/billions even though the milk cows paid up. These municipalities can not keep up their payments due to mismanagement and also the informal settlements, where illegal electricity connections by residents are a given.
How do you expect Escom to pay their bills (let alone for export quality A grade coal) when half of the population of this country steals electricity, thus leaving the municipalities cash strapped.
There are only SO MANY white people in this country who you can milk every cent from. And dont make that statement a racist remark and a racial debate. I am not a racist. THAT IS A FACT, and before you even think of saying I am racist, first come with your facts and proof that there is not even 1 isinjoga connection in the townships. You can take our farms, you can take our money, you can take our government, you can take our schools, you can take as you want, but you wont take our voices.


The difference between us and them is…we count our pennies in hundreds while they count there pennies in Billions….stealing from the poor!


12 July 2018 – Ramaphosa together with Jeff Radebe and Patrice Motsepe goes to Saudi Arabia and the Saudis invest $10 billion at Eskom.

24 July 2018 – Eskom signs a R33 billion loan with China Development Bank.

4 November 2018 – Eskom shuts down two power plants claiming diesel shortages.

12 November 2018 – Eskom issue out a statement that load shedding will be back because they are running out of coal.

15 Nov 2018 – Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe leads the interviews for the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) position.

29 November 2018 – Eskom needs a R5 billion bailout.

30 November 2018 – Eskom issues out a tender advert for the supply of diesel and it closes on 3 December 2018. It was advertised on Friday and it closed on Monday.

Now wait for it:

01 December 2018 – Patrice Motsepe who went to Saudi Arabia with Ramaphosa donates R3.5 billion for now the land reform that was land expropriation without compensation. That’s money going to compensate white land owners who stole land.

04 December 2018 – Cyril Ramaphosa announces new NDPP Shamila Batohi.

05 December 2018 – Middelburg Chamber of Commerce CEO Anna-Marth Ott says there’s no shortage of coal at Eskom. Eskom is not collecting coal for reasons unknown.

What is happening here??

~There is no shortage of coal at Eskom. This load shedding crisis is deliberately created to loot the money invested by foreign governments. Look at the diesel tender advertised by Eskom over to the weekend and closed on a Monday. Again they are making way for IPPs while looting and bankrupting Eskom in order to later privatize and buy it at a fraction of its worth.

~Is the R3.5 billion donation from deputy Mandela money channelled through his benefiting from IPPs a scheme to compensate white land owners, should we expect more of these donations from deputy Mandela, is deputy Mandela’s involvement in IPPs a strategy to channel money for their land reform?

~Why did Jeff Radebe, the minister of Energy lead and conduct interviews for the appointment of the head of National Director of Public Prosecutions? Why were the interviews not chaired by the minister of Justice? Will these people currently looting through load shedding at Eskom and the real state capturers be ever prosecuted if the NDPP is head hunted by the Sbari United Front (SUF)?

~The money invested and loaned by foreign governments is not meant for Eskom but is meant to enrich few elite individuals like the and the foreign companies SUF the foreign governments that invested the money.

That is your THUMAMINA!!

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