Media and Political Parties

Who was Mandela's friends and helpers during the so-called apartheid, which the British and black/khoisan created after Mfecane wars.   They have implemented the apartheid system in all the colonies of the British empire - not Dr Verwoerd, not us.     Dr Verwoerd did not implemented it, because segregation was already there in the name of… Continue reading Media and Political Parties

Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners

Boervin Media Release, South Africa, 16 June 2019 Boer Political Prisoners ask release due to unlawful incarceration 18, 19 and 20 June 2019 will be a watershed case, which will determine whether there is any place left in the South African courts for the constitution and international covenants. It will show whether revenge on and oppression… Continue reading Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners