Ramaphosa – Questions and Oral replies

Here follows a "speech" by Cyril Ramaphosa about the Oral Replies to Questions in the National Assembly, Parliament - 2019 * QUESTION: With reference to his address at the 25 Years of Democracy Conference on 23 July 2019, wherein he stated that nation building has economic, political, cultural and social dimensions that are interrelated and dynamic,… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Questions and Oral replies

Narysec soldiers – SA Parliament

  In a document : South Africa Yearbook 2011/12 it was stated about the rural development and land reform p416, the CRLR settled 457 claims between April 2010 and March 2011, benefiting 13 310 households.   Consequently, 124 507 260 ha were restored and the cost of land paid amounted to over R800 million. The financial compensation paid to beneficiaries… Continue reading Narysec soldiers – SA Parliament