Front National – Self-determination reasons



The Afrikaner people (including our English speaking brethren) will have to consider self-determination for various reasons.

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1. The current government is busy undermining the rights of the Afrikaner and White people in general. They are slowly but surely busy destroying our nation.

2. The government will have to implement further legislation such as Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action laws to deny the Afrikaner the ability to earn any money.   Increased pressure will be placed on companies to comply with these laws and they will also be pressurized into granting more shares to Black Partners, where previously, it was only necessary to compete for state tenders.

3. The standard of education is deteriorating and Afrikaner parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools because of poverty. Our children are also prevented from being admitted to universities because of a quota system which benefits Black people. State and private bursaries are also not allocated to prospective White university students and their parents are not able to fund their education because of poverty.

4. The Afrikaans language is being ignored to a large degree as the English language is given priority in State Departments, courts of law, schools and even in private institutions. It is seldom that a person can be attended to or served in Afrikaans.

5. On a cultural level, no attempt is made at schools for the preservation of Afrikaner culture.

6. As a nation, our Christian beliefs are targeted by liberals to the extent that many Afrikaners are no longer regular church goers. Theological education is left to lecturers who are sympathetic towards the government who make a mockery of our religious beliefs. Our nation must become God-fearing again.

7. We are being reduced to South Africans without national pride and our nation is busy disintegrating.

The question can be asked how Self-Determination will place us on the right track?

1. In our own state, there will be a working Government Service with minimal political intervention. Professionals will be appointed for state institutions, in other words, there will not be any political appointments. Even the minister responsible for a specific portfolio will be drawn from officials of that department and must be suitably qualified. Municipal officials will also be professional once again, providing efficient services.

2. Educational standards at schools will be raised and Christian values will form the basis. A school career up to the age of 18 years will be compulsory. Universities will be revived.

3. Afrikaans will be confirmed as an official language. Cultural and Christian days will re-instated and appear on calendars.

4. Large scale projects aimed at job creation, both within the Government and Private sectors, will be implemented, even catering for those with minimal educational qualifications. State subsidies will be reduced and only allocated in instances where a person has been physically certified as being incapable.

5. There will be a return to territorial protection and a strong commando system will be administered. National service for young people leaving school will be compulsory.

6. Stringent border control and immigration laws will be applied.

The right to Self-Determination is acknowledged worldwide. In general, it can be summarised as follows:
All nations have the right to Self-Determination.

Have the right to freely determine their own political status as well as to freely determine their own economic destiny.

To promote their own social and cultural interests.

The Afrikaner originated in Africa and that is where the name Afrikaner comes from, where the nation identifies themselves with Africa. In other words, not born from the language “Afrikaans”, but born on the soil of Africa. Former President Zuma has also acknowledged that the Afrikaner is a native nation just as the Zulu, Xhosa and others are.


The South African constitution makes provision for Self-Determination in terms of Article 235, although it is limited, it is open to interpretation.

The International community accepts the right to Self-Determination in general as can be seen in the manifestations of recent occurences such as the Kosovo verdict, in Scotland where a referendum will be held and the separation of North and South Sudan

The right to Self-Determination should preferably be effected by means of negotiations which is a peaceful process but, should the peaceful process fail, International Law accepts that the minority nation (Afrikaner) has exhausted this option and they then have the right to unilaterally call for independance.

For this State to become a possibility:
1. An area must be identified where they (Afrikaner) form the majority.
2. The area must be identifiable and borders must be determined.
3. There must be the ability to form a government.
4. There must be the ability to communicate with other states.
This State must not be acquired through violent means. All these factors will lead to the acknowledgement of the State.

What is the attitude of Front National with respect to these principles?

1. Firstly, we are committed to obtaining Self-Determination for the Afrikaner by means of peaceful methods and by means of and with the consideration of domestic and international law.
2. We want, by means of the South African electoral system (IEC), to be able to prove support for Self-Determination, not necessarily with the first election.
3. We as Front National are prepared to cooperate with any group which openly strives for Self-Determination, according to the policy specified in paragraph (1) above.
4. That Front National will first explore all avenues until they have been exhausted to obtain Self-Determination before following the route of cessation. That does not mean that we will continue to pursue the issue indefinitely. There will come a time when the Nation will have to make a decision. That will, however, first be cleared with the Nation by means of a referendum.
5. As Front National, we will, immediately after being elected to representation in the parliament of RSA, start establishing international relationships with various states. We will make it absolutely clear to the current government what the reason is for our presence in parliament. Our intentions must be clearly understood.
6. (a) We as Front National will immediately start drafting a constitution for the new state with the help of specialists.
(b) We will, with the help of the number of those who voted for us in areas, form a broad framework of areas where Afrikaners have shown interest in Self-Determination.
(c) We will, with the help of previous research such as that contained in the Volkstaat Council’s report, start demarcating possible areas. We will also make use of our own independent research, done with the assistance of experts.
(d) We would like to categorically state that we don’t critisize the attempts of others and that we would prefer to cooperate as a unit but we will not be disuaded in our search for the freedom of our nation by malicious people or organisations.
(e) It is our desire to, as far as is possible, bring the Afrikaner people together and to build a new future for the Afrikaner people.

We owe it to our children and future generations to build a future. We claim the right, which all nations worldwide enjoy, to be able to govern ourselves without external intervention. We will maintain good neighbourliness.




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