Nuclear – Zuma – Malema

Is dit regtig Malema wat agter alles sit of is die Zuma faktor steeds op die horison wat nog nie verdwyn het nie?   Watter rolle speel hierdie parlementslede - vir hulself, party of vir die groter magte?   Of sit die Russe self agter alles  - hulle was ook betrokke in Angola 'n paar jaar gelede. … Continue reading Nuclear – Zuma – Malema

Videos – killings – murders – nuclear – war

All world leaders must stop the creation of nuclear weapons, not only Iran, but also America, Brittain, Israel, Russia, France, China, North Korea, India and ALL others involved to "create the power in the world" (ELITES).    Interesting facts - most of those world leaders came down on South Africa before 1994 to dismantle our… Continue reading Videos – killings – murders – nuclear – war

Russia’s Deadly ‘Nuclear’ Explosion

  Opinion by Pavel Luzin   -  The basic laws of physics mean there is no such thing as a nuclear-  powered missile.    He doesn’t believe that aliens have visited Earth, he doesn’t believe in magic and he doesn’t believe in perpetual motion.    He also doesn’t believe that it’s possible to build a nuclear-powered cruise… Continue reading Russia’s Deadly ‘Nuclear’ Explosion