NHI Capture will be Human Rights Violation by ANC

This will be just ANOTHER capture by the ANC – to implement a National Health Insurance to all South Africans (and immigrants).


There will be no freedom at all and violation of all our human rights by the ANC will take place – a huge attack on our lifes.  Can just imagine what will happen if you will be referred to their hospitals of their choices.   How many state hospitals are in a working order?  Why don’t those ministers and Ramaphosa go to the state hospitals if they became sick?   This was so bad recently, that they import Cubian doctors, a lack of language communication – what happened to them?

This is Communisme – Boslhevism – Ramaphosa and his “new dawn”.

They will decide what you must contribute to their NHI and then they will put the 60-80 millions of immigrants  and illegals from the world and Africa, together to get a free National Health Care system to those who “live” in the country and pay nothing, like those who pay nothing for their RDP services houses, electricity, schools and grants.

Communism:   Bolshevisme – Kalergi

“International Lenin School”

Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others


Government would not change its mind on rolling out the National Health Insurance (NHI), President Cyril Ramaphosa told MPs on Thursday.

Responding to questions in the National Assembly, Ramaphosa said despite widespread criticism of government’s plan for universal healthcare coverage and threats of lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of the NHI Bill, government believed its plan will bring an end to healthcare inequality.

“We are called upon to retain an unjust system that deprives the majority of South Africans of access to doctors, specialists…and to this have to say a unanimous no,” the president asserted.

“This is unfair, it is inefficient, it is unsustainable. We have enough resources in this country to give every man, every woman, every child healthcare but we refuse because we want to promote the interests of a few to the detriment of the rest. We shall change this and we are irrevocably committed to do this.”

Last week, billions of rand was wiped from the Johannesburg stock exchange when the NHI bill was introduced in Parliament for processing. The Democratic Alliance and other parties are threatening legal action to test the constitutionality of the bill.

Ramaphosa said this was unfortunate and blamed it on people sending out alarmist messages on the NHI.

“I feel sorry for those who have lost money but losses on the stock exchange happen from time to time…we cannot say because of that we should now abandon the 84 percent of our people who need to gain and benefit from national healthcare.”

Despite widespread criticism, he said the government believed its plan would bring an end to healthcare inequality, adding that the ANC was “irrevocably committed” to making it happen.   “We are called upon to retain an unjust system that deprives the majority of South Africans access to doctors, specialists and health professionals …




This week: the NHI must be resisted in its entirety because it is an attack on personal freedom and individual liberty in this country.



Kommunisme (Bolsjevisme) in al sy bose felheid, Ramaphosa en sy magte wil in beheer wees van alles, medies en gesondheidsdienste, die wegneem van pensioene maak ons niks anders as slawe in sy paddapot nie.      Daar gaan nie meer ‘n gesondheisdiens wees nie.  Nog minder munisipale of provinsiale dienste.   Staat gaan alles beheer.   Lees op oor wat in Romenië gebeur het.

Staatsbeheerde organisasies en besighede soos Eskom, SAUK, SAL en ander is reeds bankrot gesteel deur dieselfde meesters.

Hierdie gaan nie gevat word wat hulle beheer nie, hulle gaan niks vir ons toelaat nie, daar sal nie ‘n hospitaal oor wees nie, want dit sal alles leeg geplunder wees, net soos banke dieselfde pad sal loop as pensioenfondse.

As 16 miljoen pensioenarisse sonder hul klein inkomstes sit, wat bly vir hulle oor.  Besighede en maatskappye gaan hul deure sluit en padgee.

Ons staar droewige tye hier voor, hongersnood, want daar stroom daagliks net nog meer immigrante die land binne om te help stroop soos wat sprinkane ‘n land leegvreet.  Boere word alreeds vermoor en besighede wat trokke besit word ook subtiel uitgehaal en uitgebrand.

Diegene wat dink daar gaan nog SASSA’s uitgedeel word, hierdie is en was ‘n foefie om die massas te oortuig om kinders te teel want Sassa kan mos “sorg”.  SASSA gaan ook gestop word.   Die “bank” (Grindrod) wat altyd SASSA hanteer het, gaan ook verdwyn, en as jy dink jy het fondse daarin, dink maar mooi.  Grindrod behoort aan Rupert.

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