Narysec (Parliament SA)

#Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow – since 2009
NARYSEC programme is a 24 month skills development programme within the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform which targets unemployed rural youth aged between 18 – 25 in possession of Grade 12 (Standard 10) as part of the rural economy transformation strategy from poor rural wards. Since its inception in 1 September 2010 to date, NARYSEC has recruited 16178 rural youth in all 9 Provinces. The programme develops the skills of targeted NARYSEC participants through various skills development initiatives in partnership with other public and private sector institution in line with rural economy transformation strategy.    It is a joint programme with Department of Defence (DoD).The purpose of the programme, is to develop the character of young people, personal and collective discipline and patriotism. It is a 3 month programme that is carried out at an identified military training facility and at the NARYSEC Thaba Nchu College. 

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Youth go through the medical screening; they are split into groups categorised as either fit or medically unfit. The medically fit would continue to go to the identified military training facility while the medically unfit stay behind at the NARYSEC  Thaba  Nchu  college.

To improve the quality of life of rural youth and free the potential of each youth
 The promotion of a common sense of nationhood and patriotism
 Inclusiveness; and
 An integrated and holistic approach to youth development
Strategic Outcomes
 Decline in the level of youth unemployment in the rural areas;
 Increased literacy and skills amongst participants who successfully complete the
programme and other skills development initiatives;
 Increased disposable income for participants as a result of employment and
entrepreneurial opportunities; and
 Decreased dependency on social grants and transfers from family members working
in urban areas

Induction and Orientation
 Overview of NARYSEC programme
 NARYSEC Policy, contract,code of conduct and Disciplinary Code
 Learners Development Paradigm(Values, beliefs and attitudes )
Life Skills
 Personal Development
 Goal setting and Planning
 Time Management
 Diversity
 Problem Solving
 Communication
 Health and Wellness
 Team Work
Career Development
 Career Planning

offers through various TVET colleges:


All participants are given a R1320.00 stipend throughout their training and service for the two year period. The Department pay other allowances to participants (in addition to the stipends) to cover costs related to accommodation, meals and transport during the different phases of the programme.



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