About four fifths of the area of Ireland are national territory of the Republic of Ireland, the remaining one fifth in the northeast of the island belongs to Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom (old story).    With an area of 70,273 km², the Republic of Ireland is slightly larger than twice the size of Denmark, or slightly larger than… Continue reading Ireland


Karl Marx – Irish self-determination

Writing when all of Ireland was under British rule, Karl Marx underlined that the fight for Irish independence could deal a heavy blow to the British capitalist order. Based on the understanding that the Irish struggle could act as a motor force to unlocking proletarian struggle in England, Marx stressed that the English proletariat must… Continue reading Karl Marx – Irish self-determination


100 YEARS AGO ON THIS DAY 🇮🇪️💚🇮🇪️ 21 JANUARY 2019 - A DAY TO REMEMBER IRELAND is DECLARED A REPUBLIC 1919 newspaper Irish War of Independence begins - Fascinating Documentary about the Irish War of Independence *** British rules - the Irish The Best Documentary Ever - 1916 Easter Rising: Insurrection *** On 21… Continue reading IRELAND – 100 YEARS BACK