Andrew Mlangeni ANC (95)


Mlangeni, who turned 95 on June 6, died at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria last Tuesday. He had complained of abdominal pain.   He has been hailed as a selfless man who stood against corruption and whose life was dedicated to the freedom of the country.  He was an ANC member and member of parliament between 1994 and 2004.

Pallbearers arrive with the casket of Andrew Mlangeni during the official funeral held at UJ Soweto campus on July 29 2020.


Mlangeni joined the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in 1951 and, in 1954, the African National Congress (ANC). He went for military training outside the country in 1961 and, upon his return, he was arrested in 1963 and spent almost 27 years on Robben Island.

Mlangeni went to China in 1962 for a year’s training in guerrilla warfare. He was arrested on his return after he was fingered as being among those responsible for recruiting and training an armed force.

Like other members, he was a man with “many names”. He sometimes had to change his name to Percy or Mokete Mokoena to hide his identity from the apartheid authorities.

Mandela – black pimpernel
Black Pimpernel


Struggle stalwart Andrew Mlangeni dies aged 95


Daar word aan almal opgedis dat daar min skole was en dat blankes teen hul gediskrimineer het.


Comrade Mlangeni went to St Peter’s School, Rosettenville, where he joined with many others who became key to a generation of activists and revolutionary thinkers: Oliver Tambo, who was a teacher, but also fellow students Duma Nokwe, Joe Matthews, Zeph Mothopeng and many others.

Having caught the spark of revolutionary zeal, it was a short step for him to become immersed in popular struggles and then among the first to be trained as a guerrilla fighter in China in 1961. That led to his arrest at Liliesleaf Farm and the Rivonia Treason Trial. He spent 25 years on Robben Island before he was released in 1989 with Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, among other Rivonia trialists.

Former President Thabo Mbeki hopes the death of the last remaining Rivonia trialist will be a wake-up call for the ANC. He says the party can only earn the trust and respect of South Africans by renewing itself. Mbeki says some ANC members are not living up to the values Andrew Mlangeni and his generation of leaders stood for. eNCA’s Political Editor, Vuyo Mvoko, caught up with the former President.


The funeral


The family of late struggle veteran and Rivonia trialist Andrew Mlangeni have admired his love for the community.   Mlangeni died at the One Military Hospital in Thaba Tshwane on Wednesday morning after a long illness. He was 95.   Neighbours, friends and family went to his Dube home in Soweto to pay their last respects.


Rivonia – ons weet almal dit is die skakel na Mandela en wat die ANC/MK gedoen het.   Dat dit alles van hier af opereer is.    After 1994 it was just an ongoing terrorist campaign and to kill innocent peoples.   Mostly black on white violence and black on black/indian/ coloured violence.  Political killings as well.

Liliesleaf Rivonia – Mandela


ANC liberation movement and the connection to SACP and other liberal movements.
ANC liberation movement: Liliesleaf


Kliptown – The gathering drafted a program that carried the struggle forward for 40 years, leading to the African National Congress’ ascendancy to power in 1994. Known as the “communist” Freedom Charter, the document called for a transfer of power from the white minority to the African majority through democratic rule and the nationalization of land and natural resources.

ANC “Freedom charter 1955”

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