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In a document : South Africa Yearbook 2011/12 it was stated about the rural development and land reform p416, the CRLR settled 457 claims between April 2010 and March 2011, benefiting 13 310 households.   Consequently, 124 507 260 ha were restored and the cost of land paid amounted to over R800 million. The financial compensation paid to beneficiaries was over R460 million.  Narysec were also discussed in the document.  Questions were also asked regarding Narysec  by VF+ during 2012 and the one part was on request by me. Other relevant information regarding questions and narysec “training” are included.

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Pieter Groenewald

Vraag wat in 2012 in die parlement gevra. Belangrik is die kurikulum.


WRITTEN REPLY 2606. Mr P J Groenewald (FF Plus) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:†

(1) Whether the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) is (a) providing or (b) has already provided training to any youth organisations and/or groups; if so, in each case, (i) to which organisations or groups, (ii) when is the training being provided, (iii) to how many members of each organisation is training being provided, (iv) where is the training taking place, (v) what is the full curriculum of the training, (vi) what are the costs linked to the training and (vii) who is responsible for the cost;

(2) what criteria are applied in determining which organisations or youths should receive training by the SANDF;

(3) whether she will make a statement on the matter? NW3215E REPLY (1) and (2) The South African National Defence Force is providing National Youth Services Programmes through the South African Army (3 SAI) in Kimberley for 1200 and (SAS Saldanha) in Western Cape for 1000 to young people, who have been identified by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform since 2011.

The training curriculum consists of non-military training and the modules content are concentrated on; • leadership or management training, • physical training and recreational sports, • social, psychological and spiritual empowerment • literacy

The costs are as follows (training-by-training);
Programme Venue Number of Youth Costs
1 Pilot Bloemfontein 500 R10 500 000-00
2 First SAS Saldanha 1000 R32 500 000-00
3 Second (3 SAI) Kimberley 1000 R32 178 000-16
4 Current (3 SAI) Kimberley 1200 R32 920 000-00

5 Current SAS Saldanha 1000 R32 790 000-00 (3).


***   ***  ***

Reply received: May 2015



1617. Mr T C R Walters (DA) to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform:

(a) How many persons are currently employed under the National Rural Youth Service Corps and (b) what is their monthly cost to his department? NW1834E


There are 113 persons currently employed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform to implement the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) Programme.

The participants in the NARYSEC programme are not employed as they are learners in a skills development programme. The total number of NARYSEC participants as at 30 April 2015 was 8753.

The monthly salary costs for officials is R4 000 500.15 and the monthly stipend costs for NARYSEC is R11 553 960.00.


***   ***  ***

The department initiated a new youth skillsdevelopment and employment programme, the National Rural Youth Service Corps (Narysec).    The objectives of Narysec are to:
• train youth through specifically developed programmes linked to community needs in rural areas
• develop youth with multidisciplinary skills through civic education
• capacitate youth in retaining knowledge and technical skills acquired during training
• increase the number of rural communities receiving support in their self-development
through the CRDP.
Narysec participants are contracted for 24 months following their recruitment from rural communities.   Recruitment is done through advertisements  and selection by community structures …

Land reform

In 2010/11, the department transferred 322 844, 9931 ha, eqalling 288 projects, and
provided access to land to 3 089 beneficiaries through its land-reform programme.

The Green Paper on Land Reform 2011 was published for public comment. The thrust of the Green Paper is based on the view that:

separate rural development and land reform be aligned at policy programme and institutional levels to ensure coordinated service delivery
• in pursuit of agrarian transformation there is a link between the land question and agriculture as the basis for the search for an economic rationale and a vision of a post-reform agrarian structure.

The demand for land may be for other productive but non-agricultural uses as well.


Click to access 23_Rural%20Development.pdf


#Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow – since 2009.

Department of Defence Programme 2020 (Soldiers)
(Please assist kids with matric to apply in all these different programmes)
SA Army: Military Skills Traineeship Programme 2020
Apply here<>
Closing Date: 28 march 2019
Location:  Gauteng  Eastern Cape  Free State  Northern Cape  Limpopo Mpumalanga  Western Cape  North West KZN
Dept of Defence: Youth Traineeship Programme
Download the South African Military Skills Development Application Form 2020<>



Narysec (Parliament SA)

Narysec – government training – thousands

Narysec – SA Parliament (Driefontein)

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