SA Boeremaglede – Political Prisoners

Video material about the Political Prisoners – SA Boeremag members.
Luister na ‘n paar video’s wat ook agtergrond kan skep wat in die media en deur Boervin gerapporteer is.

Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners




Hoekom is hulle in die tronk?

Hoekom is hulle so lank in die tronk aangehou sonder enige verhoor – 10 jaar is lank


The Boeremag injustice –

The longest trial in the history of South Africa: Commenced on 19 May 2003
Ended on 29 October 2013

About 1 300 court appearances Incarceration without trial? No, but incarceration by MEANS OF trial!
In prison since 2002 11 Year trial without bail…and then…35 YEAR SENTENCES!

Double the highest sentence for high treason in the history of South Africa

Even criminals sentenced for life imprisonment would already have received parole in 2015!

After 11 year trial – without bail – the Boeremag will on be eligible for parole after another 13 years: in 2026!

The record of the trail is 61 000 pages and further evidence another 61 000 pages Due to circumstances in prison and the size of the case no one was able to launch an appeal! 15 years later and no end of the judicial process in sight (according to international law, of which South Africa is part of, a court case may not exceed 10 years from first day of court appearance until all forms of appeal is obsolete) Help us to end this injustice!!

Don’t remain passive! Support Boervin to end this injustice.


Die Boeremag onreg –

Die langste verhoor in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika Deel die video op sosiale media:

Inhoud van Video:

Die Boeremag Onreg Die langste verhoor in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika

Begin op 19 Mei 2003

Eindig op 29 Oktober 2013

Ongeveer 1 300 keer in die hof Aanhouding sonder verhoor?

Nee, maar aanhouding WEENS verhoor!

In aanhouding sedert 2002. 11 jaar verhoor sonder borg…en dan…


Dis dubbel die langste vonnis vir hoogverraad in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika. Selfs kiminele, lewenslank gevonnis sou alreeds op parool uitgewees het in 2015!

Na 11 jaar verhoor – sonder borg – sal die Boeremag slegs aansoek kan doen vir parool na nog 13 jaar: in 2026!

Die oorkonde van die verhoor is 61 000 bladsye en verdere bewysstukke, nog 61 000 bladsye. Weens hulle omstandighede in die gevangenis en die omvang van die saak kon niemand nog appèlleer nie! 14 jaar later en geen einde van die regsproses in sig (volgens internasionale reg, waarvan SA deel is, mag ‘n hofsaak vanaf eerste dag van verhoor totdat al die vorme van appèl nie meer as 10 jaar beloop nie). Moenie passief bly nie, ondersteun Boervin om hierdie onreg te eindig. Besoek


9 YEARS !!!!

Professor Andre Duvenhage speaks about the Boeremag trail


23 Jul 2012 Prof Andre Duvenhage indicated that Judge Eben Jordaan is going to give his verdict over a time period of 3 weeks. This verdict took MUCH longer than the expected 3 weeks, because Boeremag victims were sentenced on 28 October 2013, which is 1 year and 3 months later! Prof Duvenhage is of the opinion that the trial being 9 to 10 years (by July 2012) are far too long and he states that the reason for the long trial was because it being complicated. However, Boervin (the Boer Nation Freedom Initiative) who represents some of the Boeremag accused) is of the opinion that the Boeremag trial could easily have been divided into separate trials because based on the facts, there were easily distinguishable groups. Some of the convicted Boeremag members even met each other for the first time in court and prison. An application was brought to have at least 2 separate hearings, that would have shorten the duration of each hearing, but it was denied by the judge. Furthermore, court hearings closed at 15:00 from Mondays to Thursdays and at 13:00 on Fridays.

Boervin’s opinion is that the proceedings could have carried on all day to shorten the trial, but apparently legal representatives had to handle their banking on Fridays. Also, very often the court only convened for a couple of minutes. Boervin is well aware that the trial was, AND STILL IS, way too long, because the international standard for any trial is not to be longer than 10 years from date of arrests until all steps of the appeal process has been exhausted. Up to date (May 2018) it is already 16 YEARS since first arrests of the Boeremag members took place and still some of the accused couldn’t appeal yet due to delays of in the process which are completely out of the hands of the incarcerated Boeremag prisoners. Please share this information on the duration of the Boeremag trial so that the world can take not of the human rights violation, as every citizen has the right to a speedy trial. SIGN the petition that you support their amnesty here:


Loots hits back at employers in Boeremag case


Afrikaans: Oproep tot internasionale ingrype in onreg van Boeremagsaak. Meer as 20 mans is aangekla van Hoogverraad teen die Republiek van Suid-Afrika, as hoofklag en is reeds in 2002 in hegtenis geneem. –



русский: ПРИЗЫВ для международное вмешательство ради несправедливости “ДЕЛО BOEREMAG”. 24 мужчин обвиняют в государственной измене против Южно-Африканской Республике и они в заключении с 2002 года.



UN APPELLO PER UN INTERVENTO INTERNAZIONALE CONTRO L’INGIUSTIZIA DEL CASO “BOEREMAG”. 24 uomini sono stati accusati di alto tradimento contro la Repubblica del Sudafrica e sono carcerati dal 2002.



Una llamada a la intervención internacional frente a la injusticia del Caso Boeremag. Más de veinte hombres se encuentran acusados de alta traición contra la República de Sudáfrica y han permanecido encarcelados desde el 2002.


Sentencing procedures in the decade long Boeremag trial resumed when the 20 men were sentenced by Judge Eben Jordaan.


35 years in prison for the Boeremag mastermind: Paticia Visagie reports.



A South Africa court on Tuesday sentenced members of a white extremist group to jail terms ranging from five to 35 years for high treason, plotting to kill Nelson Mandela and other charges, in one of the country’s biggest post-apartheid treason trials.

“The trial was fair and the accused got what they deserved and the community will be satisfied,” said state prosecutor Paul Fick. Twenty members of the Afrikaner right-wing activist group Boeremag, or Boer Force, last year were found guilty of treason for a plot, in the late 1990s and early 2000, to violently overthrow the country’s government.

Two of the original 23 members accused died during the trial and another one was sentenced to 12 years in prison following a plea bargain, according to local media reports. Judge Eben Jordaan handed out the sentences in the capital Pretoria, ending the decade-long trial.

Some members were also convicted of culpable homicide and conspiring to murder for a thwarted plan to kill Mandela. The group also claimed responsibility for a series of bombings that killed a woman and caused damage throughout the Johannesburg township of Soweto in 2002. The leader of the group and four members of its bomb squad were given some of the longest sentences. They planted a bomb on a road Mandela was going to take for a visit to a school in Limpopo Province, but the plot was foiled when Mandela took a helicopter to the school instead. Ester Du Toit, whose husband received a thirty year sentence, said the end of the trial had brought her a sense of closure, “I can move on with my life, and I’ll tell my daughter as she grows older that this is what happened.”

This was one of South Africa’s longest running trials and it was one of the most expensive costing the country about 36 million rand (3.6 million US dollars), according to the non-governmental group, Legal Aid.

Boeremag is an extremist group of Afrikaners – the white South Africans of Dutch, French and German descent who ruled the country under the apartheid regime that ended in 1994. The guilty include former engineers, medical doctors and military officers.


October 29 – The Boeremag trial has been running for ten years. It kicked off under tight security in Pretoria in May 2003. It all began in October 2002 when eight bomb blasts rocked Soweto and will end with sentencing on Tuesday.


Pretoria, October 29 — Some members of the Boeremag have been sentenced to between 30 and 35 years in prison, in South Africa’s first treason trial since the end of Apartheid.

** ** ** ** **

Waar is enige van hierdie mense vervolg, gevonnis vir hul dade – is dit omdat die ANC volgens hul grondwet hul eie regters aanstel, sowel kommissies?   Waar is Zuma met al die korrupsie wat nou nog nie verantwoordelik in enige hofsaak moes pa staan vir dade nie – dit terwyl al die ANC parlementslede Zuma ondersteun het terwyl hy president was.  Dis net ironies hoe die ANC se binnekringe self chaoties voorkom, daar was ookal die Guptas, die ander wat die ANC wou oorneem, dreigemente, en tog is weinig van hulle vervolg vir al die geld wat gesteel is of in tronkstraf gekry.

South Africa – Magashule’s “coup” attempt

David Mahlobo, Ace Magashule en Jacob Zuma

Gangster state – Magashule

Ramaphosa – Bosasa and R500 000

Omar al-Bashir – terrorism, killings, money laundering …

South African Farm attacks and killings


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