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On April 14th, 1912, yesterday 107 years ago , the most infamous disaster in human history occurred when the White Star Line passenger Liner, Titanic, hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and foundered with around 1500 passengers.   The topic of numerous books, films and commentaries over the last century, “Titanic” is generally regarded as the third most recognized name in the world after “Coca Cola” and “Mandela”

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But the Titanic disaster can be used as a parody to describe the situation of the white person (and other minority groups) in South Africa in our day and age.

When, according to legend, a passenger at Southampton asked a steward whether this ship was really unsinkable, he responded with the words: “Madam, God himself cannot sink this ship.” That does remind one a bit about the claims made in years gone by that the ANC will rule South Africa “until the return of Christ.” It is always dangerous to make such statements and the ANC will have to understand that.

The launch and maiden voyage of the Titanic was regarded as a modern marvel, much as was the case with the so-called “peaceful” transition of South Africa into a multiculturalist state of unity in 1994. Little did the world realize, either in 1912 or 1994, that the marvelous vessel was already doomed to founder on the iceberg of human folly.

With a blatant disregard for the obvious dangers and completely ignoring warnings, captain J Edward Smith steered his vessel into the night at full speed. In the same fashion, Mandela, Mbeki, Zuma and Ramaphosa steered their vessel into the night ignoring the icebergs of incompatible cultural differences, insecurities, economic instability, corruption and political incompetence.

As little as did Captain Smith take note of the fact that the Titanic did not have life boats for more than half of the passengers on board, just as little did the ANC government plan on how to deal with the millions of South Africans, in particular ethnic minorities, who will eventually stand abandoned on the decks when their ship starts to sink.

We are now at the point where the Titanic was around midnight on that fateful April night. The ship is going down. The lifeboats are being launched. We need to make decisions.

As was the case with Titanic, there are also First Class passengers, Second Class Passengers and Steerage Passengers on board this ship. From a political perspective the white, coloured and Indian minority can be regarded as Steerage Passengers. With more than a 119 racially based laws barring them from the economy, the labour market, universities, sports teams they also stand in the corridors of the ship behind locked gates while the icy water wash around their feet.

Statistics show that eventually more First Class male passengers survived the disaster than 3rd Class children. We will have to realize that in the sinking of our ship the same will happen. Do not think for one moment that the political leaders of the New South Africa will not rush for the lifeboats! They will be the first to jump ship.

On the deck of Titanic mrs Cavendish turned round and rushed below to retrieve her jewel box. She never appeared again. We will have to accept that unifying and resisting the current tide of events will be a matter of survival and that property and wealth will be of secondary consideration. Many people prefer to stay aboard because they don’t want to let go of their false sense of security in ownership. For them, the icy waves of expropriation without compensation will wash over them eventually – it is already rising, particularly after Captain Ramaphosa’s announcement regarding expropriation without compensation.

On the deck of Titanic Ida Strauss turned round and went back to her cabin with her husband with the words: “We have been together for many years, we will die together.” There are people who will prefer to stay and go down with the ship by sticking to outdated and failed ideas of the multicultural utopia still promised by the DA, Freedom Front + and the ANC. We cannot save them. It is their choice to drown.

But Edith Russell and Molly Brown and lady Duff Gordon and Madeleine Astor made an instant calculation and realized that not only was the ship going to sink, but that, as time goes by, the lifeboats were leaving and opportunities to survive along with them. Their advantage of having a choice were disappearing until no other option will be left, than to go down with the ship.

They made their choice on that April night in 1912, as you will have to make yours on 8 May 2019. They opted for survival. They climbed aboard the life boats and lived to tell the story.

The life boat for the white voter, and all minority groups, on the deck of this sinking ship is self determination. A vote to get aboard a life boat and row away from the disaster as soon as possible.

This will be your choice, and mine, in three weeks from now.

Towards election time this year a message will be sent from this ship of ours. It will be uncannily similar to the last one which Jack Philips sent from the radio shack on board the Titanic : “We are putting passengers off in small boats. Cannot last much longer. Losing power. This is Titanic. CQD. Engine room flooded”

With the escalation of farm murders, racist hate speech against minorities, expropriation of land without compensation, increasing poverty and unemployment, we will not have much time after 2019 any more to reach a life boat.

And when, eventually, the inevitable happens, over South Africa’s fate the newspaper headline of the 15th of April 1912 will also be written:

The unsinkable does the unthinkable.

Whether you will be at the bottom of the ocean or in a life boat called self determination, is a choice we cannot make for you. It is yours and yours alone.


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