Kommando sisteem – Commando system (FN)

Dit was 360 jaar gelede wat die Kommando sisteem begin het in suidelike Afrika.   Dis deur die Thabo Mbeki regering afgeskaf saam met Lekota toe hy Minister van die ANC kabinet was.   En ons, waar sit ons vandag?   ons het ook buurt en plaaswagte begin.   Maar die kommando sisteem was ‘n baie sisteem waarvan almal van ons kennis dra en gedra het.  Ons kan dit weer doen.   In ons eie onafhanklike land.

Today, 360 years ago, Van Riebeeck established the first burgher commando.

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Thursday, 1 May 1659

Jan van Riebeeck established the Burgher Militia a few days before a Khoi-Khoi (Hottentot) rising, sometimes called the ‘First Hottentot War’ (though it was rather a series of skirmishes), started at the Cape. This was in line with an instruction by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) that every freeman should be trained to handle fire-arms. The company, under Sergeant Steven Jansz Botma and Corporals Herman Remajenne and Wouter Cornelisz Mostert, paraded at the fort every Sunday morning. The Burgher Militia acted at first only in support of the garrison, consisting of professional soldiers, but later developed into burgher commandos who bound themselves together for protection against cattle-thieves and acted without the help of troops, but with ammunition provided by the government.

The commandos remained in operation right through history and effectively protected the farming community for generations. During both the First and Second Anglo Boer Wars the Boer Commandos were legendary guerilla fighting forces.

On 14 February 2003 the then Minister of Defense, Mosiua Lekota (now the leader of Cope), together with Thabo Mbeki, single handedly destroyed an institution of 3 and a half centuries by announcing that the Commandos will be disbanded.

Despite numerous warnings from political parties and agricultural leaders alike that the decission will cause a disaster, Mbeki and Lekota persisted.

The record of farm murders since 2003 proved that it was the worst decission possible.

That is why Front National stated clearly in our 2019 election manifesto that we will fight for the re-establishment of the Commandos for the very same reason that Van Riebeeck established them in the first place, this day 360 years ago.

And we count on your support to enable us to do that.

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