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In the Manifesto of the DA – is it the opinion that gangs in their areas will without doubt use the existing channels which they use to acquire firearms and will just acquire arms which are comparable to that of the police. Which will result in the escalation from gang shootouts which are currently occurring, to what will resemble civil war like war happening in Cape Town’s poorest communities.   That will happen all over South Africa.   Farms as well.

The DA's “Law & Order” Policies Won't Fix The Cape Flats – IJR


Feit is, kriminele elemente, terroriste en misdadigers beheer die land, maak nie saak watter provinsie kry volle reg om hulself veiliger te bestuur nie.    Die kommando sisteem wat gewerk het, is verwyder.

Indien gekyk word na die nommer bendes in die tronke wat tans oorheersend is, word selfs dit “toegelaat” sonder dat dit gestop word.   Wat het die regering al gedoen om dit te stop?


Een en waarskynlik die beste oplossing is, is dat ons soos ander volke, eie gebiede verkry, met volle selfbeskikking en onsself verdedig op alle vlakke.    Daar is steeds aparte gebiede, naamlik Trust en CPA (Grondeise) waar daar 8840 tradisionele leiers is (slegs Khoi san en Swartes).

Number Gangsters (mafias) of SA Prison – 26, 27, 28

Regstellende aksie (Kommando)


Kommando withdrawal – SA

Kommando sisteem Commando system 

The DA’s “Law & Order” Policies Won’t Fix The Cape Flats

The DA in its manifesto argues for provinces to have greater autonomy and control over their police forces. One also reads that the DA commits to additional funding of R165 million for safety and security through the 2018/2019. This money will go to, amongst other things, the increasing police visibility in communities which are high crime locations.

This policy are twofold and will be dealt with separately. The first of these deals with the effects which this will have on gangs. It is believed that gangs will decide to abort the hundreds of thousands of rands which they earn through the trafficking of drugs just because the police have heavier artillery, then we are sadly mistaken.    That will result in a rise of deaths of those innocent victims who get caught in the crossfire of these shootouts. And with the increased fire power the likelihood that such victims will escape with gunshot wounds which are not fatal will decrease with the heightened artillery that the gangs and police will now own.

The second critique is that such a move will lead to an increased militarisation of the police and the increased security measure more broadly will result in the criminalization of poverty. On page 56 of its manifesto the DA noted that in the efforts to make South African schools safer it will where affordable and in crime hotspots institute measures whereby earners will be searched for weapons. These measures extended to the installation of metal detectors into so called “at risk” schools.

The problem with this is that the vast majority of those children in these “at risk” schools do not have firearms or weapons on them nor do they bring these objects with them to school. Therefore, being subjected to weapon searches and having to walk through metal detectors every morning will turn their places of learning into prison like institutions.

Schools where fees touch close to R20, 000 if your child is a boarder and whose racial composition is far different from the racial composition of those whom attend these “at risk” schools in the Cape Flats will result in the installation in the hearts and minds of children of colour toxic ideologies. These ideologies include that they, due to their skin colour and economic standing, are expected to be criminals and treated as such. Therefore, it’s a necessity to be policed and have their privacy violated in such a traumatising manner.

The DA’s “Law & Order” Policies Won’t Fix The Cape Flats



Misdaad by skool – Crime at Menzi

Crime in SA  – Ernstige Misdaad

Statistiek  – Statistics  – Crime/Misdaad

Crime in South Africa

Crime – Attacks and Murders

Misdaad SA Crime


Die nasionale regering,  politieke partye, ANC, EFF en ander wil die wetsgehoorsame burgers ontwapen, terwyl bendes in verskeie dele van die land feesvier en tot kinders raakskiet met onwettige wapens.   Die Polisie behoort hul werk te doen en hierdie mafia bendes vas te vat – dis hulle wat onwettige wapens het en op burgers rig.

Die DA is ook van mening dat daar groter outonomiteit aan provinsies gegee word, veral met die beveiliging van inwoners en bendegeweld stop te sit.   Die vraag is , doen Nasionale regering op hoë vlak alles in hul vermoë om dit stop te sit, daar is soveel onwettige vuurwapens wat tans teenoor onskuldiges gebruik word.

Dis egter nie net die Wes-Kaap wat deurloop nie, daar is heelwat bendes en daar is ook verskillende tipes bende, soos die wat plaasbewoners en Boere aanval en uitwis.   Hulle kom nie een-een voor nie, maar is militaristies en in bendegroepe wat vinnig wegkom.

Dis die Polisie se werk om alle onwettige wapens te kry, en selfs dit wat gerieflik wegraak uit polisiebesit is net te veel wat in dieselfde tyd op onskuldige mense gebruik word.

Waar kry die bendelede die wapens?

Dis nie in alle gevalle so nie, maar heelwat kom uit die Polisie of Weermag geledere uit, wapens wat wegraak word selde of ooit gevind.

Die grendeltyd maak dit moontlik vir misdadigers om eenvoudig makliker winkels en wonings te bestorm, plunder en selfs af te brand.

Gedurig word mense aangeval, beroof, verkrag en vermoor in die tyd.  Waar is die duisende soldate wat ontplooi is, skitter in hul afwesigheid?


14 April 2020

Multiple shops in the Cape Town suburb of Manenberg were looted by large groups of people on Tuesday during the third week of the nationwide lockdown.

Waar is die Polisie en Weermag – hul skitter in hul afwesigheid of staan eenkant en monitor,


5 Apri 2021

It was a bloody Easter for Manenberg residents as gang violence suddenly broke out and leaving an 8-year-old boy with a shot to the head, and still recovering in hospital.    It was stated that Manenberg police are investigating an attempted murder case after an eight-year-old boy was struck by a stray bullet on 3 April, at 3.10pm while playing with friends in Sonderend road, Manenberg.

The entire Cape Flats is under gang warfare and its mostly over drug turf. The sadness is, yes, police are trying, but where the state has failed with regards to safety and security is that they know who the drug merchants are. Why are they not profiling these guys and bringing them to book?

“Gang violence is a state of emergency, curfews must be set, when we do searches, we must search all the entries to communities. Guns and bullets are being dropped every day in plain sight, where is it coming from?” Pascoe asked.


12 September 2019

“Where is the safety plan that they must put together and start putting in place.    When the army left your plan B had to kick in when they leave. But there’s no plan, so why was the crime summit held?

“There are different stories about what happened, with some people saying the police didn’t want to come in and others say the police were afraid and that’s why the people in Manenberg started attacking them.”

“The people basically attacked police officers. The police had to call in the army to help bring the situation under control.   “The police and the army were in Manenberg earlier in the day but just after the army left, the shooting continued.”

Pascoe believes the army isn’t always able to quell the violence and is concerned that there is no safety plan in place for when the SANDF’s deployment …

According to information, four men and a female were shot. A 20-year-old man died due to his injuries, while four victims aged between 19 and 31, including a female, were wounded.

Pascoe said: “You have your attackers who take the side of the gangs and who don’t want the police to act and then there are those who want stability and who have really had enough because they are worried about their children.


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