Gordhan: Eskom

Dis niks anders dan manipulasie deur die Elektrisiteitsvoorsiener nie.  Eskom het alleenseggenskap en die ANC regering weet dit – die wat betrokke is weet dit, dis hoekom hulle die publiek kan manipuleer soos hulle wil en ons moet net betaal sodat hulle al ryker word.  Om buitelanders in te bring wat die nodige “kennis” het gaan nog duurder uitwerk – indien daar insolvensie of tekort aan fondse is, waarmee gaan die “kenners” betaal word?  En dit geld vir alle staatsinstellings (SOE).
All SOE’s are in the same boat and every time the government changed melodies and wording what is wrong with their own systems and again want to employ foreigners – to do what?  This is the newest song of government and their crownies.    The state-owned power utility has massive structural, operational and financial problems, says the public enterprises minister.  Who is going to pay for the mistakes if this is the truth?  Do this entity, Eskom and his directors with the ministers think we have to believe this scenario?  To hire people from oversea just as advisors will not be free of charge.    Zuma opened those units.

The Eskom board has agreed to bring in external engineers and auditors to get to the bottom of the crisis at the utility, says public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan.


Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan told parliament that the board of Eskom will appoint a panel of experts to compile an in-depth, independent audit to ensure that every technical problem is fully understood.

The government has conceded that the two multibillion-rand new power stations – Medupi and Kusile – were badly designed and constructed and this was at the heart of the current Eskom crisis.

A VIDEO OF 2015  (JUNE 2015)

Eskom admits that load shedding could have a devastating impact on the economy, and says it will comply with any process asked of it by National structures. This comes after renewed calls to have the currently electricity problem declared a national crisis. Eskom says the Medupi Power Station will be up and running as a normal power station at the latest by June this year – and it will generate a massive 800 Megawatts.


It is pretty obvious people do not want to work – just watch the people sitting around – watch the amounts mentioned here ..
The much-awaited Unit Six of Medupi Power Station was officially opened in August 2015 by ZUMA

Medupi, Kusile power stations badly designed – foreign help to sort out Eskom mess

Despite overspending by hundreds of billions of rand on the Medupi and Kusile power stations to alleviate SA's power problems, load-shedding is still with us.

The admission was made by public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan in parliament yesterday. Gordhan said Eskom is facing problems of a structural, operational and financial nature.
“Fundamentally, the first point that we need to tell the public is that Medupi and Kusile were badly designed and badly constructed and are not performing at optimum levels,” Gordhan said.  “We are addressing these issues. I have met with the board yesterday, I’ve had various interactions today. We are beginning to understand where the problems are in some of the very old power stations.”He said the government had also “taken a new initiative where the board and myself have agreed that we are going to bring in external power station engineers, have an independent audit done on what is exactly going on so that we put Eskom back on track”.

During 2018, a report by the office of central procurement showed that Eskom was set to overspend a further R52.2bn more on its Medupi and Kusile power stations.   The report showed that the power utility overspent at least R103.3bn at its Medupi project in Limpopo for the financial year ended March 31 2017, from R93.9bn in March 2016. The project’s budget was initially pegged at R145bn.   On the other hand, the cumulative cost on the Kusile project in Mpumalanga was R112.4bn in 2017, compared to R95.1bn in March 2016.   The report, submitted to parliament’s standing committee on appropriations, said Kusile would overspend by R26.2bn, while Medupi would overspend by R26bn.   Parliamentarians took turns yesterday to blame the electricity crisis on the ANC.

What was meant to be a debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address became a serious interrogation of government efforts in turning around the power utility.



Jimmy Manyi has asked Eskom to investigate his claims that the construction of the Medupi and Kusile power stations was overpriced to the tune of 100 billion rand. Manyi delivered an official letter to Eskom calling for a forensic investigation into the matter.


14 000 workers at Eskom’s Medupi power station downed tools

2015 – 14 thousand workers at Eskom’s Medupi power station downed tools this morning. The striking workers are demanding a halt to retrenchments and a completion bonus for the boiler which has been synchronised to the electricity grid. Unit 6 started working last month, generating 800 mw to the grid. But Medupi is still under constuction and is yet to come on line fully. The generation capacity of the coal powered station is crucial to solve South Africa’s energy crunch. Numsa shop steward, Luyanda Mqondeni says they served Eskom with a list of demands this morning.


Kusile Powerstation

Largest coal fired power station in the world.



2013 – Eskom’s Medupi Power Station, the fourth largest coal-fired power station in the world, is about 80% complete. Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said he would not tolerate any more delays. Gia Nicolaides reports.



Exciting times at Medupi!! The First Oil Fire of Unit 6 marks yet another major milestone for the Medupi power station project.


Lephalale, Limpopo – South Africa’s electricity capacity should be expanded by the end of the year. Government seems confident that unit six at its Medupi Power Station will be online by then.


The Eskom Song


Here is the South African comedian Leon Schuster singing the song “Eskom Is Vol Kak” which is Afrikaans for “Eskom is Full of Crap” referring to the only electricity supplier in South Africa owned by the state and, yes, they are full of crap anyway with the misheard (buffalaxed) lyrics added in there — i.e., what I think the song in there that is really sung in English but is misinterpreted from the original lyrics. It is my 71st misheard subtitles video that was inspired by the legendary YouTube user buffalax and other users who made similar videos.

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